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Focused Impressions: Driving Channel Sales to Grow Your Partner Engagement

Companies deploy indirect channels for a variety of reasons, such as reaching untapped markets, providing value-added services and offering innovative solutions. Digital channels can provide companies with routes to market that are better, faster and cheaper. If an opportunity exists to create competitive differentiation through partners, it behooves leaders to explore the options.
Focused Impressions helps companies drive demand for products and services through their channel partners – local retailers, sales reps, dealers, distributors, agents, VARS, and franchises. They make it easy for corporate marketers to implement marketing efforts at the local level by offering an “Amazon-like” marketing platform for their distributed users.
FocusPoint is an all-in-one distributed marketing platform that connects corporate marketers, vendors and channel partners to deliver personalized, multi-channel marketing programs to their local markets.FocusPoints aggregates marketing content and vendors in one place and streamlines the process of executing campaigns using this content across all communication channels: email, web, video, print, direct mail, social media, mobile, and newsletters. With FocusPoint, channel partners can swiftly access brand-approved, compliant marketing solutions to craft personalized marketing programs on the fly for uniform local needs.
Focused Impressions provides ample support, consulting and implementation services that wrap around FocusPoint including assessment of the audience, identifications of the emotions that benefits behaviors within a current lifestyle, and the analysis of data to determine how to nourish the next campaign loop.
An Innovative Leader of Focused Impressions
Craig Stockmal is the CEO of Focused Impressions. Craig enjoyed a 32 year career at UARCO and Standard Register where he held a progression of executive positions and managed the largest portfolio of financial services clients in the company.  Recognized as a creative thinker and innovative problem solver, Craig is a pioneer in e-procurement solutions and is passionate about simplifying and optimizing marketing processes through technology.
Understanding the fact that most distributed marketing solutions were built to meet the needs of providers, Craig set out to build a platform which focused around the customer experience, increasing channel engagement and thereby growing revenue. Craig received a BS in Marketing from Boston College.
Serving the Class of Marketing Solutions
The need and use of digital media continue to escalate as people become more and more comfortable in consuming and interacting digital content on their communicating devices. There is a blurring line between marketing and sales, enabling marketing startups to push more tools and tactics down to the distributed network, which acts more like sole proprietors of their own business and wears both marketings’ and sales’ hats. There is a need in this market for more robust integration among Digital Marketing tactics. Focused Impressionsprovidessuperior solutions for their clients:
Agent Marketing
FocusPoint allows agents and brokers to build and launch campaigns for targeted prospects and customers. It also gives local affiliates the ability to accurately and easily  promote their company brand and their services within their own geography through approved email templates, images and messaging, while co-branding materials with their own logos, personalized greetings and contact information.
Brand Integrity
Every single communication or correspondence should have the same look, feel and the message that the corporate brand worked so hard to establish.With FocusPoint, corporate marketers retain centralized control of their brand when creating campaigns or collateral templates because certain areas of content can be locked by them to maintain brand and regulatory compliance at a distributed level.
Customer Retention
FocusPoint schedules regular email and direct mail communications, so that clients’ brand i stop-of-mind on a regular basis. Email templates are easily customized by local channel representatives to send the right message at the right time.
Distributed Campaign Marketing
With all the moving pieces, materials and vendors usually needed to assemble a multi-channel marketing campaign, time is often the enemy. FocusPoint allows users to quickly create and launch multi-channel campaigns from one place with easy access to all the components they need.
Event Marketing
FocusPointallows clients’channel partners to represent the corporate brand in the best light and put them in the running for the “Best in Show” title. Using FocusPoint, corporate marketers can package everything their partners will need, including a step-by-step checklist, to support an “event-in-a-box” to make event planning a snap.
Field Marketing
The sole purpose of field marketing is to generate local demand and support sales. With this solution, global enterprises can improve field communications by taking the corporate brand and creating localized marketing materials to ensure campaign and asset effectiveness across all geographic markets.
Franchise Marketing
FocusPoint strengthens their client relationships by connecting with franchise managers and gives them easy access to all the marketing materials they need for their stores and promotions in one place.
Using the FocusPoint mobile Gamification Application, users can make it fun and easy for sales and marketing teams to adopt new marketing assets and campaigns.
Lead Generation
FocusPoint benefits their clients to nurture marketing leads and turn them into sales qualified leads.
Future Prospects
Disruptive Innovation, excellence in delivery, passion and determination to tackle and handle more complex issues that impact marketers and their channels are the main values and factors of Focused Impressions. They stay relevant among the major shifts in content media channels by understanding and delivering the right strategy, technology tools and applications to interact with consumers directly and to keep them on the forefront of Digital Marketing.

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