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18 Wheels Logistics: Delivering Trust and Quality since Inception

In testing times like these, companies across the globe require seamless connectivity with their customers to deliver products, services, and solutions that they have promised. This connectivity can only be delivered by leveraging the exponentially multiplying potential exhibited by the logistics industry.
This edition titled, World’s Best Logistics Tech Solution Providers, places a spotlight on companies that are striving ceaselessly to deliver unparalleled connectivity and transportation throughout the globe.
One prominent name among these companies is 18 Wheels Logistics, exhibiting expertise in warehousing and trucking, along with specializing in distribution, co-packing, and transportation.
18WL’s history is as strong and tough as the values on which its cornerstone was laid upon. Founded by Perry Wong in 1989 on the principles of superior customer service and long term sustainability, 18WL today, possesses a strong team of 250+ employees and has operations across USA and Canada.
The one aspect that has put 18WL on the map has been its distinguished strategy—one that aids the company to stand out from competitors—growing deep versus wide. Shedding light on the aforementioned strategy, the team at 18WL says, “Our strategy in the early 90s surely took a different path. Apart from the warehouse storage, which was the beginning focus of the company, we had partnered up with transportation companies to distribute for local businesses in the early 90s. Eventually, 18WL shifted its primary aim to repackaging products for customers. This new path began with investment in equipment for contract-packaging and co-packing. The additional service allowed us to resurface the products for better marketing for a new set of customers.”
“18WL later merged with Rolls Right Industries, a local trucking giant, to stabilize the businesses stronger and deeper. Now our team provides the unique supply chain solution that no other company has the parallel services provided to customers. Warehousing, logistics, and co-packing all can be arranged with 18 Wheels Logistics.”
“Being excellent at everything we do; Inspiring our people and customers to grow; Building trusting relationships; Everyone is important; Helping each other; Learning every day; Hiring the best; and Celebrating successes, these are the values that we live by while striving to reach our vision of becoming the most customer-centric company in the universe,” adds the team.
Strong Foundations
“We are truly honored to work with a wonderful team of the top logistics professionals in the industry. Our team members are self-starters, have diverse experiences, and phenomenal skill sets related to the supply chain, which helps the company live out its mission of providing the absolute best customer experience possible, says Adrian Wen, the CEO of 18Wheels Logistics.
With over 20 years of experience in logistics and a strong background in distribution, Adrian holds a degree in BCom, Business Management from Royal Rhodes University and was previously running import and export operations for Lulu-lemon Athletics.
​With strong servant leadership intuition Adrian has directed the company to focus on providing the absolute best customer experience. He has guided 18 Wheels to pursue its niche of a one-stop solution for contract-packaging, warehousing, and trucking ​services, narrowing its market segment to CPG beverage, alcohol, electronics, and building materials.
Under Adrian’s leadership 18 Wheels has grown from 100,000 square feet to over 600,000 square feet of warehousing space in two Canadian provinces and 1 US state, providing services to business that are fortune 500 companies to small business owners.
Adapting and Overcoming
Talking about 18WL’s successful journey and the challenges it came across, Adrian says, “We have made some big decisions with 18WL in the past few years. Since the team has been expanding drastically since the last decade, we are implementing a new structure to the management team as well. This brings the whole operation to another level. This transition allowed 18WL to invest in a large variety of machinery to provide more services to existing customers. Also, the company acquired more warehousing space to provide convenience to our customers in all regions possible. Nonetheless, the challenges posed when the area grows larger, the more difficult it is to manage. Depending on human eyes has not been the best way to utilize space maximally. The operation will need to involve computerized software to assist the managing team to utilize spaces better.”
Talking about the COVID-19 pandemic’s impact on the logistics industry and how 18 Wheels Logistics is tackling this challenge, Adrian comments, “In the face of the global pandemic, all aspects of the business are limiting personal contacts which make a huge impact on our operation team. All services provided are involving human interaction. Many standards of operations are no longer valid and have been altered to protect the team and 18WL’s partners. It has been a huge challenge that all businesses must endure and withstand.”
“It is our decision when we realize this has been the critical time when all operation technical shall transition to electronic devices to minimize the interaction between members and partners. The dire situation calls for serious measurement to upgrade personal safety to each member, and premise safety to all inbound and outbound operations.”
“Supply chains have proven to be one of the most important parts of people’s life. All team members have been stepping up a level to keep the operation going throughout the past few months that are called the Heroes amongst the toughest time in history. 18WL couldn’t be prouder of all teams in all our terminals. I personally couldn’t be prouder for all our team members.”