Four Things Marketers Should Learn

Lifelong learning attitude, research skills, an open mind to try out new tactics and approaches, being creative and persuasive, soft skills (e.g., interpersonal communication skills) – all these traits should be an integral of a marketer’s CV. However, while writing a professional curriculum vitae for a marketing job, it is important to mention not only the mentioned personal traits and general skills. Every starting marketer needs to learn, and then include in their CV the following skills and knowledge:

  1. SEO algorithms knowledge

First and foremost, every marketer, who works in a digital sphere and wants to be successful, should master the art of search engine optimization (SEO). As you probably already know, SEO is the combination of marketing tactics and techniques served to optimize the website and put it on the first page of SERP (search engine results page). Search engine optimization can be divided into two categories:

  • Onsite (on-page, internal) optimization

Onsite optimization involves the following elements: analyzing and selecting the right keywords, creating appropriate content that would fit the brand and meet the needs of the targeted audience; internal linking strategy; meta title and meta-description; optimizing article titles and subtitles; adding ALT texts to the images on the website, etc.
One of the key components of onsite optimization is internal linking. The optimization of linked pages leads to improvements in user experience and helps search engines discover and index a website. Consequently, good internal linking strategies make the content appear more connected and inter-related, which might reduce the bounce rate.

  • Offsite (off-page, external) optimization

Offsite optimization includes the next aspects: link building and social media marketing
Linkbuilding is acquiring links from quality domains that would lead to the website being promoted. Creating unique and engaging content is a must if you want other websites to link to your site. However, it can be said that link building is mostly about communication with webmasters, building relationships, and patience since acquiring a new link may take some time. It is also important to pay attention to such data as Alexa Rank (AR) and Domain Rank (DR). According to the general standards, the domain rank from 60 to 100 is ideal and exceptional, from 40 to 50 is a norm, and, finally, the rank below 40 leaves much to be desired.
Another important aspect of link building is providing the right anchor text that leads to the promoted website. It should be noted that search engines pay attention to the relevancy of anchoring text and the actual content. Therefore, it is necessary to use relevant and frequently searched keyword phrases.
2. Marketing analytics tools knowledge
It is not a secret that modern marketing is all about analysis. Of course, there are several useful platforms and websites where marketers can access all the required key marketing tools. These tools serve to analyze the behavior of all visitors of a website, their devices, acquisition channels, and many other features. As a result, marketing analytics tools assist marketers in creating profitable marketing strategies and improving their performance. It can be said that marketing analytics tools both help to improve the existing strategies and prove their effectiveness or the need to change something.
It is possible to mention the following most common marketing analytics tools:

  •  Google Analytics, Google AdWords.

Google Analytics is a must-have tool for all marketers. This tool gives access to the most accurate data that can be visualized and segmented. Furthermore, it is possible to work on one project with the entire team by sharing access to the tool or using shareable reports.

  • SEMRush
  • Ahrefs
  • Moz Pro

SEMRush, Ahrefs, Moz Pro, among many other marketing tools, can suggest new keywords, analyze competitors, the performance of a website, and existing trends. These tools provide general recommendations for search ranking improvement. Finally, these tools can be a great way to collect and measure all data in one place.

  • Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn, Twitter, TikTok

The majority of social media platforms include their free analytics tools that should be mastered as well.

  • Crazy Egg and other apps that include an a/b testing option

In addition, marketers should be aware of A/B testing and platforms to make this testing possible. A/b testing shows how one option may surpass the other. Create concepts for designers. For example, it would be a good idea to test CTA or landing pages, where several variants could be possible.
4.Being able to choose the right channel
Without any doubt, marketers need to possess strong analytical skills. They will especially come in handy while choosing a channel for a marketing campaign. This step is incredibly important since selecting the most appropriate channel will help reach out to the targeted audience in the most precise and effective manner. It is possible to distinguish the next marketing channel:
Social media (in-app ads, social media presences, shares, long-tail ads on YouTube, etc.);

  • E-mail marketing;
  • Google ads – CPC marketing.
  • CPA or affiliate marketing
  • Seo and content marketing

Of course, all these channels can be mixed and applied altogether for the greatest results. However, there is a tendency to choose one or two main channels where the funnel brings the biggest number of leads. In order to be successful at choosing the right channel, a marketer has to be aware of the latest trends and innovations, and the algorithms of social media and content marketing.
Video editing and Photoshop, writing basic skills
Apart from all the mentioned, a marketer should possess basic skills of video and photo editing, and writing. These abilities will help while creating a winning concept for designers and preparing clear and easy-to-understand instructions for copywriters. Even if you are going to hire a writer who will prepare content for you, it is still necessary to tell good and bad writing styles. In addition, a successful marketer should be able to determine what manner of product/service presentation is appropriate for the particular targeted audience segment.
As you can see, a marketer is a person who has to acquire many skills, including SEO algorithms knowledge, marketing analytics tools, the ability to choose the optimal channel, etc. If you are only starting your career as a marketer, don’t forget to include these skills in your CV.

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