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Geohoney | Mr. Basem Barry | Founder

Geohoney: World’s Leading Raw Honey Supplier with a Primary Focus on Wild and Monofloral Honey

Honey for breakfast is popular and has positive effects on your daily life. Why not get the day off to a much sweeter start? However, consuming this superfood as part of your diet offers much more benefits than simply making your day more enjoyable. Your family’s health and your own will greatly benefit from including this food in your morning routine.

Honey is perfect first thing in the morning for both adults and kids for a variety of reasons. However, as pesticide use in agricultural and urban areas increased over the last 50 years, bee populations—both wild and managed—have been declining. More than ever, it is crucial to take into account strategies that will provide pesticide-free habitats that are rich in nectar and pollen resources and have plenty of room for potential nesting resources in order to benefit pollinators.

A global Greentech and pollination company is working to save the pollinators and, by extension, the environment. The Founder of Geohoney, Mr. Basem Barry, has always loved the outdoors and desired to make a difference in the environment. This was the main driving force behind the creation of Geohoney.

The company states, “We know that bees play a significant role in nurturing the environment and protecting the planet. Though we started as a honey brand, gradually we turned into a pollination company, expanding our reach to provide healthy products to the people and make the planet greener.”  The company is exploring nature more and using its sustainable work approaches to create a healthier future.

The Visionary

With 24 years of business experience and record milestones and accomplishments across several business industries, Mr. Basem Barry is a business scout, strategist, entrepreneur, and serial entrepreneur. In 13 nations, he worked for multinational corporations.

Mr. Barry, the CEO of the B.A. Barry Group began his professional career as an investor relations officer in various business sectors of multinational corporations with offices in different nations. His power and knowledge were greatly increased by this wealth of experience, and it also gave him a visionary and all-encompassing perspective that allowed him to grow his company to six businesses under the B A BARRY Group, with Geohoney currently being the most well-known.

He said, “Organic, raw honey treated my allergies, gout, and general fatigue, which was the motivation behind Geohoney. I wanted to share my experience with the world that just by consuming raw monofloral honey three times a day, the immunity hikes up ten times and makes you clinically different from before.”

Combining Modern Advancement with Nature

Geohoney is the major producer of monofloral honey, using state-of-the-art artificial intelligence and green technologies. It provides people all over the world with a wide variety of 100% pure and raw monofloral honey. The company has also installed numerous monofloral hives in hundreds of locations around the world to enable bees to pollinate a variety of plants in order to increase the global production of honey. The installation of these hives has improved plant growth and assisted in reducing harmful climatic crises in particular areas. The team is working to increase the current global supply of monofloral honey from 2 to 100 million metric tons by 2033 using Geohoney’s most recent monofloral agri-technology.

Serving Mankind

The mission of Geohoney is to serve humanity and preserve the environment. It is assisting and collaborating with numerous beekeepers in remote locations all over the world to produce monofloral honey using its most recent monofloral agri-tech. In more than 149 countries, this foresight is especially beneficial to bee lovers and beekeepers who live in high mountains and deserted honey bee cordial woodlands. The company emphasizes, “Our beekeepers, honey bee products, monofloral technology, and green technologies are the key reasons behind achieving our mission and vision.”

Geohoney has been able to increase honey supply 20 times over the last 5 years thanks to technological experiments. It is all possible by using Geohoney monofloral hives. The setup of these monofloral hives is sure more expensive than normal hives, but it’s all worth it because of the substantial supply difference.

Leading Monofloral Honey Provider

Geohoney is a standalone venture, as its raw monofloral honey and bee products give prominent results in treating various specific illnesses. There are currently more than 300 different kinds of honey available. All honey varieties are 100 percent pure, raw, unprocessed, uncolored, free of additives, and certified.

Due to their abundance of essential nutrients and restorative qualities, the monofloral honey varieties that Geohoney sells are particularly effective at easing a variety of medical conditions. The team says, “All our honey is harvested from various locations across the world to get unique therapeutic properties in every honey variety we deliver to the people.”

Geohoney enhances the environment in a 5 km radius around every apiary it deploys; wherever it deploys its special monofloral hives, beekeepers witness enhanced production, farmers have a fruitful harvest, livestock gets more food, and landowners see more trees and greenery, eventually making a shift towards a greener and better planet. 

Tech for Sustainable Beekeeping

Nowadays, success depends on technological advancement. Geohoney uses the most recent technology and has embraced sustainable beekeeping techniques to stay prepared for any situation. Along with this, Geohoney has concentrated on improving the usability of its website and mobile app to facilitate simple ordering and improve the customer experience. Some of the technological advancements used by Geohoney to help the company increase honey production include monofloral agri-technology, precision beekeeping, the use of drones for hive monitoring, etc.

Geohoney’s main opportunity for development and growth is co-branding. As production rises, more partnerships with national and international food manufacturers will follow, allowing them to use the monofloral honey produced by the brand instead of regular sugar in their goods.

Making People Aware

Saving the bees, providing them with the best habitat, and dealing with the climatic crisis are some of the critical challenges Geohoney has been facing in recent times. Beekeeping involves work. There is an urgency to reverse climatic changes, which can be well carried out by adequate pollination. Many people are now aware of and interested in beekeeping.

Geohoney provides various opportunities and runs several awareness initiatives to help people learn more about bees, nature, and the planet’s condition. The management believes that Geohoney’s growth lies in making the planet greener and healthier for future generations, and it is paving the way to bring about this positive change.

Certainly, Geohoney does have other challenges like logistics, storage, and bureaucracies. However, the team believes that these are minor challenges; as long as the company can increase the global honey supply and fight harmful adulterated honey on shelves around the world, everything will be fine. The team believes that motivation has the power to solve all problems.

Protecting Bees to Protect Tomorrow

Geohoney’s ultimate goal is to protect different bee species & the planet. It will deploy its monofloral agri-tech in 10,000 locations by 2030, thus reducing the carbon footprint on the earth. In addition, Geohoney’s mission is to boost honey production from 2 to 100 million metric tons by 2033 by integrating the latest AI technologies and innovations.

Geohoney has patented monofloral technology and is a verified member of the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO). It has gained positive testimonials from customers all across the world. Commencing Oct 2022, Geohoney started to reach out via media coverage and exposure. Also, Geohoney will announce big awards and milestones in due course. 

Initiative towards Climate Change

Climate emergency is continually impacting the world, and no one can deny this. Many issues require global consideration in order to save the planet. Pollution, water & food waste, deforestation, plastic pollution, global warming, ocean level rise, and so on, are immense issues that require individual efforts in each country across the world.

Mr. Barry believes that the key reason for not finding any solid solution to climate change is the lack of awareness, knowledge, and technology. He says if countries opt for such measures, they are extremely costly, which can disturb the national economy. He thinks the best way to make efforts toward reversing the climate crisis is to increase global pollination.

Through this, the world can increase the growth of plants, which is a sure way to reduce carbon footprints. He shares, “We have adopted several green technologies and sustainable strategies through which we are reducing the world’s carbon emissions, including beekeeping, and saving the bees, which further increases pollination.” He further adds, “As we are a UAE-based company working on global concerns, we are looking forward to the COP 28 session scheduled to be held in the UAE on Nov 2023.” He hopes this COP session brings pragmatic solutions to all climate concerns, along with the contribution by Geohoney.

Being a Greentech company, Geohoney has taken on practical ways to enhance pollination, which will assist with keeping up with the environmental equilibrium. It has set up a few monofloral hives in different areas across the world to increment plant development. Geohoney is securing and sustaining the honey bees as they assist in making the planet greener. Moreover, in collaboration with high-caliber genetic labs, the organization is effectively supporting the production of new bee breeds to increase the lifespan of bees and speed up its ultimate global pollination initiatives.  

Geohoney started as a honey production and supply company to let people taste the goodness of 100% pure and natural honey. Moving forward in its business, the company established its name as a leading green technology and pollination company. The company says, “Bees are our strength!” It further shares, “We not only work hard to save them, but we find new technologies and ways to reduce our carbon footprints during the entire honey production process.” Geohoney has a sole aim to serve humanity and nature, and everything it does leads us step-by-step toward its goals.


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