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Paul Lichty | Founder & CEO | Forge Nano Inc.

Forge Nano: Making ALD Reliable, Scaleable, and Affordable

Forge Nano is a global expert in Particle Atomic Layer Deposition (ALD). Through years of extensive research and development, they have put the days of slow, expensive nano-coatings in the past. Forge Nano creates customer based nano coating solutions for clients big and small. Using proprietary technology, they enable fast, affordable, atomic level coatings and surface engineering. Their powder-on-demand system applies lean manufacturing principles to ALD for commercial scaleability. Forge Nano technology minimizes costs, while maximizing potential.
Forge Nano is unique, because they are active in all stages of development for ALD. They offer resources and knowledge that are second to none. The company not only creates solutions from lab-scale to commercial-scale, but offers toll coating services as well. No matter the size or scale, Forge Nano has a solution to fit.
Below are highlights of the interview conducted between Forge Nano and Insights Success:
Give a brief overview of your company, its uniqueness and its vision.
Forge Nano is a surface engineering company with expertise in Particle ALD. help make products better through nano-scale engineering. Our goal is to improve the performance and value of the products we help create.
Describe your company’s cutting-edge solutions, which address all the needs of your customers.
We use ALD to apply atomic level coatings to industrial powders. We’ve developed proprietary, high throughput technology that enables ALD at scales that were never possible before. Our technology makes commercial ALD scaleable and economical.
Give a detailed description of the featured person’s influence over the company and the industry.
Paul Lichty PhD, is the Founder and CEO of Forge Nano. Paul is an inventor of the high throughput ALD patent. Paul has a broad technical background that has allowed him to be co-inventor on over half a dozen patents. He has 8 years of experience directing research and managing projects. Paul has managed several research and development groups and has extensive experience leading these teams from idea conception to commercial production. Paul’s leadership and organizational experience has helped him to run Forge Nano’s operations while developing the technology through 3 prototype stages, up to the current commercial scale. He is dedicated to commercializing high-tech energy solutions. Paul received his PhD in Chemical Engineering and bachelor’s Mechanical Engineering from the University of Colorado.
How do your services differ from the other companies’ offerings?
At Forge Nano, we make our ALD solutions scaleable. We create everything from lab-scale tools, to mid-sized pilotscale tools, all the way to large, commercial-scale solutions. We are a team of scientists and engineers who develop our Paul Lichty Founder and CEO solutions specifically for each client.
What technologies are you leveraging to make your solutions resourceful and bringing advancement in the industry?
We are constantly pushing the boundaries of particle ALD. We use our proprietary high throughput technology to make ALD scaleable to commercial applications. Our innovative solutions allow for processing of milligrams, to kilotons of materials. We use our lab-scale tools to perform research and development of cutting-edge materials. Our tools are used by companies, National Laboratories, and Universities to enable the discovery of next generation technologies.
Describe the experiences, achievements or lessons learned that have shaped the journey of the company.
We are learning every day, and that is part of the fun and challenge. As we develop new technologies and find new optimized chemistries, we grow and improve. We are cultivating new relationships with our clients and building upon our existing relationships. Every day, we learn new things that work, and new things that do not work, and we are constantly making ourselves better for it.
What marketing activities do you implement to reach out to your potential customers?
We use several avenues to reach new potential clients. We’ve created an ALD newsletter that is sent out quarterly, which provides useful resources and articles about the field of ALD. We are also constantly publishing our research findings, not only in scientific journals, but in our own white papers that we make available on our website. Currently, we are in the middle of a massive overhaul of our website. Our hope is to make our site a true resource in the field of ALD, by providing relevant, meaningful content.
What are your company’s future aspirations? What strategies are you undertaking to achieve those goals?
Our mission is to become the world leader of innovative materials solutions. We are actively engaging in strategic partnerships and collaborations to make advancements in materials science. We are working with some of the world’s most innovative minds, with the hopes of creating solutions that truly make the world a better place.