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Gaonic: Bringing Wisdom to the Internet of Things

The IoT is a new phenomenon that is taking the world by storm. Prompting new product innovations and igniting better revenue streams, it is connecting smart devices. With cloud based technologies to connect various devices, Gaonic offers a flawless approach that provides smooth networking even from remote systems.
Gaonic is a cloud-hosted SaaS AI platform that enables manufacturers to better manage operations and maximize savings through the use of analytics, machine learning, and application.
Gaonic offers a set of cloud-based IoT building blocks that help to build data-centric solutions to improve their sensor efficiency while saving human and capital resources. As a result, their projects allow their customers to have an optimized management of sensor environment. Their mission is to empower their data centric IoT analytics collection platform that allows them to offer a cost effective solution for real-time cloud based solutions.
Leveraging various Technologies to Empower IoT
Gaonic provides a full solution, all-in-one system; thus no integration or code is necessary to capture and manage huge amounts of data from any physical object or existing IT systems.
They provide highly optimized and highly secured, real time cloud based solution. Gaonic’s platform lets the clients to integrate and aggregate data from any type of data source, irrespective of their type, data format, manufacturer, structure, or protocol. Furthermore, their inbuilt analytics engine is made for historical and real-time, and basic and advanced data insights. They use simple APIs and open architecture for easily sharing information with other third party systems.
Their artificial intelligence (AI) technology teaches itself to adapt and improve when exposed to new time-series data. This “machine learning” capability detects interrelationships within complex data sets, which enables the discovery of valuable but otherwise hidden insights. This allows new innovative IoT applications to be quickly customized and hit the market 20 times more quickly than other approaches with their rapid application customization environment.
Gaonic leverages big data and analytics to provide new insights and recommendations to enable better decision-making and provide better operation. Furthermore, they enable Smart Enterprises and IoT vendors to easily visualize data and take action immediately on insights and recommendations and find new ways to conduct business and make informed decisions.
Serving in various Industries
Customers of Gaonic come from corporations of all sizes, belonging to various industries. The phenomenon of IoT has engulfed the entire world, covering all walks of life. Since it has started to become a way of life, there is no industry that is completely unaffected by its presence. Moreover, Gaonic is used by manufacturing companies to make better, faster decisions about their manufacturing operations.
Gaonic’s IoT SaaS analytics solution provides companies with increased visibility and allows them to gain deeper insight into operations. Their analytics platform, built for discrete and process manufacturing, uses artificial intelligence and advanced analytics to help address critical challenges that pertain to quality assurance and productivity throughout the enterprise.
The platform using Gaonic’s analytics is capable of enhancing other things, including forecasting production, detecting failures in goods and minimizing damage, benchmarking, and golden batch analysis. Also, companies can leverage real-time and off-line data from the shop floor and tie it to the scheduling ERP system.
CEO’s view on IoT Technology and its Market
Rami Refaeli is the Co-founder & CEO of Gaonic. Being in the technology industry, and serving the future of technology, he says that Gaonic is at the forefront of helping enterprises and IoT vendors implement new technologies that not only bring increased operational efficiency, but also recast their customers’ experiences, revolutionize business models, and enable companies to reimagine how their industries operate and transform into smart industries.
Rami further adds that IoT technologies have developed and evolved over the past decade in drastic ways. Affordable sensors and fast connections have radically increased the amount and type of data available and altered the way companies collect and use it. Huge amounts of data are produced, but not used properly.
“More importantly, they have changed the way many conduct business. This technological shift is challenging some of the oldest industries which are still struggling to understand the implications of industrial IoT on their businesses and to explore new ways of thinking about their identities, and Gaonic is playing a central role in driving these transformations,” he concludes.
Future of IoT sector
The field of IoT technologies has developed and evolved over the past decade in significant ways, but there is still a lot of confusion caused by a lack of best practices. Many companies tend to choose partial solutions and then find themselves facing compatibility problems. There are other companies that try to develop everything from scratch, but end up in projects that cost millions and take years to complete.
After working for over 20 years on various IoT platforms, it is clear to Gaonic now that IoT analytics solutions will change the way many conduct businesses.
Gaonic is at the forefront of driving the transformations that are helping more and more companies. “Our services are enabling Smart Enterprises and industrial IoT vendors to create better services and offer immediate response, leading to better operations and maximize saving,” asserts Rami.

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