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Seth Lederman, Founder and CEO, Frannexus

Frannexus: Your Franchise Search Just Got Easier

The ever-growing sector of franchising is exploring new horizons every day. Owning a franchise is always a smart and safer way than starting a new business. Buying a franchise saves time and money in building a business right from scratch by selecting a well-established brand with a significant brand value. This brand value decides the success rate of any business.
No wonder franchising is so popular amongst entrepreneurs as it helps avoid mistakes that are most visible in any start-up. However, choosing a perfect franchise for your business is like finding a needle in a haystack. People opt for franchises without enough research and end up facing failure. To avoid this, Frannexus started providing valuable guidance to aspiring entrepreneurs.
Frannexus is committed to empowering people with honest franchise guidance to positively impact their quality of life through a business they love. The CEO of Frannexus, Seth Lederman designed a system to make the franchise search process easy, narrowing down the options from the 4,000+ available franchise opportunities to select a group of the best options.
Redefining Benchmarks
The franchise consulting process at Frannexus starts with a psychometric assessment to generate a business owner profile. The profile predicts compatibility and future performance potential, as well as cultural alignment with franchise brands. Frannexus has worked with hundreds of people to achieve the dream of business ownership through franchising. Frannexus follows the most efficient system to analyze and compare multiple franchise brands across numerous business models and industry sectors.
The streamlined search process of Frannexus has been perfected over the years to help prospective franchise buyers make an informed decision faster and with more confidence. At the end of the day, what sets Frannexus apart from other consultants is its efficient and proprietary franchise search process and superior service to clients. Frannexus has everything an entrepreneur needs to make a smart decision.
Along the way, its clients have access to financial and legal support from franchise industry experts and its extensive network of funding partners. Once a prospective client decides to move forward and explore franchise opportunities with Frannexus, they enter a systematic and comprehensive process with a dedicated support team to ensure a successful franchise search. Frannexus is focused on long-term client outcomes. “We educate franchise buyers and match them with the franchise opportunities where they’ll be most successful,” shared Seth.
The system developed by the CEO, Seth Lederman utilizes multiple data points to ensure successful client outcomes. Unlike other franchise consultancies, Frannexus only accepts clients that they can effectively match with franchise business opportunities. While other consultants base their recommendations primarily on a client’s budget, Frannexus’ clients are matched on interests, experience, culture, goals, and more.
That’s why Frannexus requires clients to have the open-mindedness and financial wherewithal to explore and compare various opportunities to find the right match. Its data-driven approach allows the team to pinpoint the franchise opportunities clients should consider out of the 4,000+ available. It’s not surprising that over 85% of its clients end up in a franchise they hadn’t considered but are glad they did.
Inspiring Leadership
Frannexus’ CEO, Seth Lederman, genuinely believes that people show up to work to succeed, not fail, in what they do. “When work is not appreciated or not recognized, it robs your team of their spirit and energy, resulting in poor performance,” he said. Seth prides himself on providing an environment that fosters both personal and professional growth and advancement. He runs a flat organization with a unique team where everyone utilizes their experience and abilities and is rewarded for their efforts. This is what keeps Frannexus innovative and drives its success.
“Over the years, it’s been my privilege to match people who are ready to make a career change or diversify investments with a franchise business that achieves their financial and lifestyle goals,” added Seth.
Seth started as a health care provider, going room to room, treating patients all day. He got to a point where he realized that his greatest passion and desire was to build the practice. He was working more like a technician than a business owner. Going room to room and treating patients was no longer exciting for him.
Eventually, Seth read a book that changed his life and his relationship to work. Michael Gerber’s underground bestseller, ‘The E-Myth Revisited’ talked about franchise principles, like getting free of your business so that your business is not dependent on you and provides predictable, consistent, and reproducible experiences for you and your customers. Seth deployed the book’s principles and grew his practice by 300% in just thirty-six months.
Inevitably his colleagues and vendors started reaching out to find out the secret to his success. Seth began to share the principles he learned in the book and discovered that he really enjoyed consulting. After having the opportunity to formally train with Michael, Seth started working with all types of businesses, including franchisors. These were great brands! They asked Seth to meet with their failing franchise owners to understand why they were struggling.
Seth would go out to their locations and meet smart, savvy, well-accomplished entrepreneurs. Talking about the experiences, he shared, “I couldn’t understand where the mismatch was. A great franchise brand plus a great owner should result in success, but it wasn’t adding up. The mismatch, it turns out, was there was no match. They didn’t follow a formalized, systematic approach to select the right franchise for themselves.”
It became clear that there’s a tremendous unfulfilled need for impartial experts to help franchise buyers find the right franchise opportunity. That’s how Seth ended up at his company, the founder and CEO of Frannexus, a leading franchise consultancy. The rest is history.
Leveraging Modern Technology
Technology is changing, and so is the way people search for and buy franchise businesses. Franchise buyers can find everything and anything they’d ever want to know about franchising and franchise brands online.
The pandemic made the process even more digital to the point where today, a franchise buyer might go through the entire process from their dining room table. One might think that it is a bad thing for a franchise consultant, but the truth is that any inexperienced franchise buyer will feel overwhelmed.
There are 4,000+ available franchise opportunities and too much information for anyone to process. The differing facts and opinions online don’t make it easy to get a straight answer. When people find themselves in this situation, they start looking for solutions. Often, they don’t even know that there are experts like Seth and the Frannexus team whose job is to give unbiased recommendations based on the client’s best interests.
As the franchise industry progresses and AI and other technologies become part of the franchise search process, franchise advisors and consultants will be built into these digital experiences. Awareness and access to this valuable resource will fuel demand for franchise consulting services. To continue to provide a valuable and personalized experience, franchise consultants will rely on AI to educate and prepare clients for their franchise search so that the time they spend together will be more productive.
Toward New Horizons
Over the past year, team Frannexus has been designing a better experience for its clients. To provide the level and quality of service franchise buyers deserve, they developed a virtual franchise search assistant, Franbot. Franbot uses AI to personalize and engage people early on in their journey, providing the information and education they want. Deployed immediately, Franbot allows prospective franchise buyers to learn about franchise ownership at their own pace and schedule a consultation with one of Frannexus’ advisors when they are ready.
The Frannexus team can focus its time and energy on the people with an immediate and serious interest in exploring franchise ownership. Franbot assists prospects in self-qualification. People who are casually exploring their options, aren’t ready to make a move, or don’t meet the financial requirements for franchise ownership, are provided information and resources to encourage their continued exploration when the time is right.
The future is limitless for Frannexus and the entrepreneurs it serves! Team Frannexus is already working on innovations to enhance the franchise search experience even more. “You can expect to be surprised and delighted at the innovative solutions coming from the Frannexus team in 2022,” said Seth.
Exhibiting Excellence

  • “I had never heard of a franchise consultant, but I reached out – with significant hesitation. After meeting and working with Seth to vet and select a franchise concept, I’m so grateful that he was our guide throughout the journey.” – Jennifer Robinson.
  • “Seth’s process allowed me to find a company I have confidence in as I enter the world of franchising. Frannexus was instrumental in providing me with franchise opportunities that align with my values and business principles.” – Marc Ponce, Franchise Owner.
  • “Seth introduced us to our target company as pre-qualified applicants! From answering basic questions to identifying our needs/success factors to suggesting specific ideas that we self-chose to prioritize, Seth led us through a careful end-to-end journey.” – Alex Liu, Franchise Owner.
  • “I really cannot put into words the level of gratitude I have towards Seth. I recently retired from the professional ball, and my next objective in transitioning was to find something to be part of that I enjoyed but also challenging and profitable.” – David Bass Jr., Former NFL Player, Franchise Owner.
  • “Seth took the time to dive deep into not only my work experience but my passions in life to formulate the best path to entrepreneurial success.” – Kate Stemple, Franchise Owner.
  • “My experience working with Seth and the Frannexus team was very professional. He is extremely knowledgeable and helpful in guiding a person through the process of franchise decisions. He can help you in your decision-making process and help to fill the gaps in for funding and financial backing.” – Randy James, Franchise Owner.
  • “Seth and the Frannexus team have been fantastic to work with and provided critical insight into the process of finding the right franchise. I’ve worked with Seth and the Frannexus team for the past three months as I’ve explored franchise opportunities. Knowledgeable, candid, and professional in every respect, they shared their experience with me during a thorough franchise review process, resulting in a fantastic marriage of franchisor and franchisee. Having never really explored a franchise before this, I couldn’t have done it without him.” – Brian Week, Franchise Owner.