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Ford to recall around 6,61,000 vehicles from 2016-2019

On the 30th of April, Ford Motor Co., at the request of the United States Regulator, decided to recall 6,61,000 explorer sport utility vehicles in North America. This is due to the possibility of the retention pins loosening which would lead to roof rail covers detaching from the vehicle.
Ford is recalling Explorer base, XLT, Sport and Police Interceptor model vehicles from 2016 through 2019. Their dealers are to replace damaged rail chips and roof rail covers, while installing push-pins.
The first inquiry by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration was after 11 reports of roof rail cover detachments earlier in 2020.
In April, the NHTSH requested Ford to issue a recall, to which the second largest U.S. automaker responded by saying it wasn’t required, as the probability of a roof rail detaching was very low.
Before deciding to issue a recall on the 30th of April, in November, Ford said that it would cover the issue by extending the warranty for 10 years 1,50,000 miles.
On Sunday, a source from Ford said that they aren’t aware of any accidents or injuries caused due to the issue.
The total recall of models from 2016 through 2019 include, 6,20,483 vehicles in the U.S.; 36,419 vehicles in Canada and 4,260 vehicles in Mexico.
The customer notifications with respect to the recalling of these issues will begin towards June 28th.