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Gail Adinamis | Founder, President & CEO | GlobalCare Clinical Trials

Gail Adinamis: Successfully Paving her Path in Clinical Trial Industry

Drug development is a costly and time consuming process taking 10-15 years and over $2 billion to get a new product to market. With the increase in the number of products in development and increased complexity of trials, the ability to recruit and retain patients in clinical trials to demonstrate the safety and efficacy of the product has become more challenging. Most studies are delayed due to inability to recruit and enroll patients into the trial. Of the patients that do participate, 30% typically dropout before the end of the trial. This is primarily due to traditional studies requiring patients to travel to specific clinical sites for all of the tests and assessments. Fortunately, in recent years, the clinical trials industry has seen a phenomenal increase in the awareness and execution of decentralized clinical studies – i.e., taking the study visits to the patient’s home. This patient-centric approach allows patients to conveniently participate regarding of the distance the reside for a clinical site, whether they have a debilitating disease or lack transportation, or have school, work or family obligations during the day.
Meet Gail Adinamis, Founder, President, and CEO of GlobalCare Clinical Trials, who has dedicated years of her life to bring disruptive changes in this specific industry and has paved her way in more than 65 countries with/through her organization and continues to do so. She is a truly compassionate leader, who understands the necessities of the people and wanting to maintain their quality of life and provide them with hope.

“Never compromise quality – that is your reputation. Communication, communication, communication”

A Synoptic Framework
Having over four decades of experience in the clinical trials industry, Gail established a process for coordinating home visits specifically for clinical trial patients in an attempt to create efficiencies in drug development logistics. She founded GlobalCare with a mission to provide services on a global basis and conduct selected study visits at the patient’s home or alternate location rather than requiring patients to travel to physician offices, thus making it more convenient and comfortable for the patients to participate and while increasing data integrity and allowing for more ethnic & geographical diversities in a real-world setting. By increasing patient enrollment rates and enhancing compliance, this service helps in reducing the drug development timeline and gets life-enhancing products to the market at a more rapid pace. GlobalCare promptly delivers its services in over 65 countries and continues to expand around the world as per client request and logistics permit.
Manifold Places, Manifold Solutions
Gail keenly pays attention to GlobalCare’s services and makes certain that they remain patient-centricand tailored according to the needs of the clients and each patient rather than a cookie-cutter approach of one size fits all. The services that the company offers are notably suitable for the patient’s daily schedule. For example, if a patient works, then the health care professional visits them at home before or after working hours. The company also matches the nurse qualifications with the patient population and services needed. For example, a pediatric cancer patients will be serviced by a pediatric oncology nurse.
Gail has an extremely distinctive approach, “local touch, global reach” ensuring that while GlobalCare’s services are far reaching, they never forget how important the patient engagement is by a visiting nurse.
A Voyage Molding Escapade
Gail’s early career encountereduphill struggles as she worked in a male-dominated workforce. She had to outperform her counterparts to gain similar recognition. She regularly sought innovative ways to complete her tasks efficiently and also never accepted the excuse that “that’s the way we have always done it” which allowed her to successfully implement procedural efficiencies within companies. She understands that process improvement is a continuum. With her current clients, she institutes and educative process rather than a sales pitch. She views relationships with clients as a partnership and collaboration rather than transactional. She is proud of her success in growing her business and attains great satisfaction creating win-win scenarios for all stakeholders. She believes the key to her success is her focus on quality and customer service knowing that the financial rewards will follow.
What the Future Holds?
Gail envisions herself being an ambassador for this disruptive change in the clinical trials industry. She listens to and continues to educate companies on the benefits of patient-centric services.  She believes in the not so distant future, mobile nursing services will become an integrated part of the clinical trial ecosystem. There will be integration with mobile devices and technology to provide more complete and timely reporting of clinical information. And that clinical trials will become more of a routine care option for patients with serious or life-threatening diseases with limited treatment options.
Apprising Imminent Entrepreneurs
As a leader herself, Gail coaches upcoming entrepreneurs to understanding the balance of the three-legged stool – quality, time, and cost. To have an efficient and effective project, you need to have all legs of the stool be equal so there’s no wobbling. Recognize the value of your product or service and communicate effectively with your customers. They can’t have the highest quality in the shortest time frame for the lowest cost. Negotiate the best solution for your customers without sacrificing your business or personal values. She also advises passing on nowin situations as it can consume your time and, energy diverting your focus from new and more productive relationships.
As words of experience, Gail also coached entrepeurs to carry themselves with confidence. Be fearless and believe in what you do with a passion. Listen carefully to what your customers say – try to see things from their perspective, acknowledge their specific needs and find familiar ground to work together. Lastly, love what you do and the people around you. Don’t forget to thank the people who help you along the way.