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Generate Real Estate Seller Leads Without Cold Calling

In the real estate business, getting leads without cold calling is considered to be a challenging proposition. However, it is also true that real estate agents can opt for other ways to generate leads and get listings without making a single cold call. The key is to understand the two major methods utilized for gaining business in all fields that require sales.
Lead Prospecting
The prospecting to find new leads in any business relies primarily on calling. Within this, there are two classifications. The first is the ‘Cold Calling’ technique. We aim to reach out to as many individuals as possible in order to generate business leads. It requires being able to take rejection in one’s stride and continue to talk to people.
The other kind of prospecting is ‘Warm Calling.’ In this method, you call those prospects who have shown an interest in your business and the service you offer. Most people are not averse to making this kind of call.
Lead Attraction
This is the other way to build up a business. In this, you mainly rely on marketing methods to attract a potential customer towards you rather than approaching them directly. It offers better prospects, as you tend to have a higher chance of converting the inquiries you get into customers.
It is mainly a mix of content marketing and advertising, with clear tactics that work to attract potential leads towards you. Although this may occasionally involve making calls to people, it would be all making warm calls and not calling up people out of the blue.
Lead Generation Strategies to Try Instead Of Cold Calling
If you are a real estate agent trying to figure out ways to gain new clients without having to pick up the phone, then try these methods that help you gain new business and build a proper lead funnel without making any cold calls.

  1. Build Social Media Presence

It has become virtually impossible to sustain any business without incorporating social media into the business plan. According to the statistics released by the National Association of REALTORS® (NAR), the majority of the realtors reported maintaining an active presence on various social media platforms. Usage of Facebook was reported by 90% of the respondents, followed by Instagram and LinkedIn by 52% and 48%, respectively.
Your social media presence and updates may be a powerful tool for generating leads and expanding your business. The report also stated that millennial buyers and sellers checked social media proof before hiring an agent.

  1. Try an Online Lead Generation Platform

A seller lead generating platform like Dorrmat is ideal for those looking for a consistent and long-term source of lead creation. It provides quality leads to its agents of those wanting to sell their homes. Dorrmat combines cutting-edge technology with a great understanding of the real estate industry to assist real estate brokers in locating motivated homeowners in Tucson, Tempe, Scottsdale, Phoenix, and other key Arizona cities.
Dorrmat provides additional features to enhance the business growth and career success of the realtors on its platform. Some notable ones are a superior CRM, professional landing page, the inclusion of vendors, lead capture links, and more. Real estate investors like The Local House Buyers use this method

  1. Run Facebook Ads Campaign

For those realtors who already have an active presence on social networking platforms, running advertising campaigns on Facebook may prove to be beneficial. You stand to gain local clients by setting the ad parameters to your targeted zip code.
The additional demographic filters allow you to find your niche audience. You can set age, income bracket, home type, and many more characteristics that match your niche customer profile. It enables you to gain listings of owners ready to work with you.

  1. Attract Leads Through Content Marketing

Content marketing is an integral aspect of attraction-based marketing to find leads without picking up your phone. In all the forms, you create informative content. This content acts as a value addition for the people who visit your website or social networking business profiles. Some of the common forms of this are as follows:
Add Value Through a Blog
A blog is a valuable addition to your real estate website, both for keeping your content relevant for the search engine and for attracting more traffic. Each interesting blog post will help you gain a wider reach and more followers, many of whom will also translate into new leads.

  • Online Video Tour of Houses

Similar to the above, a lot of realtors are experimenting with video content. It might be a walkthrough of current listings or a talk about how to increase the value of your house. The key aspect is that it is meant to establish your position as a market expert.

  • Host Real Estate Business Q&A Sessions

Another medium for marketing is to host free Q&A sessions where you can discuss ideas related to the real estate market, the dos and don’ts of selling a house, and share tips from a successful realtor. All of this content will show up on Google whenever a potential client runs a search.

  • Plan To Approach Expired Listings And For Sale By Owner (FSBO) Listings

Targeting unsold properties and home listings without an agent is one technique to gain additional listings that you should attempt. Contact these homeowners through the mail. Do remember that the process required to convert them could be slightly longer than usual. However, the benefit is that once you have established your expertise, they will be willing to partner with you.
For real estate agents looking for strategies to boost their lead generation without cold calling, the methods discussed above are a good addition to their existing strategy for finding new clients. We understand that many agents may have tried and realized that making cold calls is not exactly an alternative that gets them the desired output.
The key aspect of any business is to expend time, money, and effort on those methods that help you obtain the desired results. The same holds for the real estate business as well. Therefore, if cold calling seems not to get adequate results for you, then switch to one of the other strategies and boost your lead generation numbers.