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GAB Enterprise IT Solutions GmbH: Transforming, Upgrading and Renewing the IT Ecosystem

From the initiation of its very first mini-computer in 1975 – the stone age of computing – Microsoft has crusaded a long way to stand tall as an immutable force in the realm of technology. It is through their continual efforts in innovation that has led them to fill-up their stack of solutions, thereby allowing businesses to act swiftly to the changes, competition and the regulations within the industry.
Today, Microsoft solutions have virtually become a backbone for almost every organization, wherein some of the most vital business applications function and run efficiently on a stable Microsoft platform. But choosing an able and cost-effective Microsoft solution provider from a myriad of options becomes a rather daunting task. But GAB Enterprise IT Solutions GmbH separates itself from the crowd and stands-out with its extensive experience as a professional system integrator for advanced Microsoft technologies.
Being a Gold Competency Partner with multiple certifications, GAB is an internationally acclaimed and renowned expert for its implementation and transformation of hybrid cloud, private cloud, and public cloud infrastructures. Its close quarter partnership with Microsoft and other reputed partners plays an important role in the continuous development of the company. Today, GAB is a successful IT consulting company, focused on Cloud Productivity and Modern Workplace with an employee base of 60 professionals.
Preparing to Move Mountains by Carrying Stones at the Beginning
The formation of GAB in 1997 originated from the founder, Herald Ehrl’s fascination for Information Technology and his relentless passion for finding technology-based solutions to tackle business challenges. His goal behind forming the IT Company was to provide local businesses with hardware and software, as well as technical support, for their IT infrastructure.
The biggest challenge for GAB during its initial period of operation was finding the right focus on what its market offering should be. Back then, Herald and his small team of professionals saw themselves confronted with the increasing transformational needs of its customers, induced by the advent of the internet.
GAB’s decision to seek official partnership status with Microsoft, was an obvious choice for them but, more importantly, it proved out to be a pivotal move for the company that set it on its trajectory of growth now spanning 20 years.
A Leader who holds the Yardstick of Quality
Herald Ehrl boasts an extensive technology and management experience, which spans now over 30 years. As the Managing Director of GAB Group of Companies, Herald shoulders the responsibility of leading a highly skilled and dedicated team of professionals.
His long list of achievement includes the implementation and adaptation of IT and Management systems for global players. This comprises successful planning, implementing and delivering the client/server networks in different fields of leading edge industries. Herald prides himself on delivering what he promises to its clients.
The Success that Spread like Wildfire
The first real lighthouse project of the company was a Windows AD consolidation. Incepting in 2002, the project was for a multinational paper manufacturing company. It ultimately had 25,000 users spread over 50 locations within Europe, North America, and the Middle East.
Eventually, GAB’s consolidation project turned out to be an immense success but it didn’t come off easily. The team had to work extremely hard to get the job done, within the limited timeframe and budget constraints. Soon after, word spread out far and wide in the industry about the company’s success, causing a surge in demand for GAB’s services.
Another pivotal event in recent years for GAB was the 2011 World Partner Conference in LA, wherein Microsoft announced its cloud strategy based on Azure and Office365. The company realized the significance of this move immediately and took advantage of the same for its own with open arms. Fast forward to the present day, GAB is one of Microsoft’s leading direct cloud service providers.
Drivers of Growth
The growth of GAB is driven by two key factors. One among which is the technological advancements – forcing companies to upgrade, renew and transform their IT ecosystems regularly, in order to maintain their competitiveness in their respective markets. The second driver has a close-by relation to the first one, but issues itself in mergers & acquisitions and in the restructuring of companies as enterprises respond to fundamental shifts in their markets due to the ongoing digital transformation.
GAB’s continuous efforts in ensuring optimum customer satisfaction as its first and foremost priority, remaining authentic, hiring the requisite workforce, staying focused and concentrating solely on its own operations instead of its competitors, have all contributed to its surge in growth.
Future Driven by Passion for Innovation and Technology
GAB views itself as a global task-force of highly specialized professionals, enabling enterprises to transform, upgrade and renew their IT ecosystems to effectively master the challenges of the digital workplace transformation. Celebrating its 20 birthday this year, GAB intends to continue developing its status as a leading cloud solution provider, by expanding its office bases in Europe, USA, and Asia.

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