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Future Technologies with a Special Focus on AI and Logo Maker

The Evolution of Technology
Technology is changing rapidly today. This technological evolution continues adding significant values to the lives of human beings. With every passing day, it enters a new area of our lives making it more comfortable, convenient. There are tremendous amounts of information over the internet that helps us learn and improve personal lifestyle.
Although it’s little early, I’m sure we’re standing on the verge of a golden era. It’ll be so exciting to see what advancement comes next.
Future Technologies
We anticipate that the next five decades will be a period of intense scientific evolvement. That’s because the innovations that were once cramped in the science fiction come into the real life. From near-term potential scientific developments such as robotics and bioengineering to even more futuristic perspectives such as space colonization or teleportation, might be included in the lives of common Americans in the next few years.
Artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) will make computers so smart and sophisticated that human beings will require implanting neural laces in their brains to compete with.
The technologies that will shape the destiny of us all are:
Eye-Controlled Technology: Face and movement recognition software in a machine which will be controlled by eye movement or gestures.
Paper Diagnostics: Low-priced tools made of specially designed paper that enable quick screening for diseases like Ebola, Swine flu, Zika, TB, and others.
Designer Antibiotics: Bottom-up technology for building macrolides to defeat superbugs.
Smart Clothing: Nonporous fabrics, haptic feedback, and miniaturized electronics make for intelligent clothing that changes shape and color according to the wearer’s movement. It can also cool or warm the wearer as per the need.
Photonics in Space: Increased bandwidth, 100-times greater than RF data rate, and lower requirements for spacecraft communication.
Volcanic Mining: Treasured minerals and metals extraction from active submarine volcanoes will become economical.
Super Antiviral: Based on the ISG15 mutation and other generic therapies broad-spectrum antiviral.
Adoption is growing
Artificial intelligence and machine learning are being used widely in the activities that include healthcare, education, transportation, and finance, etc. These two technologies are the most sought-after with most IT-giants in the world embracing them to make their services smarter, quicker and cheaper. We may see more AI-driven services in coming days, in every form of life.
With artificial intelligence and machine learning, the concept of logo designing/branding comes into the picture, thus resulting in a platform that helps to create hundreds of custom logos within a few minutes. The algorithm of an artificially intelligent logo maker, like Designhill, is smart enough to learn how the users communicate with the design tool quickly. Each time the users interact with the tool, deep machine learning helps it study their choices and generates even better results.
Robotics is yet another technology which has immense potential to change the world in days to come. It has already begun transforming the construction industry. Robotics-as-a-Service (RaaS) is a new service model based on this technology to manage, improve productivity at minimal costs, enable a smarter business network, and focus employees on high-value tasks of an organization.
Globalization and education to spread technology
Globalization plays a key driver of spreading technology across the borders. It took around one thousand years to spread the invention of paper from China to Europe pre-globalization. Since the world has become more integrated today, innovations travel across the international borders faster than ever before, through many channels. The transfer of technology has helped to improve innovations and productivity. Because not all technologies essentially develop everywhere and at the same time, the travel of technologies across the countries is pivotal in the global technological growth.
Besides, education and training will keep you abreast of the latest development in the realm of technology. Governments, as well as entrepreneurs, have the onus to educate the gen-next. Research centers must be in sync and equipped with the cutting-edge apparatus.
Life Beyond Science & Technology
Despite many innovations in the last decade, we’re still at the very beginning of a technological revolution. Artificial intelligence and machine learning have great potential to revolutionize the entire world. Both researchers and professionals are becoming increasingly aware of their capability for positive impact in the science of better innovations.
About the Author
Rahul Aggarwal is among India’s youngest entrepreneurs and Co-founder of Designhill – a graphic design crowdsourcing platform. Designhill is already doing rounds in the business community across the globe. Rahul along with his brother Varun Aggarwal started Designhill in 2013 and have since grown it to a successful and the most reliable interactive marketplaces for custom graphic design solutions. Designhill provides an interactive interface that allows the customers to give real time feedback and ratings to design works, to help the designers better understand the customer’s expectations.