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Martin Hubert | CEO | Founder | Freightgate

Freightgate: Empowering Customers With A Powerful BPMN Engine

With COVID-19 posing critical challenges for businesses, many organizations are experiencing vulnerabilities related to their workforce, significant fluctuations in product demand and heavy supply chain disruption from the affected areas. Unpredictable events and uncertainty related to the pandemic continue to expand the scope of risks, highlighting the heightened need for crisis management and plans to build strategic, operational, and financial resiliency across the industry.
The freight industry has been affected a lot due to the Covid-19. Hence, the need for understanding the broader economy and overall economic recovery has become paramount. Although, it all depends on the outside factors, of which we do not have any control of.
These factors vary from possible resurgence of the virus, government’s economic-policy response, and the ability to reinstate business and consumer confidence. What we do have control of is how we adapt to these times by responding with more efficient processes and the use of technology to make better informed decisions.
“We are blessed to have built a loyal customer following and are energized by the trust place in us,” says the team of Freightgate Inc. Even when working remote (since March 2020), the team have daily stand-ups and check-ins to stay aligned and post daily wins to celebrate.
Freightgate was established in the year 2000 with a mission to deliver digital transformation and exceptional value to Importers, Exporters and LSPs alike, by offering the most flexible, highly configurable, and modular Internet native platform. Now known as the Cloud – Freightgate’s founders are early pioneers and visionaries that are driven to harness the power which highly collaborative ecosystems hold.
Freightgate’s vision is to create solutions that help its customers generate exponential returns. It gives the team of Freightgate distinct pleasure when they jointly solve supply chain puzzles and help make the world a better place.
Truly Moving Offerings 
Freightgate has one of the broadest most flexible logistics cloud offerings in the market. And it has created additional packages to enable even smaller Importers and Exporters to take advantage of its unique dynamic rating. The benefits do not stop there; coupled with the rating, its routing is paired with comprehensive schedule and benchmark data. With its upcoming webinar, Freightgate is hoping to help many Importers and Exporters get ready for the unprecedented RFP season.
According to Freightgate’s team, this is the appropriate time to make strategic moves in order to enhance the business, to plan ahead in the future and define a suitable supply chain to overcome and come out stronger on the other end. “Equip your business with the leading-edge technologies you need to run your supply chain and to help align your strategy with your risk appetite,” says Freightgate’s team.
With Freightgate Logistics Cloud, the company helps its clients get through the difficult times by helping them achieve their supply chain goals with a platform to best fit their respective business. “We have decades of experience delivering digital supply chain transformation services and software to shippers, 3PLs, and their customers,” shares the team of Freightgate.
Employing one of the most flexible, vertically integrated real-time global visibility platforms along with an impressive history and proven track record of innovation, the Freightgate team strives in creating solutions that help its customers generate exponential returns.
Dynamics of Freightgate
Freightgate already has the perfect digital transformation toolset, but the company also understands that it’s hard to overcome internal hurdles to modernize the way businesses work. Now more than ever, the industry can benefit from what the company has been creating for more than 20 years. Freightgate has been preaching about automating processes, raise efficiencies, reduce monotonous tasks, and create an environment where employees can get creative and find better ways of solving the day-to-day puzzles.
As part of its Success by Design Methodology, the company leverages the flexibility of the Freight Gate Logistics Cloud platform to tailor the perfect fit solutions for its customers. “We are constantly improving our cloud with advanced AI and ML capabilities, enabling new options that make them more agile and empower them to reduce risk, safe money, and make better decisions faster,” says Martin Hubert, CEO and Founder of Freightgate.
Martin believes that it has been an interesting experience to see more people and companies realizing what they have been advocating for such a long time. This pandemic’s effect has enabled Freightgate to provide the required solutions to its customers in order to help them take control of their freight, make date driven decisions, and respond to the market conditions in real time with the use of its Freightgate Cloud Platform.
“We foresee that many companies will turn into an Innovation Leader like us in their quest for similar goals as we work around the globe to make Supply Chains more resilient,” informs Martin. One of the examples is where, Freightgate has integrated a very powerful BPMN engine into its platform. This has empowered the company’s clients to model their business processes in the tool instead of requiring a one-size fits all approach that forces them into a behavioral pattern that only fits partially.
An Exceptional Leadership
Martin Hubert was born in Germany. He sold his first program at age 16, then went on and studied computer science. While at the university, he started a software company selling custom software solutions. After graduating with a Master’s in Computer Science and MBA he did a short engagement in New York at a freight company whose president afterward offered him a job as Director IT.
In 1994, his independent internet quest began by founding a company that focused on providing track and trace capability over the internet through establishing EDI capabilities with carriers. “We spun-off Freightgate in 2000 with a vision to provide a focused platform that improves the life for logistics companies and shippers,” describes Martin.
Martin is driven by a passion for innovation and never-ending improvements. He leads a team that strives to provide innovative logistics solutions, fostering global collaboration and productivity, while building a highly configurable platform with a global-by-design philosophy. Martin will continue to deploy technology to find smarter ways to solve today’s and tomorrow’s supply chain challenges.
The Freightgate Team has worked very hard in creating a universally adaptable and flexible platform that can be tailored to its customers’ specific needs with ease. Offering unlimited dashboards, unlimited users, the most flexible dynamic routing, and API enabled Logistics Cloud platform, the company looks forward to working with many importers, exporters and LSPs to leapfrog into the digitally empowered future.
“We view Freightgate as a strategic technology partner. They are an integral part of our GLOBE initiative – a distinction that no other outsourced IT provider shares. The net result of a relationship with Freightgate is competitive advantage in the marketplace.” – Nestle Waters North America.
“BDP International is thrilled to partner with Freightgate to enhance the order management and order execution experience” – Brian Kautz, CIO at BDP International.
“The Freightgate team has yet again exceeded our expectations with insightful questions and ideas that took a basic concept way beyond our original imagination” – Alliance Shippers Inc.