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GamePlan Consulting: Providing Business Solutions to a Global Audience

GamePlan Consulting is a 360 – global consultancy specialized in helping game companies identify, strategize and deliver great solutions to their challenges. It is renowned by its 360 approach, that not only caters to small indie studios, but also for some of the major corporations like Bandai Namco, Trion Worlds, InnoGames, Autodesk and even government agencies. GamePlan Consulting’s mission is to be the go-to destination to Global business intelligence and communications within the gaming industry.
The Birth of GamePlan Consulting 
André Faure, CEO of GamePlan Consulting has been working exclusively with games for the last 20 years, always performing in leading roles for companies like Microsoft, EGM Magazine, Tectoy (the most traditional gaming company in Brazil), Aeria Games and lastly at Gamehouse, a RealNetworks division. He always achieved great career results, being promoted and invited from company to company, thus becoming a reference in the market.
By the end of 2013, he decided that it was time to start creating and delivering solutions to the market not only as an executive but also as a consultant, by having more freedom to act and deliver creative solutions. Another turning point at his career was the large demand he had to become a consultant – since, as a reference – he was being in high demanded for several companies to provide advice and support.
Working in the industry for so long have its benefits, as to identify trends and changes – the return of the PC, the outstanding growth of the smartphone market, the indie revolution and several opportunities for gaming companies would appear. At the same time, he knew that these come at a price and that game developers, small and big, are good at making games, but a strategic, business and the very specialized communications component would be missing. Therefore, he built GamePlan to cater to those needs, thus rapidly achieving great success. Beside him is Henrique Martin, GamePlan’s co-founder and Content Chief Officer, a tech journalist/writer with 20 years of experience on covering B2B and B2C consumer electronic markets.
Creative Services with Flexible Approach 
From the time of its inception, GamePlan was created with a vision of being extremely flexible. A company that works within the boundaries of the games industry needs to be fast, smart and flexible enough to learn and adapt since the industry is so diverse and innovative. Team GamePlan is usually several steps ahead of others trying to deliver the same services and products but in an innovative way. Also, although GamePlan has clear capabilities – Business Strategy, Intelligence and Development in its business unit, and PR Intelligence (which is a very different service from what a PR agency offers, because is result-oriented), Specialized marketing solutions and branded content from its communications unit, team GamePlan’s first approach is always to deep dive into their potential clients’ needs. They do not offer templates, they offer solutions. In a market like gaming, this is key to achieving amazing results. Also, they have just announced a new product, GamePlan’s Fandom Management Framework, which promises to revolutionize the way gaming companies approach their community growth and management, moving away from the more and more expensive paradigm of digital marketing campaigns.
Benefits for Clients 
“At the moment you start working with GamePlan, you are more than a client and you feel that immediately. This is the reason we are a consultancy, and not an agency or another sort of business. We consider ourselves literally part of our client’s team, and we strive to help them achieve what they need the most – results and ROI,” asserts André. “We are extremely data-driven, so all solutions need to be based on real benchmarks or very clear trends – our risk is our client’s risk, so we don’t play with that. At the same time, we are well known for our creativity and for delivering where others failed. How? We listen first and act later. If you are catering for an audience, you have to listen to their needs before thinking about your tactical strategy, and we that with every single project, short or long term. Our clients will have clear milestones, clear deliverables and a world-class team of experts that sum decades of videogame market expertise to land them a hand into the path of success,” André added.
Future Roadmap of GamePlan 
2017 resulted to a very good year for GamePlan. GamePlan has a rapidly growing team and they have just announced their first patent-pending product, Gameplan’s Fandom Management Framework, just a few days after YouTube and Facebook changed their algorithms towards more dependency from campaigns to create reach. “Out framework objective is exactly the opposite and is being developed by our social media and BI teams for over a year. We really believe in this product and expect great things from it – we are already implementing with success in several of our studio clients. This is a clear example of our perspective for the future: to keep innovating, looking closely towards the real trends of the industry and always being ready to cater global solutions to the industry. Adaptation, innovation and amazing results, this is what drives us forward,” says André while talking about their success and future plans.

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