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GameIQ: A Fun, Innovative, and Powerful Way to Engage Consumers

The world of advertising is undergoing radical change. With the advent of the Internet, smartphones and various social media platforms, people’s interaction with media has changed drastically. Searching for new models, advertisers are now paying per click for online campaigns without a guarantee of conversions, while consumers are becoming more demanding. What businesses require is a way to engage customers through independent, reliable entertainment platforms that make an impact and produce effective results.
The GameIQ® platform addresses these needs perfectly.
Experience the Latest Gamification Solution
GameIQ implements gamification technologies that engage users in the digital world by rewarding spending. The company’s intuitive, fun, and effective gamification experience is backed by its mobile platform, Spindy®.
The idea behind the product is extremely simple and easy to execute. When a customer shops at a participating store, they have the opportunity to spin a wheel and receive a cashback reward of 1-100% every time. This experience enriches consumers’ lives by providing a simple and enjoyable activity that also puts money back in their pockets.
GameIQ technology relies on rich and powerful insights that use current market trends to create its immersive experiences. According to current statistics, 87% of U.S. shoppers ask for loyalty programs, while 62% of customers feel their favorite brands fall short of their expectations every day. Additionally, most current rewards systems fail to truly engage users; in fact, only 46% of loyalty program memberships are active.
GameIQ turns standard reward programs on their head by creating a system that engages users on a daily basis. It rewards loyal customers based on a proven and time-tested gaming concept, the spinning wheel.
A Groundbreaking Experience and Perspective
It may sound like GameIQ is making extravagant promises to both advertisers and businesses. However, when one considers the experience and caliber of its founders, these promises begin to make sense.
GameIQ is currently headed by Balazs Wellisch, whose family came to the United States as refugees from Eastern Europe when he was 16. They braved guns, barbed wire, and land mines in order to taste freedom. Throughout his entrepreneurship journey, Balazs has kept these memories close to his heart in order to cherish and make the most out of his life at every turn.
Balazs has established and grown successful companies in the past, but his latest venture is an undertaking unlike any other. In 2014, Balazs was playing tennis with his neighbor and trusted friend Marc Flaim when he first explained his vision of a revolutionary rewards system. Flaim’s reaction immediately confirmed Balazs’s intuition. “If we can help just one business succeed if we can put just one smile on a face,” Flaim said, “we should do this. But if we can do it for millions of people, we really have to do this.”
Long-Term Competitive Advantages
Gamification is not only a method to drive sales in the short run, but also an effective strategy to drive growth in the long run. The GameIQ platform integrates key ingredients of a successful gamification strategy, including variable rewards, pay-for-performance initiatives, easy-to-use design, and viral networking effect. The variable rewards strategy combines cash rewards with a pure gamification experience to motivate loyalty and create committed users. Additionally, the pay-for-performance initiative by GameIQ guarantees sales and positive ROI for merchants. Using this strategy, the merchant can set their terms to protect their margins and brand identity.
The GameIQ platform is designed to be extremely easy to use and intuitive. Additionally, clients are able to control their on-demand promotions in real time. GameIQ also outscores its competitors in that its platform does not require any hardware installations and allows clients the freedom of simultaneously working with other reward programs and sales processes. The platform motivates users to follow their natural passion for gaming and converts their efforts into a gateway that leads to promotions and sales for merchants. This viral aspect of the platform gives companies a reliable and solid foundation for long-term growth.
Gamification – The New-Age Solution
In many ways, gamification represents an evolutionary step forward in marketing. Consumers today are tired of participating in dozens of brand-based loyalty programs where the rewards are small and the time investment is significant. The next generation of customer engagement and loyalty is about having fun and playing games. “Our platform allows businesses to keep their customers engaged, even after the sale. The excitement of variable rewards and instant gratification reduces the inherent friction points present in retail transactions. Customers leave on a high note and intrinsically want to share their experience with their peers, driving new sales back to the business.” says Marketing Director, Molly Racicot.
GameIQ also solves the biggest challenge in building a consumer base for merchants – loyalty. As many companies compete with discounts, customer loyalty has eroded to a point where they need to be constantly rewarded in order for brands to have value. The GameIQ platform drives sales, along with prospects, by reaching customers through their mobile devices, engaging them and utilizing their social networks to grow the merchant’s customer base through organic word-of-mouth marketing. It allows the company to influence the buying process to permanently enhance the way consumers shop.
An Era of Challenges that Inspired Innovation
GameIQ faced various challenges in creating its vision of ideal interaction between consumers and businesses. These challenges included an increasingly fragmented base of consumers who connect with merchants through several different channels such as stores, apps, and ecommerce platforms. Additionally, the reward industry was already populated by several established players. However, GameIQ’s strategy was to stay ahead of the curve with a clear-cut vision for the future.
Commercial transactions originating from any source – including mobile apps, e-commerce stores and point of sale terminals – can flow simultaneously and be gamified through the power of the GameIQ platform. The platform also leverages the virtual social world by allowing users to organize themselves into teams and compete against each other for lucrative perks and recognition.
This is a unique and very compelling strategy in an era where traditional reward systems rely on complex and outdated ways of appealing to consumers. The gamification strategy does exactly what is needed to drive growth: Create a simplified approach to powerfully influence buying behavior, reward it, and increase consumer engagement to drive sales.
The need to improve the consumer buying process and post-purchase experience is clear. Retailers and restaurant owners pour $77 billion annually into promotions and incentives. However, there are three main problems plaguing the current reward ecosystem: the unfamiliar waters of the digital world, a lack of real-time control over promotions, and guaranteed protection for brand reputation and profit margins.
For businesses that have been searching for a way to navigate the challenging waters of the digital world and ride the wave of boundless opportunities, GameIQ is the solution they’ve been looking for.
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