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Gary Olson | Founder & CEO | GT Digital Ltd.

Gary Olson: Protecting People and Businesses Through the Use of Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is transforming almost everything connected to human life, including employment, economy, communication, public safety, privacy, security, healthcare, etc.. To make the world a better place to live and save lives using AI, GT Digital Ltd., uses Cognitive Intelligence technology that connects the dots from accessible and available digital information to help identify potential threats and intention to prevent events that will protect lives and property.
GT Digital Ltd. is led by Gary Olson, Founder & CEO, a thought leader, technology designer and strategist in the media technology industry. Gary designed GT Digital’s flagship Artificial Intelligence solution MediaMaestro, the first technology that connects the dots by correlating video and data to uncover and prevent physical threats.
Firm Foundation 
As a serial entrepreneur, Gary started and operated several successful businesses. Each of these businesses focused on designing new technology solutions for the media production industry merging video with data. Gary has been on the forefront as the broadcast and production industry transitions to computer-based technology from proprietary technology.
Gary is one of the industry leaders and has been an evangelist in the convergence of video and data as media production and distribution moved to file based and IP technology. The 2nd Edition of his book “Planning and Designing the IP Broadcast Facility” was just released after the success of the First Edition.
The problem our first responders and public safety services face is preventing horrific and violent attacks on society. To address this challenge, Gary developed the concept to use artificial intelligence connecting the dots by correlating video and data from all available and accessible open sources. This idea was a natural outgrowth that brought together all his areas of knowledge and expertise.
Cutting-Edge Services 
According to the company, organizations in every industry are drowning in video and data. These organizations are all challenged by the overwhelming amount of data collected that appears in many formats and types coming from multiple sources. AI tools can help analyze this data and quickly provide information that allows analysts to discover solutions.
Gary states, no human can manage or process the overwhelming amount of digital information, including video, social media, online, sensors, and other sources being collected for research and security. There is a need for artificial intelligence technology to help identify strange behavior or announced intentions to commit crimes. GT Digital is the first AI technology that can analyze and correlate all this data to help professionals prevent violence and criminal intent. Using Artificial Intelligence to save lives and protect property is essential today.
What the Future Holds? 
Gary knows that AI continues to evolve, and as the tools and technology improve, AI will be beneficial in all aspects of society and business services. As science continues to progress on quantum computing solutions, this will vastly improve the ability of AI technologies and expand some of the exact capabilities.
Giving Back to the World 
Gary states statistics show that over 75% of mass shootings are committed by people who spend a lot of energy announcing their intent long before they commit the act. It is time to save lives from these mass shootings and acts of domestic terrorism. He would like to see his technology help predict to prevent as many of these as possible.
Different Perspective on Technological Advancements 
Gary is fortunate that he was raised with an innate sense of curiosity and wonder. Continually excited about the changes in technology he is also a bit of a pragmatist in its application. He thrives on new challenges and loves figuring out new technology solutions or “inventing,” a solution using components from typically disassociated sources or industries.
Pave Your Own Way 
Gary believes leadership is team building. It’s crucial to any successful business to have full participation and support from your team. Find the right people and trust them. It’s more important to have smart people on your team than have them think you are the most intelligent person in the room. Another essential rule to remember is everyone has their style and way of doing things. Different is not wrong, just because it is not the way you would do it, as long as it gets the same result. Do not impose your way of doing things on others.
Being an entrepreneur doesn’t mean doing everything or knowing everything. It means surrounding yourself with a team that has the knowledge and skills that are not your strength. Not everyone is strong in business or is a financial expert, and sometimes a great technologist is a horrible manager. Hire others with the skills you lack and allow them to excel and trust them. Gary says, “If you can’t trust your team, you brought in the wrong people!”