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GetLinks: Fostering Asia’s digital transformation through uniting its technology workforce

“Stop dreaming about working in Silicon Valley; let’s build the next Silicon Valley in Asia!” Carrying this mission ahead, GetLinks stepped into the market to support people to build their skills, their connections, their teams, and their careers. GetLinks is a platform and ecosystem connecting tech talents to opportunities across Asia. Its platform empowers organizations to connect with the largest engaged technology talents database in Asia effortlessly.
Tech Talent Community
GetLinks has built a community of talents from across the tech world, ranging from developers, designers and digital marketers to data driven operations managers and Saas sales leaders. It calls its Asian wide talents community of 500,000 technology individuals ‘Humans of Tech’. Generally, it is a social network in the form of mobile app, similar to Tinder for networking, where people can meet new people based on filters. The company is continuously expanding this network by organizing events, producing content, supporting talent mobility and digital transformation. Over 3,000 organizations have used GetLinks including Alibaba, Accenture, Garena (SEA), Grab, and Line.
GetLinks’s other products includes Online Tech City, “the map of the Silicon Valley in Asia”, similar of Glassdoor but with much more data & localization for Asia market including companies data from Greater China; Adaptive Talent Dashboard, a dashboard for talents in tech to know their market values & receive personalized recommendations on what skills they should learn to increase it, exactly where & how to find a job that can afford their salary expectations; and Tech Hiring Marketplace, a hiring platform and service for tech companies to send interview offers to talents in the network. This is how it monetizes its pool of talents passively open for jobs.
For Talents, GetLinks is a candidate-centric platform. Its user experience is designed to give sense control and freedom to its candidate users. It is free-of-charge for all candidates and every talent gets a dedicated talent coach for free advice. For companies, it is a SaaS (Software as a service) based platform, providing 2 pricing models, which includes yearly subscriptions for unlimited hiring and a pay-per-hire model. These models are cheaper than any headhunter service at 10% of the hired candidate’s Gross Annual Salary. All its tech talents are been curated by its AI powered semantic algorithm along with its qualitative approach. Hence, the company has confidence and takes pride in the candidates with companies for the long run on both hard side (talent skills) and soft side (talent values).
An Astute Leadership
One of the visionaries leader of GetLinks is Djoann Fal, the CEO and Co-founder. Djoann is passionate about driving social impact and meaningful change in the world using technology. As CEO of GetLinks, he oversees operations across 4 countries, leading a team of 17 nationalities over 120 employees. Djoann has previously worked as Regional Digital Marketing Executive at Rocket Internet GmBH for Lazada, acquired by Alibaba in 2016. Prior to that, he served as intern Marketing Consultant in EY Shanghai.
While studying Masters in Management at ESCP Europe in Paris, Djoann co-founded La Paillasse, one of Europe’s first and largest maker space. Today Djoann keep close relationships with the technology, hacker and maker space community across US, Europe & Asia. He is the Regional Organizer for a technology networking event operating in 12 cities across Asia and supporter of Angelhack, the largest hackathon and developer community in the US.
Bridging the Gap of Tech Talents
Djoann firmly believes that with one developer, designer, and digital marketer (3D), a business can change the world. Hence, the core focus of GetLinks is on connecting together tech talents. One of the competitive advantages of GetLinks is that it also operates with a hyper localized focus, with localized talents data providing deep understanding of the diverse Asian landscape. This is what sets GetLinks apart from other established players.
In a recent interview, Djoann said: “Today the world evolves at the speed of tech, and building the next Silicon Valley in Asia will be only possible by bridging the gap of tech talents supply, redefining a new tech skills supply chain”. Thus GetLinks aims to connect candidates with the most innovative companies not only in SEA, but across major tech hubs across Developing Markets by providing a local platform for tech talents to up-skill themselves and a pipeline for companies to access to these “technology market adapted talents” at scale. Djoann see this as a new economy that he calls “the Adaptive Economy” and he is currently writing a book to define what he see part of this new economy.
Redefining the Future of Work
The company’s goal is to “Bring Humanity to Technology”, redefining the future of work, by creating an “Adaptive work community”. It aims to create online and adaptive talent platform that will simultaneously up-skill employees, whilst providing them an open opportunity work with tech companies across Asia. Its priority at the moment is scaling up its community database in existing markets of South East Asia and China as well as opening new jobs verticals for tech freelancers and tech remote workers.