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FlyingBinary: Changing the World with Data and Technology

From the first website in 1993, the World Wide Web has grown to become the largest human information system in history, integrated into the everyday lives of billions of people across the planet. It shapes how we do business, conduct our social lives and even how we organize politically.
A powerful combination of technical innovation and social participation, the Web is transforming the world in ways that were never imagined at the start, and continues to evolve in inventive and unexpected ways that will shape the future of the world.
The field of Web Science has an ambitious agenda: to focus the analytical power of researchers from disciplines as diverse as mathematics, sociology, economics, psychology, law and computer science to understand and explain the Web.
The CEO of FlyingBinary is committed to the vision that Tim Berners-Lee, Founder of the Web shared in 2009 with the newly created community of web scientists. She has created a web science company with the comprehensive ability to revolutionize workflows across various industries through significant data and technology adoptions.
Precisely Tailored Public and Private Cloud Services
FlyingBinary’s web scale services are available as a cloud service, either via a public cloud or as a private cloud service. These precise solutions are designed to meet specific client needs, irrespective of their industry and geographical location.
FlyingBinary co-founded a story publishing, data journalism network. The network is a perfect example of its preciseness in providing public cloud services and has over 34 million consumers. The company also has 24 interoperable cloud services which enable an organization, sector or nation to leverage the IoT with a proven ROI multiplier of between 2 and 60.
Every organization can leverage these IoT opportunities. However, some sectors need strategic roadmaps to bring a focus to their route to leverage IoT and to maximize their ROI.
The FlyingBinary data journalism work has built an evidence base which is developed to understand the value of IoT. The company has worked across many sectors, organizations and nations. It deploys secure and accredited technology which is needed to deliver this IoT value.
FlyingBinary has empowered various sectors, organizations and nations with its cloud services. IoT, on average, can be utilized by 8% of an organization. However, FlyingBinary’s approach allows them to magnify that to an average of 80%.  In order to support the transition to IoT services, it has been essential to build and upgrade FlyingBinary’s cloud services every  six months to reflect the emerging requirements across sectors and the world.
Industry Leading G-Cloud Platform
In May 2017, FlyingBinary became one of the first companies in Europe to launch an IoT RegTech cloud service. They architected these services to meet the specific needs of two key sectors – Smart Cities and Health Services.
FlyingBinary is the first web science company to deliver this technology for IoT.  All services are designed to  meet the needs of Europe’s Digital Single Market.  They have leveraged legislation via the NIS Directive, and by regulation via the General Data Protection Regulation, to enable a new Security and Privacy model for European IoT services.
Creating and delivering IoT services to meet the needs of a government framework is a high bar for any company. FlyingBinary has been accredited and certified on H.M. Government’s cloud industry’s leading G-Cloud framework. FlyingBinary is one of the most successful SME suppliers on this framework and has been awarded all nine G-Cloud frameworks.
In 2017, it was recognized as a GovTech 100 one of 100 companies credited with transforming the UK. The sheer dedication of the Founders of FlyingBinary has bestowed the company with an unmatched pace. Their seven years of hard work has resulted in FlyingBinary winning several global awards.
An Influential Woman Technologist
Jacqui Taylor, CEO of FlyingBinary is one of the most influential women technologists in the UK. She has also been featured in the list of the 100 most powerful UK entrepreneurs. Taylor has an aerospace engineering background, and this played a vital role in the inception of the company. Taylor has also written the British Standard which defines the changes required for the governance of Smart Cities in an IoT-enabled world. She is currently working with the international standards community to fast track this to an international Smart City standard. She was recognized in the UK in 2018 as a Smart City leader as a direct result of her contribution to developing the Smart City domain to embrace the IoT.
Aiming to deliver IoT knowledge to 1 Million Entrepreneurs
FlyingBinary cloud services were originally built to improve the UK banking industry by leveraging new RegTech services. Today, they have transformed businesses across various industries throughout the world. The company is now focusing on the enhancement of the security features in IoT services. It is particularly planning to deploy some of these services for the European territory and enable the next steps of the IoT, including a GDPR-compliant AI engine. FlyingBinary has developed security features which can bring enormous positive change to the IoT arena and the company now envisions delivering the knowledge of how to leverage IoT to more than one million entrepreneurs across the world.
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