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frevvo: Helping Organizations with Visual Workflow Automation

Digital transformation is the biggest opportunity of the next three years and process automation is at its heart. However, it’s not easy and accurate every time. Real business processes are complex and I.T talent is quite hard to find. Thus, enters frevvo, through which anyone can build and manage secure automated workflows, drag-and-drop fields and use its visual rule builder to create dynamic forms, automatically deploy on mobile devices and take advantage of e-signatures, PDF generation and a host of business-friendly capabilities. 800+ customers are benefiting as their organization runs more efficiently, business users do more, and programmers code less.
Helping Clients to Transform Digitally
frevvo’s customers often start their digital transformation journey in specific departments like Finance or HR by automating processes such as Purchase Orders or Employee On-Boarding. But, true digital transformation transcends departments and integrates information across silos in the organization so it functions more efficiently. So the company offers pre-built templates, training and other resources across domains like Finance and HR with specific solutions for common processes like Purchase Orders, Travel Authorization, Leave Approval etc. that helps its customers broaden their use of frevvo’s solutions across departments and functional areas in the organization.
When Employees Come First
From the beginning, frevvo has always put employees first. It’s a key aspect of what has made frevvo what it is today – a vibrant organization with loyal, dedicated employees who genuinely enjoy working here and truly care about customer success. frevvo’s employees have stepped up during tough times and customers sense their commitment and willingness to go the extra mile to ensure satisfaction.
frevvo was founded by serial entrepreneurs with extensive experience in Business Process Automation in the insurance industry. They received first-hand experience with the tedium of building large, complex forms by hand and saw how important the user interface is to get people to actually use business applications. That experience has been channeled into every aspect of frevvo’s products – the result is that customers’ online forms and business processes look great,are easy to use and don’t cut corners on the user experience.
Personifying Leadership
With a combined experience of more than 20 years in the forms and business process management space, Ashish Deshpande, CEO of frevvo Inc. and his co-founders have extensive expertise in all aspects of the business process management space. To date, he has written numerous articles, spoken at events and, most important of all, worked with dozens of clients from giant Fortune-500 organizations to small businesses with barely 20 employees.
Ashish has always prioritized the well-being of the organization’s employees even at the cost of revenue. frevvo doesn’t aim to be the biggest; but it wants to be the best. This dedication towards employees flows from the top and has been a hallmark of the company since day one. It has paid off in spades with happy, dedicated employees who stay with the company for a long-term.
A Distinctive Organization and its Future Roadmap
frevvo believes the market is indeed crowded but, currently, that’s quite natural for any domain. Thanks to frevvo’s founders’ prior experience with process automation at Fortune 500 companies, the organization’s products are unique and easy to use, yet meet real-world business requirements both for customers and partners. For instance, frevvo is the only company whose products can be branded and integrated with a partner’s software offering. As a result, it has numerous ECM vendors who do exactly that. frevvo is the only solution that offers incredibly simple, 100% visual form and workflow design yet allows customers to create sophisticated forms with dynamic behavior, calculations, integrations, signatures, PDF generation and a host of other features.
That being said, frevvo has no intention of standing still. The organization comprehends that the market is always evolving and frevvo will continue to improve its products with new capabilities based on customer feedback and market analysis. Recently the organization has celebrated its 10th anniversary. Through its long-running partnerships with major industry vendors, frevvo’s continued success with customers as well as its dedication to employees, it plans to continue growing robustly.
Obviously, frevvo plans to keep advancing its products in order to keep pace with technological and business changes with a laser focus on user experience – the company’s mission is to make process automation so easy and affordable that there will be no reason to ever use paper- or email-based processes in the organization.
A Satisfied Clientele
“We created an account for them on the Live Forms server and showed them the tutorials. They’re creating their own forms and exporting submissions to Excel. It took less than 5 minutes of an ITS developer’s time.” James Bort, Technical Lead, Online Platforms, Syracuse University
“We needed an affordable solution that worked with our existing PeopleSoft and HR Portal. Live Forms has the best combination of usability, price, support and business capabilities on the market today.” Roger Rudenstein, ERP Manager, OSRAM
“If you’re serious about eliminating your paper documents, no matter the size of your company or organization, then frevvo is the answer.” William Cooper, Director of Technology, OESJ School District