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FlexRule – A First-Rate Decision Management and Automation Services Provider

Making well-informed and timely business decisions is one of the most important factors for attaining profits. Businesses have become dependent on the data that is generated by their customers. Because of the rapidly changing data landscape, organizations must also keep up with it and adapt to the current market dynamics in order to stay ahead.

Business decisions need to be frequently updated based on the present market situation. This is dependent on the data that is processed by each department, process flows, and analysis. Automation in businesses has made decision-making easier.

The benefits of introducing automation into the decision-making process are numerous. It helps businesses make efficient and timely use of data while remaining a customer-centric organization. FlexRule is the next-generation end-to-end decision management and automation platform. It provides first-rate decision management and automation services that allow organizations to make enhanced, situation-aware, and customer-centric decisions.

We interviewed FlexRule’s Arash Aghlarathe Founder and CEO, and Goli TajadodCo-founder and VP of Customer Success, to get a deeper understanding of how their platform is changing the way decisions are made in organizations.

Below are the excerpts from the interview:

Please brief our audience about your company, its values, and how it is positioned as a leading player in the software development space. 

FlexRule was founded to help companies improve the effectiveness and efficiency of operational decisions that are influenced by infinite and frequent changes in data, processes, and rules in regulated environments.

FlexRule is the leading provider of end-to-end decision management and automation technology and the DECISION-CENTRIC APPROACH™, as its methodology to guide organizations through the journey of adapting to changing business requirements with effective and efficient decision automation solutions. 

Our mission is to empower all the leaders – business, technology, and operation leaders to improve the speed and quality of key business decisions in any changing environment.

With an innovative and future-thinking approach, FlexRule reduces the complexity of technology and makes these advanced decision-making technologies more accessible to everyone in the organization.

Since its inception, continuous improvement has been in FlexRule’s DNA that drives it to develop and provide future-fit products and services.

Elaborate more on the solutions and services that your company offers, and how are these making an impact on the industry and your clients.

FlexRule provides the full-scale platform for end-to-end decision management and automation – FlexRule™ Advanced Decision Management Suite. It is a powerful, unified platform architected for organizations to make optimized, customer-centric, and situation-aware decisions by orchestrating, automating, and managing business decisions using business rules, processes, data, analytics, and robotics.

With the platform’s low-code and intuitive user interface, business, technology, and operation leaders can quickly utilize decision-making technologies and make quality decisions!

With customers ranging from start-ups to large enterprises to government agencies, FlexRule has delivered game-changing business results across many industries such as finance, lending, banking, accounting services, insurance, healthcare, energy, and supply chain and logistics.

With our end-to-end decision management and automation platform, organizations can offer customized financial products, insurance policies, or health regimens and make quality decisions for product configuration, credit approval, patient diagnosis, and many other applications.

Share your opinion on how modern technologies have transformed the low code development solutions niche, and what more could be expected in the near future? 

Modern technologies made the low-code paradigm a practical approach to building many types of Line of Business (LOB) applications; for internal and external-facing applications.

As technology becomes more accessible and there is a new entrant to the low-code app development market every day, the required investment in building the LOB applications is reduced significantly today. However, the generic purpose low-code app builder that can address LOB applications will not address many typical enterprise challenges, particularly in regulated environments.

However, as we see in today’s disrupted business landscape, building the apps, whether hard or easy, low-code or pro-code, will not take away the day-to-day decision-making activity from the staff, operations, and domain experts. Consistency and accuracy of operational decisions are more concerning and degrading because of supply-chain challenges, staffing, etc.

Therefore, I do anticipate that decision automation tools with a low-code approach will soon become a necessity rather than a good-to-have priority for any organization dealing with any change, either regulatory requirements or market dynamic in a comparative landscape.

Considering the COVID-19 pandemic and its impact on global economies, what were the challenges faced by your company, and how did you pivot from those challenges? 

For us, it slowed things down a bit and warranted transforming the usual way of working. The business-as-usual approach would not have worked perfectly as we liked, especially in day-to-day operations and team collaboration.

We improved our day-to-day operations with streamlined processes and productive systems that cater to customers and the internal team. We embraced reality and continue to deal with it (weaknesses, problems, and mistakes).

We improved team collaboration and full visibility of the planned projects as per the set goals and priorities, empowering the team with collaboration tools to deliver value.

How do you envision scaling your company’s operations and offerings in 2022 and beyond? 

As mentioned earlier, FlexRule democratizes decision management and automation while ensuring the use of the right AI technology for the right business decisions. And we aim to continue evolving and delivering on the changing requirements and expectations of our customers while growing our business globally.

We have created specific roadmaps for product development, marketing and sales, and other operations. With all our endeavors to gain scalable business growth, customer-centricity, and adaptability, we are working towards customer relationship and response, product innovations, resource expansion, allocation, efficient project handling, internal and external communications, and team collaboration.

We streamline our operations with complete visibility of work and progress to accomplish OKRs set in the company, group/team, and individual levels.

The Prime Movers

Arash Aghlara, the Founder and CEO of FlexRule, has led FlexRule to become a pioneer and the most innovative company in end-to-end decision management and automation. With a vast experience of over 25 years in architecture, design, and implementation of enterprise solutions for automation.

He has also developed the DECISION-CENTRIC APPROACH™, a methodology that brings People, Data, Rules, and Processes together to ensure organizations can consistently make optimized, customer-centric, and situation-aware business decisions while they meet the objectives on revenue, costs, and mitigating risks. 

Goli Tajadod, Co-founder and VP of Customer Success at FlexRule, has helped organizations champion digital and decision transformation initiatives across different industries. With the tremendous focus and 15+ years of experience in product innovation and customer success, she has helped FlexRule’s customers accomplish successful project implementations with a pragmatic approach and game-changing ideas, end-to-end customer support, and leading a high-performing and talented customer success team.

Quality Guaranteed

We believe FlexRule is a truly innovative company. The FlexRule helps improve the quality and speed of key business decisions. It democratizes AI and enables leaders to use the right AI technology for the right problem, thus ensuring success, maximizing the ROI of automation initiatives, and delivering real business value.

FlexRule effectively closes the gap between the belief that new technologies can drive better decision-making and the idea of what those decisions really are. With our customer-focused approach, continuous improvements in our products and services, adaptability, we provide a future-thinking technology to make organizations future-ready.