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Genesis Network Group LLC: Enriching Businesses by Implementing Unsurpassed IT Support

In today’s time, when numerous startups are sprouting up every year and giants are leveraging on technology for success; it is a not a wise idea to focus on anything other than core business processes. Genesis Network Group, LLC caters to New Jersey business such that they can focus on their business and not on their IT. Genesis provides all kinds of business solutions to reduce unexpected and costly repairs on their technology. When first engaging with any new client, they first understand the client’s business goals, long term vision and then derives a comprehensive tailor-made solution which fulfills their business objectives.
Founded in 1995, Genesis Network Group, LLC is a renowned organization that delivers best-in-class IT support for their clients. The company works under the precedence that their customers are their partners. They provide assurance that they will go to any extent to make their customers happy and more importantly that their services are delivered on time, on budget, with 100% money back guarantee.
Distinctive Services of Genesis Network Group, LLC

  • Data Backup Recovery & Business Continuity: The firm has a proven Data Backup & Disaster Recovery Solution that gives a business a complete peace of mind through its distinguished services; in which important unreplaceable data can be protected and business can be resumed in hours instead of days in the event of any business disaster.
  • Cloud Services: Whether it is about delivering or upgrading computing services like servers, storage, databases, networking, software and analytics over the cloud, Genesis Network Group, LLC provides its clients with a reduced cost that range from 30% to 70% while maintaining the superior quality.
  • VOIP Solutions: Genesis Network Group, LLC has an advanced VOIP solution, which reduces an organization’s phone bills, eliminates expensive technician visits and provides free voicemail, auto attendant, call processing and automatic call distribution facilities at a reduced rate that range from of 25 % to 85 % as compared to other well-known phone systems.

Apart from these services, the ambitious firm provides a plethora of other IT services like Cyber Security, Virus and Spam protection, Network Security and Remote Connectivity, Virtualization, Wireless Solution, Managed IT services and many more.
Facets of Superior Service
The real success of any company lies in what its clients feel about their services. Genesis Network Group, LLC has built a reputation of superior IT services among its client base, making it the primal reason why clients trust the team for all their IT infrastructure worries. Quality-based services, blended with “Quick Response Time” and “Talented Skilled Personnel’s,” are the vital aspects of its growing customer base.
95 percent of their customers receive services within just 2 hours of the service request. Many of its clients have received services within minutes as well. Each client is then followed up on to ensure that the job was done correctly as per strict quality assurance policy of Genesis Network Group, LLC.
Genesis Network Group, LLC also has many skilled personnel in their think tank, who are proficient in deriving a cutting-edge solution for any advanced IT infrastructure problem. This, along with a battery of trained personnel makes it a robust and agile workforce, which is always ready and capable to deliver a client’s IT infrastructure needs.
The firm believes in constant learning and gives special emphasis on training personnel, so that they become aware of all the new technological developments and advancement of their IT skills. These facets assist the company to derive an innovative & effective solution and help customers in a prolific way. All these characteristics make Genesis Network Group, LLC a distinctive and superior force in this highly competitive field of managed IT service.
Brains behind the Tech Savvy firm
Mark Drizing works as the Chief Financial Officer (CFO) at Genesis Network Group, LLC. He has a vast technical experience of over 20 years along with a strong proficiency in marketing and finance.  His technical expertise helped him to gain eminent IT certifications in Microsoft, Novell, Citrix and A+.
George Frangos, the other vital member of Genesis Network, works as the Chief Technology Officer (CTO) in the organization. He nurtured his technical skills while pursuing graduation at Stevens Institute of Technology and has a deep experience of over 30 years in the IT world. He is an expert in network infrastructure, virtual server design and integration and has achieved many certifications in Microsoft, Novell and VMware.
Initial Challenges
During its initial days, the firm had faced many challenges like hiring, training and nurturing the right candidates and acquiring new customers, but with its resolute determination and strong desire for growth, the organization has converted those challenges into a stepping-stone and transformed a small startup into a prominent name in the field of managed IT service provider.
Future Proceedings
The firm has a new Cloud Hosted VOIP phone system which has much more functionality than traditional on-premise phone system, at a relatively low cost. Genesis Network Group, LLC will continue its offerings of managed IT services at an affordable rate with higher quality and outstanding customer service.