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FoldiMate: Making One of the Most Hated Household Chores Easy

It’s safe to say that we’re already living in the robotic era – you can see Robotics in every aspect of our daily lives and businesses. Not only in manufacturing, where it has become critical to the success of the business, but we are also starting to see Robots being used as bartenders, chefs, bellboys, security guards, hospital aids, military aids, teachers and so much more.
At home, robotic products are still less common than in business, though we can’t ignore the robotic vacuum cleaners and lawn mowers that so many of us already own. But this will definitely change as we look into the future and especially thanks to innovative, visionary robotics company, FoldiMate.
FoldiMate will be the only viable automated (robotic) solution to fold clothes manually for millions of homes and businesses around the world. Industry players have been trying for years to achieve what this company has succeeded in doing within only 2 years of R&D: With FoldiMate it takes less than 5 minutes to easily fold an entire laundry load into neatly folded piles.
FoldiMate is the first company to develop a robotic laundry folder that is around the size of an existing household appliance, such as a small fridge or a washer. FoldiMate folds your laundry quickly; you can fold a laundry load in less than 5 minutes. It can fold shirts, blouses, pants and even towels. It can fold clothing for age 6 years up to XXL.
Innovator of FoldiMate
Gal Rozov is the Founder and CEO of FoldiMate. First and foremost, Gal is a family man and is happily married with 3 kids. He is also a technology geek who believes in solving problems with technology. He is constantly searching for gadgets and solutions to improve his life or save time.
Gal worked in the hi-tech industry for the past twenty years. He started out as a software developer and moved on to finish his bachelor’s degree in business management and then assumed various leadership positions which required both a business and technology focus. It was always important for him to see the big picture and not just the technical aspect. He is now enjoying the fact that he is creating something that will not only improve his own quality of life but the lives of his friends, colleagues and everyone else in the world.
The Inspiration Behind the Inception of FoldiMate
Nowadays it’s very challenging to find quality time with your family, no matter what type of work you do. Everyone who works in the twenty-first century is challenged by time or lack thereof. Gal has always felt that he should share the burden of the household chores, but he is the first to admit that he isn’t that good at chores and doesn’t particularly enjoy them.
One of his responsibilities is filling and emptying the dishwasher. It was this particular chore that caused him to think of an appliance that could fold the laundry. His wife didn’t approve of his laundry folding standards, but perhaps if there was a machine that could do the difficult part of the folding he could help with this tiresome and hefty chore too. If he could only feed the items into a folder and it would do the difficult part – the folding, just as the dishwasher does the cleaning.
Gal’s aim to help with additional household chores was the original inspiration to develop a laundry folder, and only a robotics device could possibly cope with folding laundry. Until recently it would have been too expensive to attempt to develop such a product, but with recent robotic advancements, such as processing costs, supply chains, assembly, communications and software updates, it is now possible to build such a robot at a sufficiently low cost that would make it affordable for consumers and businesses.
Benefits for FoldiMate Users
There are a few huge benefits to using the FoldiMate. Firstly, it saves time. Recently, during early pilots in the USA, the FoldiMate team ran competitions between FoldiMate and manual folding and they saw, time and time again, that FoldiMate can fold at least twice as fast as folding manually.  Secondly, now everyone can fold the laundry. Your kids will even fight over using it as it is really simple to use and they discovered, during the pilots, that the kids find it pretty cool too and actually enjoyed folding. FoldiMate will make sure that your closets are organized with neatly folded piles.
The Future-Ready Consumer-Oriented Approach
“It is a very challenging task for a robot to fold our laundry. Developing a technology that can handle the wide variety of items in our closet takes time to mature and finalize. The FoldiMate can’t be compared to a standard household appliance and even a robotic vacuum cleaner for that matter. We have finally achieved this major milestone and are now making sure our fans love it as much as we do. All of these steps take time and we still have the long and costly manufacturing process ahead of us,” describes Gal about their future-ready products and achievements.