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Ford will get the opportunity to sell its electric vehicle aspirations to sceptical investors

Ford Motor is gearing up to address skepticism surrounding its ambitious electric vehicle (EV) growth plans during its upcoming capital markets day. The automaker aims to provide details on how it intends to achieve its previously stated targets, including an 8% EBIT margin on its EV unit and a production run rate of 2 million EVs by 2026. Ford CEO Jim Farley remains confident in the achievability of these goals, citing scale, EV battery improvements, and design/engineering efficiencies as key factors.

Analysts have expressed varying levels of skepticism, with some describing the targets as “crazy high” and “ambitious.” Ford’s ability to meet these targets within the proposed timeline is viewed as challenging by some industry observers. However, Ford intends to use the capital markets day as an opportunity to demonstrate the progress made in its turnaround and restructuring efforts under Farley’s leadership.

The event is expected to shed light on Ford’s profit walks for its traditional businesses, as well as its EV unit, known as “Model E.” Ford is also anticipated to unveil its second-generation battery products and technologies, which are crucial for achieving the targeted 8% EBIT margin. While analysts don’t expect significant stock movement from the event, Ford’s ability to address concerns and provide more clarity on its plans could potentially win over skeptics.

Overall, Ford’s capital markets day represents an opportunity for the company to showcase its strategy and convince analysts and investors of its potential for success in the EV market. Despite skepticism and the challenges ahead, Ford’s stock has experienced notable growth since Farley assumed the CEO position in 2020. The success of this event will likely hinge on Ford’s ability to provide compelling evidence and demonstrate progress towards its ambitious targets.