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GenSales: Offering Comprehensive Business Development Services

Founded in 2002 in Denver, Colorado, GenSales is an outsourced sales enhancement company that specializes in decision maker directed sales activity. It is a Sales Support Firm focused on helping companies improve revenues in the Business-to-Business sales environment.
Since its inception, the organization’s mission is to provide high-quality Lead Generation, Appointment Setting, Database Acquisition, Calendar Integration and CRM Services in order to accelerate growth in the shortest time possible. GenSales helps its clients increase sales by conducting proven cold calling techniques, generating qualified sales leads, and setting qualified appointments. By securing quality meetings/appointments/web demos with real decision makers, GenSales clients close more business thereby increasing its client base and revenue. GenSales’ delivers “Genuine-Interest, Genuine Need” new sales opportunities.
GenSales has experienced a 356% growth in the last 7 years, making it an industry leader in outsourced B2B Lead Generation and Appointment Setting. Its core focus is establishing new business strategies, acquiring high quality prospect database lists, setting sales appointments or web demos, integrating with its client’s calendars and CRM and generating sales intelligence. These factors also work as the key differentiators for the company.
A Leader’s Vision 
David Juris is the Founder and CEO of GenSales. He has served the sales and marketing field for more than 35 years. Prior to opening GenSales, Mr. Juris was a Fractional CRO (Chief Revenue Officer) for emerging growth and mid-market companies.
His vision supported true sales ‘closers’ with actionable opportunities through a consistent flow of prospect meetings. Speaking about his company, Mr. Juris believes, “Our U.S. based team is unparalleled in the industry. GenSales is made up of hard-working, dedicated and talented people who strive to grow our partners’ businesses. Everything we do is backed by a proven process that has grown our own business since 2002.
Prior to GenSales, Mr. Juris was the Co-Founder, President and CEO of XACT Radio, a leader in digital marketing – specializing in Internet radio with over 85 customizable online stations and ran radio stations in three markets: Dallas, Miami/Ft. Lauderdale and Denver.
The Pillars of GenSales’ B2B Generation 
GenSales has four guiding pillars through which it qualifies its clients’ target market, keeps their business top of mind and secures an appointment when the prospect is ready to meet.
First pillar – Data Collection: GenSales collects value data through its “acquisition and cleansing process,” which confirms the decision maker, identifies their contact information and starts gathering critical sales data. As this critical data is gathered, clients’ prospects are either qualified or disqualified pending the result of the qualification surveys that are completed.
Second pillar – Introduction: GenSales ensures the best possible conversation right from the beginning with a prospect, obtains an appointment if an opportunity exists, and if not, leaves the door open to build a relationship over time. All qualified targets make it 100% of the way through the Introduction. The clear results are more decision makers identified, more information collected and clients selling more of their products or services.
Third pillar – Lead Nurturing: GenSales provides useful, relevant content to prospects early in the sales process. Once delivered, it is all about developing and maintaining a relationship with those prospects until they are ready to have a conversation about their products or services.
Fourth pillar – Appointments/Web Demos: With GenSales, its clients focus on closing sales. As their “Outsourced, Inside Sales Force”, GenSales does the prospecting, acquiring database lists, reaching people with proven call techniques, qualifying them based on its clients’ criteria, setting high quality appointments/web demos with full calendar integration, and Salesforce Enterprise edition integration.
The work of finding new customers to grow a clients’ business is not something to be taken lightly; and GenSales certainly doesn’t. It connects its clients, communicating seamlessly, with strategy and leads to build and nurture relationships. Its clients convert a high percentage of those connections into closed business. GenSales, eliminates countless hours of screening and qualifying or dismissing leads. GenSales only sends leads/appointments matching its clients’ target market and predetermined qualifications.
GenSales Operates with a Results Driven Mindset the GenSales Team
The 100% U.S. based GenSales Independent Sales Representative has an average of 15 years’ experience and is positioned to communicate with decision-maker prospects through their experience and training. The company prides itself in hiring professional staff with a result-driven mindset and its employment standards are designed to target this high level of skill and professionalism. GenSales has production flexibility for quick expansions and ramp-ups. Its operational and communication philosophy ensures value in all its Lead Generation Programs.
Leads are qualified after stringent review and analysis by the GenSales experienced operations team applying time proven processes such as live call monitoring, quality control, intelligent data management, client communications, electronic call recording, client sales calendar scheduling, lead generation/appointment notification delivery management, client reporting and CRM integration.
Next Level Transparency 
GenSales operates a call recording technology integrated with its marketing platform making it possible to capture call recordings of prospect conversations which may lead to a sales appointment. With this process, the Account Manager periodically shares recordings with the client’s team during its weekly recap meeting. This offers the clients unparalleled visibility into the real-life conversations and presentations being made to prospects on their behalf.
All GenSales’ clients are offered this visibility into the company’s marketing activities giving peace-of-mind that their company’s value proposition and message is being presented professionally and effectively. Moreover, clients know the origin of leads being delivered and hear all qualifiers being validated and confirmed by its Inside Sales Representatives. According to GenSales, no other Demand Generation company offers their clients this level of transparency and visibility into their operation.
Industry Specialization and Training 
GenSales delivers industry-specific business results. Its deep domain and experience in key B2B product/service spaces provides for smooth program deployments and minimal learning curve time. Its industry experience transcends all aspects of marketing activities including conversations with Decision Makers that lead to heightened credibility with prospects and better qualified leads. Since 2002, GenSales’ industry-specific campaigns are built on collective vertical experience and results that can be implemented faster at a lower cost and strong R.O.I.
Vertical Experience 
GenSales has extensive vertical marketing experience in most B2B industries. In its onboarding process, company builds custom “Campaign Road Maps” that document its strategies to reach the exact decision makers from SMB to Fortune 500. GenSales is experienced in the following industry groups: manufacturing, financial services, construction, commercial HVAC, healthcare, high-tech, pharmaceutical, industrial, energy, solar/wind, transportation, software, IT/managed services, consulting, consumer packaged goods, LED lighting, IoT, engineering, recycling, fire protection, commercial insurance and outsourced human resources.
Client Reviews 
We have found David Juris and GenSales to be by far the best company we’ve come across in B2B marketing and lead generation. David knows the industry very well and has been very flexible in designing the right program for our specific needs. His associates are professional and well trained and get us results. We hope to work with David and GenSales for many years to come.
David is great to work with, flexible and his programs are very reliable. He always makes sure the customer is happy and will do whatever it takes to “get it right.” I highly recommend David and his company. Great Results, Personable, High Integrity!
Working with David and his team at GenSales is a true pleasure. While many lead gen services promise great results, but fail to deliver, David could quickly assess our needs, develop a sound Program and deliver the results. He has also provided timely and personalized assistance to any client needs as they arise. I recommend David and GenSales for any outbound call program. Top notch!