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Georgette Pascale: Creating Harmony and Synergy in Healthcare Communication

Creative communication is truth embodied in experience with devotion. Such a mode of communication requires creating an experience that engulfs and frees at the same time. Creative communication also requires seeing the world objectively. Hence, this tough task is often referred to as ‘the art of communication.’ To justify this challenging role, individuals are required to stand up and be counted in this boundless creative world. Georgette Pascale is one aspiring woman entrepreneur who has experienced the many challenging ways of this world and reached the top with her practical hands-on approach.
Georgette’s first major break came during her time at Hill and Knowlton in New York City. Her work with the prestigious firm gave her the opportunity to collaborate with some of the biggest corporations in the business world like Delphi Automotive and GAP. This was the breakthrough phase of her career, and she has never looked back. Relentlessly chasing her goals by taking on bigger responsibilities, she furthered her understanding of the communication field in the process. Soon after her first successful PR stint, she began capturing priceless opportunities in the entertainment sector with Shore Fire Media in Brooklyn.  There, she represented music legends like Shania Twain and Bruce Springsteen, establishing herself as one of the most sought-after professionals in the communication sector. Her clout in the industry became more distinguished as she went on to head several top agencies, e-commerce companies, and major tech giants; ultimately becoming the director of the healthcare division at RLM PR.
Guiding Milestones Toward a Dream
Georgette achieved many milestones during her professional career, but she never compromised on her long-term vision in pursuit of her short-term goals. Her biggest ambition in life was to launch an enterprise of her own. In 2005, Georgette fulfilled her long-held aspiration when she launched Pascale Communications. She had made a mark in the industry thus far through her hard work and passion, with determination and focus making her a rising star. Her heart filled with joy and pride when her dream came to fruition. Her nurturing circle of family and friends helped her take the next big step and become the owner of a prestigious firm in the communication industry.
A Dream Full of Challenges and Opportunities
Today, under the leadership of Georgette, Pascale has surpassed expectations and become a leader in the PR and digital marketing sector in short order. Pascale offers PR and digital marketing solutions for a wide range of enterprises such as pharmaceutical companies, medical device companies and biotech start-ups. Georgette’s leadership and enviable experience has combined to make Pascale a successful PR agency. Moreover, the international team at Pascale integrates a unique collaborative approach, which brings media, key opinion leaders, and industry experts together on a shared platform to deliver a well-run PR and digital marketing campaigns. Georgette is living her dream, one full of challenges and limitless opportunities as she spearheads Pascale using a balanced and sound approach.
Win or Learn: A Strategy That Never Fails
Pascale has seen its fair share of challenges in the unexplored territory of digital marketing. However, even during difficult times, Georgette has led her team with her clear vision and inspiring guidance.
Her motto for success is: Win or learn. She has affirmed her commitment to this belief with various strategies and efforts that have made Pascale a thriving force in the industry. With Georgette at the helm, her team has become a cutting-edge and innovative force with various branding and promotional initiatives. She has restructured the management at Pascale to assign various leadership positions to deserving members, fostering a culture of creativity and accountability as a result. Georgette also formed an advisory board to lead the company on a vibrant path by setting and achieving new goals. During difficult scenarios, Georgette has always encouraged her employees to trust their instincts and be fearless. With this approach, her employees succeed as even when they do not achieve their desired goals: they carry invaluable lessons from their failures.
Staying Creative to Make an Extraordinary Effort
Georgette values creative and original efforts to take Pascale into the future. Her team backed by an original understanding of the digital media is undertaking some noteworthy creative initiatives. Pascale has renamed their digital team as ‘The Patient Team.’ The move is a simple one but a symbolic one as well. More and more consumers demand a friendly and human face of companies online. This new face of communication is in synergy with the online platform, which is bringing people closer together.
Georgette also guides her team to be more creative and interactive keeping in sync with the digital demand. Pascale employees share news articles, industry statistics, and a plethora of ideas through their company’s private Facebook page. The move is a fresh breath of air in the digital marketing field and is an example of a tool Georgette implemented for her team that she hopes others would consider. Georgette’s advice to women entrepreneurs is adopt a fearless approach and trust your gut in order to make quick decisions.

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