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gen-E: Putting Businesses into High-Gear through Analytics

gen-E is a leading advanced analytics and service assurance software and professional services company for service providers and companies with large, and complex networks. gen-E offers software and systems solutions to better manage a broad spectrum of service industry infrastructures, to provide a singular view into the health and performance of a customer’s entire IT and business infrastructure, integrating and consolidating tools and events across business, data center and network operations.
Marc D. Hayden, CEO of gen-E, is leading the company on a mission to change the way complex Network and IT Ops environments are managed. His winning formula is ‘Don’t be afraid to fail,’ because he believes that through failures one learns to succeed. Marc brings over 20 years of commercial and military communications experience to gen-E, having held domestic and international management positions with premier telecommunications companies including CSG Invotas, Redknee, Harris Corporation, Openet Telecommunications, Inc. and ADC Telecommunications, Inc. Most recently, Marc was responsible for management and operations consulting as the Managing Director at Force Multiplier International, and also held executive positions in Client Services, Sales and Marketing for CHR Solutions.
Marc is a frequent speaker and panel participant at industry conferences and webinars. He graduated with honors in the Middle Eastern Studies from the Defense Language Institute and is a United States Marine Corps veteran. He received his MBA in International Business and Entrepreneurship from Rollins College Crummer Graduate School of Business and served on the Board of Directors of the Healthy Start Coalition of Brevard County, Florida.
gen-E Services & Solutions
gen-E provides Service Assurance and Advanced Analytics Software & Services for Fortune 500 companies, and telecommunications service providers to provide insight, control and optimization across the enterprise so that customer satisfaction and revenue are increased through better reliability, service delivery, and improved resource efficiency.
The gen-E OpsCenter portfolio provides end-to-end service assurance, helping clients deliver outstanding services to their customers through visualization, control and automation of their network. The gen-E OpsCenter portfolio offers a wide range of integrated products including: OpsCenter Operations Manager, an operations event and alarm management console that provides users with intelligence from events for both real-time and historical analytics to drive efficiencies and more agile and leaner operations. OpsCenter Operations Analytics use in-depth dashboards to identify areas of potential bottlenecks and problems, from terabytes of operational data, to quickly address the root cause of potential service impacts. OpsCenter Application Performance Manager monitors and manages application performance, availability and security throughout the application lifecycle by measuring the response times of users, application components, and specific transactions.
gen-E InfiniView is a line of business intelligence software products designed to help companies access their data and tools more efficiently to make smart business decisions that improve customer engagement and retention, and pinpoint specific areas for business performance improvement. The gen-E InfiniView portfolio includes 3 products: InfiniView DIVE, a data integration and visualization engine that delivers real-time, interactive visualizations using data from virtually any data source. InfiniView APP Portal, a tool consolidation platform that provides Single Sign-On (SSO) access to secure, customizable views from a variety of critical network and business applications. DIVE provides both big-picture, at-a-glance insight, with complete drill down capabilities when a greater detail is desired. InfiniView KPI Analytics is a business intelligence platform that provides advanced analytics and real-time dashboard views into the health and performance of the entire organization so that company stakeholders can improve the customer experience while increasing revenues and profits.
Satisfied Clients make Company Successful
The success of gen-E is a direct result of their dedication to customer service combined with the extensive domain and industry experience of their developers, engineers, and management team. gen-E administers customer satisfaction surveys every three months, offering them a holistic view of their customer satisfaction levels and allowing them to improvise on their software and services through their agile development process. Additionally, their flexible pricing strategy also plays a critical role in enriching the customer experience. To further boost the customer experience, their products come with OOTB functionality that provides a quick route to ROI, as well as options to customize the implementation of specific industry requirements. Industry expertise combined with flexible pricing and the significant importance given to the customer satisfaction is critical in ensuring a holistic purchase experience for their customers.
The company is constantly working with their clients and vendors to ensure that they provide the most current, relevant and functional solutions to keep pace. Often their clients involve them in their technology and vendor selection process to ensure that what they decide will not adversely affect their current operations and management tools. The company addresses this by participating in industry standards groups and proactively working with selected vendors so that they understand what’s in the new standards and product roadmaps. Also, they work with their client’s marketing organizations to ensure that they know what products and services they are planning. They actually contribute to the process of designing new products and services and have the visibility through the full process to fulfillment and activation.
Flourishing Future based on Innovation & Hard-Work
In the years to come, the need for accuracy in real-time capabilities will increase the complexity in networks. Therefore, gen-E envisions itself further developing its IP as well as migrating towards the managed services arena for simplifying the complications and enabling the service providers to deliver quality. “We see an opportunity where we can address the challenges and take control over the management configuration support of these tools and allow our customers to focus on their network services,” says Marc.