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Freyr: A Global Leader in Regulatory Solutions and Services Industry

Headquartered in New Jersey, USA, with regional offices across UK, Germany, UAE, Canada, Mexico, India, South Africa, Singapore, Malaysia and Sri Lanka, Freyr is a leading niche global Regulatory Solutions and Services Company. Since its inception the organization is supporting large, mid and small global life sciences companies, including Pharmaceutical, Generics, Medical Device, Biotechnology, Biosimilar, Consumer Healthcare and Cosmetics companies.
Additionally, the organization is assisting more than 300 global clients with the help of more than 600 inhouse Regulatory experts and more than 700 Regulatory affiliates spread across 120 countries.
Catering to Product Categories
Freyr supports life sciences companies in their entire Regulatory value-chain; ranging from Regulatory Strategy, Intelligence, Dossiers, Submissions etc. to Post- Approval / Legacy Product Maintenance, Labeling, Artwork Change Management, consulting, software and other related functions. The organization is probably the only Regulatory solutions and services company that caters to all product categories including Medicinal products, Medical Devices, Beauty, Wellness and House hold products including Cosmetics and Food Supplements.
Freyr leverages its Regulatory healthcare domain expertise and technology innovations to provide hiend next generation Regulatory solutions and services that enable accelerated performance, operational excellence and significant cost of compliance benefits to clients across Regulatory life cycle. In order to do so, the company uses customized, secured, cloud-hosted, on-demand & on-site Regulatory software: Freyr SUBMIT Pro, Freyr rDMS, Freyr IDMP, Freyr INSIGHT, Freyr LABEL, Freyr IDENTITY and Freyr XEVMPD.
Driving Force
With more than twenty years of experience in different domains of life sciences industry, Suren Dheenadayalan, CEO of Freyr, has built a solid vision for the organization in order to solve complex global Regulatory challenges for customers. Suren participates as a primary driving force in large transformational Regulatory programs for Freyr’s key customers and other critical industry initiatives in a consulting capacity catered to achieve long-term compliance and innovation goals with a detailed implementation blueprints. He believes and contributes for Freyr’s unique positioning in delivery capabilities and customer experience with cross functional, cross product, cross country (global) engagements that provides an amazing opportunity to build and share industry winning Regulatory best practices, which sets the stage for Freyr’s customers for accelerated growth, and mature and efficient operating models.
Adding Value to Customers
Freyr’s journey started with a few technology solutions for Regulatory information management and slowly expanded to Regulatory operations, Regulatory affairs and then to end Regulatory practice from strategy to implementation across life cycle of product launch to maintenance. In its early years, the focus was all Medicinal Products customers for US and EU markets. Then the first wave of rapid growth hit Freyr at full speed to serve global customers. The second wave of accelerated growth hit Freyr to serve not just the Medicinal Product companies, but also other product categories including Medical Devices, Cosmetics, Functional Foods, Nutraceuticals, House hold Products, Biocides etc.
The project types varied from long-term multi-year contracts to fixed bid projects based on customer needs, including high-end consulting transformational projects and operational and cost-effective outsourced solutions. Some of the key achievements are the number of customers (300+) that Freyr has acquired in all product categories across the globe in a short period of time. 80% of Freyr’s annuity business is all repeat and reference-based customers. Freyr’s online presence and lead generation capabilities are quite rewarding in terms of incoming leads for qualified opportunities that leads to successful business closures.
For Freyr, the key learning from the journey so far are to invest in passionate committed individuals who are driven to meet organizational and personal goals that align for mutual growth; focus on areas that Freyr can truly add value to customers and become a long standing Regulatory partner than being restricted to short-term quick projects, which is not in Freyr’s strategic growth focus areas.
The Vision of Becoming a Strategic Regulatory Partner
During the last decade or so, the number of regulations that have been mandated for increased product safety and patient’s benefit has almost tripled based on product categories and individual health authority needs. Thanks to the need of the hour, which is global expansion, Pharma companies are in tremendous pressure to meet global regulations and keep their products complaint in those markets. Freyr’s vision has always been to become a strategic Regulatory partner to its customers to address most of the complex issues and challenges mentioned above as a continuous journey with the customer, participating in their long-term success. Freyr is not thinking short-term with its customers and slowly moving away from one off projects and moving towards long-term engagements, with a partnership approach to achieve well defined long-term objectives governed by clear short-term, medium-term and long-term performance, service level agreements and KPIs.