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Ganesh Sabat: An Encouraging Medical Technology Leader

Today, medical device industry expects highly innovative products at a very fast pace. To sustain this demand in such a fast-paced sector is a tough task to say the least. However, many brands have managed to retain their credibility and their secret to success, is often conveyed by the words of their mentors. Multi-billionaire and the CEO of Starbucks, Howard Schultz once said, “In this ever-changing society, the most powerful and enduring brands are built from the heart. They are real and sustainable. Their foundations are stronger because they are built with the strength of the human spirit. The companies that are lasting are those that are authentic.” Thus, an ambitious and innovative CEO and his/her team acts as an empowering aspect behind a successful brand. Indian medical device leader Sahajanand Medical Technologies is one such fortunate company that has both an ambitious CEO and a qualitative human strength to its name. The CEO of the company, Ganesh Sabat, shares his insights about his company’s proliferating success
Young Dreamer’s Progression
A physics graduate who pursued MBA in Finance from Washington University, Ganesh initially served at a legal and finance department in India. He followed that up by joining Sahajanad Medical Technologies (SMT) back in 2010; and within two years, he went on to become the CFO of the company. Six months later, his hard work and perseverance further crowned him as the CEO of the company. Ganesh said, “I have always been a highly passionate person. Even during the most difficult times I never lost my passion, focus or drive. My personal and professional goal syncs well and I want to make SMT a global medical device player; manufacturing high quality products at an affordable price.”
SMT: A Global medical device Manufacturer from India
SMT is a leading developer and manufacturer of minimally invasive coronary stent systems. It has a strong global presence with footprints across 60 countries and counting. Its products like Tetrilimus, Tetriflex, and Supraflex in the category of drug eluting stents and Flexinnium and Tetrinium in the category of bare metal stents have been globally acknowledged for their superior quality. Its benchmark technology, biodegradable polymer, has proven to be the safest and the most preferred polymer. It achieves a precise drug release and degrades after the drug release, thereby ensuring better safety and efficacy in the PCI procedure, for the patient. SMT is also accounted for manufacturing the thinnest strut thickness stent in the world, with only 60 microns thickness. This innovative product in the cardiovascular segment is supposed to be the best in class amongst the competitors.
Overcoming roadblocks by SMT under Ganesh Sabat’s leadership
SMT was going through a challenging period with multitude of problems across the organization. The company under the leadership of Ganesh Sabat started focusing on solving one problem after another and witnessed immediate success for most of its efforts. The focus to address challenges upfront generated self–belief among the employees and boosted organizational confidence. According to Ganesh, creating the vital belief within team members to manufacture globally leading medical devices was a pivotal moment for the organization.
Ganesh claims, “Being open to new ideas, persuasive and showing humility have helped us remove many roadblocks.” Empowering employees to make their own decisions, has made a significant impact, and resulted in surging growth of the company. He further adds, ensuring that the company works as a team, and celebrating each other’s success creates an environment where employees are motivated to overcome any challenges thrown at them. As a leader, we need to ensure faster decision making and build a capable team who can take responsibility to march ahead. Ganesh credits his global exposure, strong analytical and rational thinking and background in physics for successfully leading a capable senior team and delivering a global medical device company.
Essentials for Leading a Platform
The medical device world expects new innovative products at break neck speed but innovations are time-consuming. Bridging the gap between time consuming innovations and ensuring constant growth is the most pressing challenge in the medical industry. Hence, planning the product life cycle and creating relevant future plans helps achieve desired targets. The successful CEO of SMT recommends a passionate, never say die attitude in budding leaders to stay successful. The passion to build innovative products and teaming up with smart and intelligent individuals, who can perform efficiently, are the most essential aspects for leading a platform. He also suggests entrepreneurs to lead and keep their egos at bay while working with team members.
Future Evolutions in SMT Products
SMT as a company is evolving rapidly. Continuous developments of new products have provided eminent credibility to the brand, and helped in its global expansions. The company is conducting clinical studies which can provide major boosts to its products. India is awakening to a new dawn of a global medical device player; the products of SMT are acknowledged internationally for its quality, efficiency, and cost-optimizations. Ganesh as the CEO is eyeing to facilitate the progressive change and drive the company to the elite position.