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GeoSolutions Consulting, Inc: A GIS Pioneer Committed to Knowledge and Innovation

Remember the good old days when your geography instructor would give assignments of finding the position on vital urban areas. She would presumably never have set out to give a mind boggling task like discovering plausible locales where both the climatic and the soil conditions are good. Times have changed and alongside it, the innovation. Presently no one flips the pages of an atlas to look for “Patagonia.” The trend is to embed an interactive CD into a PC and find it. Yet, there are impediments in that, as one can’t enquire the canny maps and dissect the showed maps. Keeping in mind the end goal to take care of this issue GIS was developed. From intuitive CD, individuals moved to GIS. However, not all could manage the cost of the use of GIS. Around a similar time, Internet was quickly getting the creative ability of mainstream researchers and blending Internet with GIS brought about the following mechanical advancement – ‘Internet GIS.’ The requirement for joining of the spatial innovation with the Internet emerged basically in light of the fact that it is a financially savvy innovation in which the client does not need to spend on purchasing programming or maintaining them. Moreover, Internet has turned into a generally used device for simple access and dispersal of data. For non-GIS clients, Internet GIS has turned out to be a help as Internet carried with it an easy to understand condition which anybody could access and utilize. It has additionally been intended to help all conceivable database so anybody can access and additionally spread information.
Internet GIS resembles a typical platform for experts and novices in mapping science field, giving them adaptable devices to control the accessible map data and explore different avenues regarding their realistic introduction on the PC screen ultimately resulting in the generation of an ‘optimal’ map which can be utilized for delivering an analogue output in the form of a paper map. Maps on the Internet are realistic portrayals of the paper maps which can be utilized to convey and examine geographic information. Reconciliation of Internet and GIS is causing a change from simple ‘graphical representations’ of paper maps to ‘interactive maps.’ These intelligent maps have various instinctive tools to access and associate with, to such an extent that the multi-dimensional geographical data gave in the Internet help map-users to effectively take an interest in not just assessing the spatial information provided by Internet but also picture the maps in accordance to the liking of the guide client.
When you talk about GIS revolution, you need to look at GeoSolutions Consulting, Inc.—a company committed to knowledge and innovation in information technologies like satellite imagery and software. GeoSolutions specializes in Geographic Information Systems, Satellite Images, Remote Sensing and Remote Sensing applied to areas of natural resources, environment and public services. GeoSolutions has a rich experience in the design, development, and implementation of state-of-the-art solutions that integrate geospatial technology, information and communications satellites, seeking to optimize workflows and reduce operating costs in an innovative manner.
Its experience in the field and the international support it possesses makes GeoSolutions one of the best GIS solution providers and likewise gives customers enough reason to choose its products. Its clients can be sure that they will have the necessary support at all times to implement their projects. GeoSolutions provides specialized services in Survey of information (Satellite, Aerial, LiDAR, field), Digital photogrammetry, Analysis and image processing, Implementation of geospatial data management and distribution platforms, Geospatial data processing, and Training.
Solving Complex Problems in Effective, Fast and Economic Way
GeoSolutions has the mission to help exploit the available spatial information to solve complicated problems in an effective, fast, and economic way. For the same, the firm specializes in the use of remote sensors, that is, in the acquisition of information about the territory and elements on it, from a sensor to the distance. The applications involve any field where the location and the location relationship between elements are important.
Although geographic information systems have been in the world market since the 1960s, it was in the mid-1980s that they began to be implemented in a greater number of activities. In our country, GIS technology is made known and started to be used from the 90s. The Geographic Information Systems (GIS) tools are used to: Surveys and inventories, Digital photogrammetry, Classification and interpretation of satellite images, and Mapping. Geo Solutions knowing what client would demand, goes beyond by offering a varied a range of products and services that include different fields such as Marketing, Geography, Logistics, Cartography, Inventories, Cadastre, Civil engineering, Electrical, Computer systems, Geology, Mining, Ambiente, Communications, Construcción and Outside Plant Management, Construcción Hydropower, Agricultura, Seguridad Public, Bienes Estate, Banca, and others.
A Little History
GeoSolutions Consulting, Inc ., was founded in 2003 in the city of Panama by Mr. Oscar Díaz with the purpose of exploiting geospatial information technologies. Engineer, Oscar Díaz has more than 15 years of experience in the use of Geographical Information Systems and Remote Sensing tools.
Today, more than a decade later since its inception, GeoSolutions Inc. specializes in the use of remote sensors, that is, in the acquisition of information about the territory and elements on it, from a sensor to the distance. The applications involve any field where the location and the location relationship between elements are important.
The satellite imagery that GeoSolutions provides are of the highest quality and of optimal resolution. GeoSolutions develops applications and sells the tools to manipulate, process, organize, manage, and analyze the images. The company has local and international partners who have many years of combined experience in developing solutions with the latest technologies available in the market.
Innovation at its Best!
Geospatial Big Data is a living digital inventory of the surface of our planet derived from over 5 billion square kilometers of current and historical imagery and information. This inventory enables you to find, count, and measure features of the Earth’s surface enabling data analysis at a scale like never before.
Some of the GeoSolutions’ innovative products are listed below:

  • Global Base Map: Access to Digital Globe base maps, build with high-resolution Digital Globe images.
  • ERDAS Imagine: Process and manipulate geospatial data
  • ERDAS APOLLO: WEB server, archive and catalog images of any kind, resolution and provider.
  • LPS (Leica Photogrametric Suite): Use in photogrammetry. Efficiently transform the raw or unpolished images in geospatial data accurate and reliable.
  • GeoMedia: Comprehensive and dynamic GIS software.
  • Planet Labs: Satellite monitoring suscription. View images of any place in the world at a weekly or daily rate.
  • Google Maps API: Access to Google Maps tools and methods for mobile or desktop apps.

Among them, GBM is Digital Globe’s online service to allow the client to view or download their large archive of high resolution images within the client’s area of ​​interest. Whether you use it from a web browser, directly from your GIS software, as a WMS service or even downloading them locally for further analysis; the provision of fresh information of high resolution is infinite. It is ideal for clients that require immediate and frequent availability of images.
Moreover, Planet Labs’ constellation of more than 140 nano optical satellites, provide the ability to view or download images taken every day anywhere in the world. Together with its online platform it is an effective monitoring service for agricultural, environmental, infrastructure and many other applications that require the regular registration of a territory.
Feedbacks that Motivate GeoSolutions to Continue Working for Clients
“The specialized services of GeoSolutions have served to be able to estimate accurate project costs long before starting, the capacity and seriousness in the services provided is first world.” — Ing Alex Giralt, Coordinator of Strategic Projects Division, ICE Costa Rica.
“Great quality of work !, They have been collaborators for more than 15 years and we know firsthand about the responsibility and seriousness of this company, we hope to continue working with GeoSolutions Consulting many more years.” — John Salcedo Peréz, Panama Canal Authority.
“The quality of the satellite images provided by GeoSolutions and the advice and training they have given us for more than 10 years is really excellent, we are very pleased with the experience of working together.” — Eric Rámirez, Ing. OEPI-UCR.
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