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Forms On Fire: A Cloud-based Forms Automation Solution Provider

Presently, every organization has different requirements and needs an application or software that can customize thousands of business documents, presentations and emails which are produced daily. Hence Forms On Fire, headquartered at Bellevue, WA offers cloud-based software that can be used on tablets and smartphones to replace the paper forms with digital forms which keeps its customers and employees happy. It also provides secure cloud dashboard features such as simple drag-and-drop mobile form design, workflow task management, and broad integration with an easy-to-use display.
Forms On Fire is a leading provider of mobile data collection capabilities with advanced experience in form design, integration, workflow, and form analytics for nearly every industry. The company’s mobile app that’s built for on-the-go data collection is convenient for iOS, Android, and Windows users to access the software offline for collecting data in forms, which can later be synchronized with the database when internet access is available. Additionally, Forms On Fire allows its customers to go beyond forms and reward their people with the most advanced, rich mobile data collection and mobile workflow system on the planet.
A Dynamic and Charismatic Leader
Kendall Kunz is the Founder and CEO of Forms On Fire. He holds a BS degree in management with distinction from Purdue University. His early career was influenced heavily during his time at Oracle Corporation where he learned principles of software development and project management. In the early 90s, Kendall joined the basement-located startup company Aris Corporation. In the next five years, Aris went public on the NASDAQ and Kendall became the CEO of Aris Corporation, where he found his passion for early-stage software companies. Further, as a result of years of research into the fields of cloud computing, mobile computing and social media, Kendall founded Forms On Fire in 2012 as a spin-off from the management consultancy, Bellevue Technology Partners.
Under his leadership, the industrial experts began their research by apply the concepts of The Lean Start-up Movement discovered by Eric Ries. In so doing, they have uncovered more than 50 platforms for deploying mobile forms on iOS, Android, and Windows Mobile. Further, while talking to Kendall about the company, he states “Today our flagship product encompasses the best of what clients need and at the same time, eliminates the complexity we found in so many solutions – giving you a mobile forms product that works; Beautifully!”
Delivering Convenient Management Software 
Since its inception, Forms On Fire focuses on customer service as its priority and will always continue in the same way. The industrial experts have learned as they grew from serving just a few users to thousands of companies. Due to their understanding of the field that every client has different needs and use cases, they have shaped their creative thinking on what would be the best way to approach a project. Today as a leading SaaS company in the market, Forms on Fire not only gives its customers the ability to create dynamic mobile forms, but also allows them to create endless integrations and workflows for reporting and analytics. Hence, numerous companies of all sizes rely on the company’s product and expertise to design their own solutions and to customize their entire system.
Strive to be the Best 
The future of the company depends on its ability to efficiently deliver successful mobile applications that add meaningful value in time, cost savings, and revenue opportunities for its clients present at any industry. Forms On Fire aims to keep its customers satisfied and happy by providing them with continuous functionality and features updates. In addition to this, Kendall asserts “We hope to keep reaching out to clients of all industries to ensure they are getting the most out of their businesses and processes. We strive to be the best in the industry and provide the most useful features and tools for our users.” 
Words of Trust 
“When my business needed a form built and I was tired of waiting for programmers to build stuff for us that cost a lot of money and our time trying to explain to them what we needed, then wasn’t quite right because they still don’t really understand our business, I decided to build one myself. I then spent a lot of time looking at different products, and most of the ones that had the core functionality I needed (the ability to automatically create PDFs) were either too annoyingly simple and couldn’t make the calculations I needed or they were so complex I would have to learn a lot of programming. Thank goodness I found Forms on Fire! It’s the perfect middle ground that lets me do amazing things with a little work and playing around but takes care of the basics in the background.” – Joanna W; Director of Marketing
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