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GeoTechVision: Delivering Value through Innovative Solutions

GeoTechVision is a world-class consultancy firm, dedicated towards providing innovative &business specific Geo-spatial solutions. At GeoTechVision, providing location information for actionable intelligence, along with Innovative ICT & professional solutions, is the main aim. Therefore, they have vast experience in their side, for assisting  Caribbean Businesses, Agencies and Government Ministries to develop and effectively use the spatial intelligence for critical decision making. Going a step further, GeoTechVision emphasizes on establishing Geographic Information Systems, GPS and Mobility products & solutions, and also marketing their own innovative products, such as the “GeO” brand tablet.
The Brain behind the GeoTechVision
Ms. Valrie Grant, Founder & Managing Director of GeoTechVision is a person of sheer dedication, equipped with strong educational background. Considering, education as the basic foundation for gaining success, Valrie has earned a BSc. Degree in Geology from the University of West Indies and MSc. in Geographic Information Systems (GIS) & Environment from the Manchester Metropolitan University. Further strengthening the foundation, she is also a certified GIS Professional (GISP). Valrie has also pursued post graduate training in Entrepreneurship. Having a vast experience of over 15 years, Valrie has efficiently given her contribution in the field of Geospatial Analysis, Spatial Technologies and Policy Consultancy with engaging and spanning several territories across the Caribbean region.
Staying ahead of the Competition
Valrie, considers “Human Capacity Building,” is the key to stay ahead of the competition. To take the aspect of Human Capacity Building into a new level, Valrie is on a mission to transform the environment, right from the classroom to the work environment. Hence, focusing on Classroom Management and Training & Development, they are indulging themselves for delivering top-notch services in the field of Project Management, Information Security Advisory, Process Audit and Assurance, Business Analysis and Enterprise GIS solution Planning and Implementation.
Reforming the Way of Delivering Solutions
From the initiation of the company, GeoTechVision has been a solution driven firm. At the initial stages, company’s tag line was “Strenghtening Business with Technology” and their main concern was very business specific. But today after flourishing gloriously, their tagline has transformed into “Delivering Value through Innovative Solutions,” and now the company is solely focused on creating as well as capturing value in the most innovative ways.
The Solutions they Deliver:-
Classroom Management Solution is an integrated solution, for which GeoTechVision has teamed up with Radix to bring the digital learning experience into reality. It has numerous modules and features to enhance the digital learning experience and can be used in Android and Windows based tablets.
Consumer GPS Tracking Solution is the practical way of keeping an eye on motorized equipments–whether it is a personal vehicle, commercial truck for fleet business, or a pleasure boat, Consumer GPS Tracking is the one-stop-solution for enhancing personal safety and managing ones’ mobile asset.
GIS Mobile Application Solution enables field workers to collect data, view maps and manage their dispersed activities by staying away from the office. With a vision to bring a solution for the mobile workforce, GeoTechVision has been providing several customized solutions to its customers ranging from as far as Health to Telecommunications.
Converting Challenges into Opportunities
Being the Founder and Managing Director of GeoTechVision, Valrie has always been successful in driving her team to buy into the vision and co-create the future for the company. Being an eminent team player Valrie says, “It’s about being able to unleash my team’s talents, thus harnessing their individual brilliance to create astounding solutions by virtue of our collective genius. In order for to be trailblazers in this industry, I have to make sure that the vision is clear and that the environment conducive to innovation exists.”
Marching forward towards the successful future of the company, Valrie believes in moving at uniform pace of expansion, thus maintaining utmost uniqueness and authenticity in the solutions they deliver.
Awards and Accolades
GeoTechVision is an award winning company which is consistently pushing its boundaries with innovation and customer satisfaction as their prime concern. GeoTechVision’s  MD is an award winning entrepreneur whose sterling leadership has contributed to GeoTechVision’s success.
Ms. Valrie Grant has also been awarded as the “Women in Business” Award for 2013 in Jamaica, by the prestigious National Commercial Bank. She was awarded the Business Excellence Forum (BEF) 2014 Female Entrepreneur of the Year and is also the Jamaica Chamber of Commerce (JCC) Young Entrepreneur of the Year 2014. In December 2015, she won the Commonwealth Woman Entrepreneur of the Year Award and now serves as brand ambassador for Commonwealth Businesswomen until the next Commonwealth Heads of Government meeting later this year. Most, recently she was awarded the Georgetown Chamber of Commerce and Industry (GCCI) Young Business Executive Award (2016).
Balancing Revenue Generation with Employee Satisfaction
Sensing the present industry need and technological transformation, GeoTechVision is working on location based apps, that is focused to benefit the everyday citizens with location based technology applications and also promote citizen engagement. At GeoTechVision, though the team is focused to attain success, employee satisfaction is never neglected. Employee ideation is encouraged by conducting brainstorming sessions and strategic meetings, with an aim to dissect and determine the areas to be worked on.
Redefining the Definition of Success
GeoTechVision’s philosophical approach to business is one where they Collaborate to Innovate. As such, they strive to work collaboratively with like-minded experts and professionals for promoting geospatial technologies and solutions in everyday life. This approach has allowed them to build a network of competent professionals who are capable of taking any task of geospatial challenges that organizations may have.
GeoTechVision subscribes to and promotes the practice of good Business Ethics in all of their engagements. Hence, carefully screening their staff and partners with whom they collaborate to ensure that they have the right people for right engagement.

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