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Funifier: Drive Business and Engagement with Funifier – while having FUN!

The primary purpose of Gamification is to boost user engagement amongst employees and customers alike. For employees, a gamified user engagement increases productivity and a sense of excellence among this set of users. With clients, gamification increases sales, loyalty, and retention. Funifier’s gamification solutions have been applied in healthcare, marketing, crowdsourcing, education, human development, and technology design – the market demand is ever growing. Funifier Inc. and its international partners meet this surging demand with proficiency.
Funifier provides engagement solutions for companies to increase performance results either internally or externally. It offers a comprehensive suite of gamification solutions, comprising software processes and professional services for creating and sustaining engagement.
A Journey that Changed Perspectives Initially
Funifier’s vision of building an engagement software solution was criticized, as gamification was an unformulated concept. People confused gamification with game creation, and thus did not understand the value of the solution that Funifier had already experienced.
The following year, companies approached Funifier to learn more about gamification and how it could help them to resolve issues, improve results and achieve new goals. Eventually, companies sought to use gamification as a strategic business tool, often starting in the sales area, i.e. to engage sales teams and customers.
By working with diverse companies with different objectives, Funifier has acquired the expertise and experience in building custom gamification solutions that customers benefit from both internally and externally. More committed employees translate to more loyal customers. The company’s solutions allow organizations to build and sustain people engagement for the long run. Today, several companies, ranging from banking, insurance, telecom, education, health, government, retail and other industries, are running their custom gamifications with Funifier. Every successful deployment of the Funifier solution, and the rate of success these firms experience by implementing gamification, provide concrete proof of the results companies can expect.
The Leader, a Beacon of Expertise 
A Law graduate whose passion for technology led him to work in IT and software development industry for 20 years, Ricardo Lopes Costa is the President and CTO of Funifier Inc. At the age of 25, Ricardo was already the technical leader of a team of more than 80 developers. Fifteen years ago, he started his first software development firm, which delivered highly complex software for some of the biggest institutions in Brazil, government departments, courts, banks, and large private companies.
In 2013, he founded Funifier Inc., and launched the first gamification platform, which was able to gamify web systems, places and things with no coding or technical skills required. Ricardo is also a teacher, programmer, inventor and business development professional who is dedicated to his family and work. Under his effective leadership, Funifier Inc. expanded its boundaries internationally and keeps growing.
Funifier Accomplishments 
Funifier’s gamification services have brought about fundamental changes in many organizations. An insurance broker in Brazil used Funifier to engage more than 1,300 sales reps, which resulted in a 30% increase in sales. Another customer used Funifier to increase the productivity of its 150,000 employees by recognizing them through various rewards. One of the three largest banks in Brazil increased the number of customers using their digital channels by 81%, which amounted to 3.5 million customers in just 6 months. A technology company reduced its cost of training by 99% and the time to hire new employees by 92% after gamifying their training and selection process respectively.
Evident Challenges 
When looking at the gamification market, very few people and companies have delivered on strategies with concrete projects and desired outcomes. Points, badges and leaderboards software have emerged, but this is barely the tip of the iceberg when it comes to comprehending the full scope of what a gamification solution can deliver. The excess of confusing theories and superficial software with no practical applicability has confused companies on whether to implement gamification solutions or not. Although there is a huge demand for employee and customer engagement, organizations will invest in gamification only when they can see and understand the solution, as well as the results it will generate for their business. This is where Funifier comes in with its many successes and the ROI it has provided its customers. There is a need for more companies and consultants that treat gamification as a business, guided by productive processes and resources which increase engagement.
Inspiration and Foresight 
The subject of user engagement management first emerged as a necessity within Funifier’s own software development firm. It had dozens of employees working in two different regions in Brazil. The company started experimenting with some game techniques in its internal processes and achieved excellent results. This led to a realization that such solutions would be of great value to other companies that faced similar engagement challenges. After applying gamification strategies and its software for three years internally, then testing them in a few companies externally and researching the market interest for this type of solution, Funifier was incorporated in 2013.
Funifier was born with the purpose of becoming the leading provider of engagement solutions in the world. The company’s comprehensive gamification solution, which includes software, integrations, processes, professional services, is the primary factor driving its success.
Over the years, Funifier has learned how to generate engagement consistently within companies in many countries such as Portugal, Turkey, Canada, USA, Columbia, Argentina, Brazil, and Australia. The company also ventures in verticals such as BPOs, Health & Wellness, Insurance & Banking, Mobile & Web, Education, Government, Healthcare, Retail and Technology.
An Engaging Game Plan Funifier’s main strategy has been to use 100% of its time to create and sustain the engagement, which the customers want to achieve through gamification. The company’s strategy also includes continuous improvement on its current solution to provide the engagement results that gamification ideally delivers.
Funifier stands out from its competitors because it can gamify any website, mobile application, or even internal legacy systems in a matter of minutes. Unlike any other platform, the powerful gamification engine can deliver a wide range of results, whether it is gamifying a retail store chain to reward consumers for making purchases, or the store managers for increasing footfalls, or a software development team for deploying their code within the allotted time. Furthermore, Funifier is not another platform that a company has to add to their infrastructure nor does it require user adoption, such as CRM, LMS, or ticketing systems – Funifier runs behind the scenes.
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