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Jennifer Morehead | CEO

Flex HR: Strategizing HR Outsourcing, Consulting, and Recruitment Services

An organization’s employees are the best support to transition a company from struggling to success. But employee management is not a cakewalk. When dealing with employee intricacies, there are multiple challenges like recruiting, HR strategic support, HR payroll outsourcing, independent HR services, and more.

Flex HR provides white-glove strategic HR and Payroll outsourcing services, delivering advice, knowledge, and support to companies throughout the US. But, it doesn’t just stop there! Flex HR takes a step ahead of the routine talent outsourcing companies and offers a one-stop human resource services solution, supporting any and all HR functions.

Flex HR creates customized support for each client, letting them choose as many or as few services as per the needs of their evolving business dynamics. The company’s comprehensive offerings include high-level strategic consulting, HR back-office administration, and essential business services such as recruiting, payroll tax, compliance solutions, employee handbooks, compensation surveys, and diversity, equity & inclusion planning. Flex HR’s CEO, Jennifer Morehead, has a background in sales, marketing, entrepreneurship, and running teams of employees. Ms. Morehead bought the 20-year-old company in 2020 and increased its sales by 46 percent in the first year and 150 percent in the second year compared to its revenue in 2020!

Flex HR makes quality consulting accessible and affordable to small and mid-size companies to increase profits by providing timely mission-essential task management, flexible professional talent, and full-time dedication at a fraction of the cost.

Through the interview highlights, let us read more about the story behind Flex HR’s success!

Kindly brief us about Flex HR. What is the leading inspiration behind its inception?

In 2001, our founder Jim Cichanski created Flex HR to be a unique strategic HR consulting practice. We have grown since then, but still offer the same high level of service for HR and payroll outsourcing, along with strategic HR consulting.

Shed some light on the key services of your company. How are they enhancing the Human Resources Services?

At Flex HR, we do HR and payroll outsourcing for companies throughout the U.S., Puerto Rico, Virgin Islands, Canada, Europe and U.S. subsidiaries of foreign owned companies.

We work with our employees, spread over 36 states, to manage the HR and payroll compliance rules in each of those states. We also do strategic HR consulting that includes employee investigations, compensation surveys, and manager training. Additionally, we also offer recruiting and talent acquisition services for companies.

What are the core principles of your company? How are you guiding the company to achieve its mission and vision?

Our mission is to be irreplaceable as a strategic and problem-solving HR and payroll business partner. Along with this, Flex HR strives to revolutionize human resources outsourcing to help businesses maximize their people.

The core values and principles of the company are as follows:

Flex HR values customer delight: We are driven by the goal of valuing customer delight and providing them with results-oriented service. We keep the relationships at the forefront that we develop with them and represent a can-do attitude for them.

Flex HR values our company’s success: We are here because of our past successes at the company, and even now wish to maintain its continued success. We work with multiple clients in different industries, which diversifies what we do and enhances the success of our company. We jump on priorities for the business, even if it means that it will sustainably increase revenue.

Flex HR values ethics and high moral standards: We agree to uphold the best interests of our clients, vendors, team members, and the company. In all instances, we want to be sure that what we write or what we say (and in all ways that we communicate) represents the company with high ethical and moral standards. In general, anything we write or say must show our company in the best light, especially if it is on the front page of a newspaper or part of a TV broadcast.

Flex HR values teamwork: We celebrate accomplishments together as a team and are excited about the future of our company. We take regular coffee breaks together to celebrate big wins and to hear team announcements.

Flex HR values one another’s time: We see a potentially bad situation before it happens and alert the correct people internally to ask for help. We also make a plan for when someone will leave or when an obstacle arises. We use technology and innovative solutions to help with our jobs. We can do our jobs from an office or our home. We will alert our manager if there are any bottlenecks in our job.

In what ways is Flex HR utilizing the advances in technology to provide customers with enriched experiences?

At Flex HR we use modern technology to keep our employees connected to one another as well as to their clients. This includes tools such as Microsoft 365, Zoom, and Salesforce.

We also step into each of our clients’ HR and payroll technologies to do the work we need to do for them.

What are the challenges that your specialized team has come across? How do you motivate them while dealing with certain situations?

Flex HR works in a very complex function that deals with humans and the law. Each day, there is an opportunity for error. We work very hard to develop the processes necessary to minimize these errors and make sure that our clients are overly satisfied.

In terms of motivating our employees, we make sure to celebrate our wins often. We have a bi-weekly “coffee break” on teams that is essentially a company-wide town hall meeting where we celebrate all the wins that we see across our company.

As an experienced leader, what advice would you like to share with upcoming entrepreneurs wishing to enter into a similar sector as yours?

Human resources outsourcing is a great sector to be in for those who are curious, service-oriented, and mission-driven. We help and fully support companies with their people and with the complex functions of HR and payroll.

It’s a really exciting time to be in this space.

What are the future goals of the company? How do you envision upscaling its operations and reach in the foreseeable future?

We continue to grow and have doubled in revenue in the past two years. Thus, we are able to scale faster and better because of the great people we have and the processes that we apply to the HR and payroll disciplines.

Please share your clientele, awards, and recognition, if you have any.

We have been recognized for three years as a Fortune 5000 company. Flex HR is among Inc. Magazine’s fastest-growing private companies, in addition to being named one of the “Top 25 Most Promising HR Outsourcing Service Providers” in the Outsourcing Gazette Magazine.

HR Outsourcing: A Comprehensive Solution for Enhanced Efficiency and Compliance

Human resources are an integral part of any successful business, as they are responsible for helping to ensure the efficient and effective running of the organization. That is why many companies turn to Flex HR for professional assistance with payroll, benefits, onboarding, terminations, employment law compliance, and other key HR functions. To make this process easier, Flex HR has created EmployeeUniverse, a comprehensive, tailored solution that allows companies to manage all their HR back-office activities in one place. This platform is managed by a team of highly qualified HR professionals who are on hand to provide advice and guidance to employers, managers, and employees. The platform also features a secure and intuitive user interface, making it easy to navigate and access the information needed. Flex HR customizes HR solutions based on a business’s needs to protect and manage these HR assets.

Exhibiting Success

Flex HR provided significant value to a $20 million manufacturing company by restructuring its sales compensation system. Through a thorough analysis of the system, Flex HR was able to identify areas where costs could be reduced. This ultimately resulted in a reduction of $1.2 million in payouts while still achieving the company’s sales targets.

Flex HR also provided a professional services organization with tangible results through developing, delivering, and monitoring a performance management system. This system allowed the organization to gain more insight into its operations and better manage its resources. As a result of the performance management system, the organization was able to reduce costs by 50% and increase profits by 80% within one year.

Many businesses get themselves into trouble by using a Professional Employer Organization (PEO). Flex HR has successfully rescued hundreds of companies by migrating the group to a cloud-based human resource and payroll management solution designed for businesses of all sizes. Key features include recruiting and onboarding management, performance management, payroll management, tax compliance, time and attendance management, benefits administration, and reporting and analytics. Flex HR acts as your Human Resources Administrative Organization (HRAO) and becomes an extension of a company and providing exceptional strategic HR support in all HR functions.

One company had 4 out of their 5 HR employees quit at the same time. They called Flex HR right away to take on this emergency request to help immediately replace the 4 out 5 employees whose responsibilities were to keep payroll running, recruiting 40 employees a month, benefits management, and the overall daily HR support. Having this many HR leaders up and quitting became quite the dilemma, but within 3 days, Flex HR covered HR reinforcements, got the payroll out on time, and started recruiting for the 120 positions they had open. Flex HR successfully fulfilled over 80 positions and completed all open enrollment for benefits for these new employees.

Furthermore, speaking about their success stories, they highlighted Flex HR’s back office administration services, which enabled one client to achieve cost savings of 73% per month compared to their previous system for managing their HR department. Despite the associated cost savings, Flex HR does not compromise on the quality of service. All clients and their employees benefit from high-touch support, personal service, and fast response times.

Only the Best

They work closely with companies to customize their support services so that their in-house individuals are always directed to the right assignment initiatives. And when the need arises, they take charge, develop, and project manages the entire process, seeing it through to its final completion. Companies often need to reset themselves, and there are many unpredictable complications that can arise in the process. But they are there to help manage and evaluate the situation so that the right people can be placed in the proper roles. They understand the importance of getting the right people in the right places and work diligently to ensure that the process is seamless, efficient, and effective.

At this firm, they hand-pick the crème de la crème of consultants and candidates, only settling for the absolute best of the best. Their human resources outsourcing and consulting team are true veterans in the business, boasting extensive experience and an impressive track record. On average, each consultant has 40 projects under their belt, so you can rest assured that your project is in good and trustworthy hands.

HR expertise is a global affair for this company. They boast a comprehensive understanding of HR operations across all 50 states in the US, Canada, the U.S. Virgin Islands, and Puerto Rico, and they have consultants in 32 countries around the world. These consultants come with crucial private, government, and corporate HR experience.

Flex HR boasts an impressive collection of senior HR professionals who have honed their leadership skills through decades of a successful consultation. With an expansive portfolio of diverse clients, from tiny startups to mammoth enterprises with up to 100,000s employees, their expertise is undeniable.

Unlock the Power of Professional HR Consulting with Flex HR

No matter where you are, HR consulting services are an absolute must for any successful business. Flex HR’s goal is to make quality consulting accessible and affordable to small and mid-sized companies and to increase profits by providing timely mission-essential tasks, HR management and outsourcing, flexible, professional talent, and full-time dedication at a fraction of the cost. Human capital is the least predictable element of any organization, which is why their team of senior HR subject matter experts is there to help.

With decades of HR experience under their belts, they provide on-demand assistance, part-time support, project-based solutions, and even interim HR leadership.

Their human resources subject matter experts offer clients comprehensive consulting services as well as part-time or interim HR leadership roles. Leveraging decades of collective experience, they support their clients in navigating critical business matters, such as employee and executive compensation, organization design, mergers and acquisitions, lean operating initiatives, talent acquisition, and policy development.

At the outset of their innovative approach, they conduct a thorough due diligence assessment to uncover any potential risks or vulnerabilities that could decrease the worth of your business’s human capital. Subsequently, they devised a well-coordinated HR plan to both create value and reduce risk.

Secure Your Employee Records and Stay Compliant  

Flex HR helps organizations streamline their benefit programs to ensure all records and reconciliations are kept organized, up-to-date, and secure. With their innovative technology and industry-leading expertise, they ensure every critical employee file is safely under lock and key, protecting companies from the ever-looming threat of an audit. Not only do they give organizations peace of mind when it comes to their records, but they also promote compliance with employment laws so companies can have confidence they’re operating within the law.

When considering the benefits that a company should provide for its employees, it can be a daunting task to find a solution that fits the size and desires of the organization. But if handled properly, the rewards can be extraordinary.

Flex HR believes that by leveraging its experience and expertise, they have been able to help many companies reduce costs while simultaneously increasing the level of benefits they are able to provide. In cases where it is both appropriate and cost-effective, they can even implement self-service applications to give employees and their families the best possible service. Finding the right benefits solution for your company can be a challenge, but with the right guidance, you can save your business thousands while giving your employees the care and attention they deserve.

Unsurpassed Benefits and Insurance Plans

Their stellar group of benefits experts creates an incredible onboarding experience that is full of quality benefits and insurance plans for every employee. They recognize how important it is for everyone to have peace of mind, and that’s why their team is always just a click or phone call away. Furthermore, their back office management division relieves other positions of authority of the burden of completing these tasks, allowing them to focus on treating their primary objectives and expanding the business.

At the core of every successful business is a team of productive and satisfied employees. That’s why they offer Organization and Employee Development (OED) services tailored to the individual and team needs of your business. They understand that it’s important to stay up-to-date with the industry, your firm, and the needs of your employees. With their help, you can take your business to the next level with a well-planned and effective employee development program.

This program will be crafted to your unique needs and have a focus on optimizing individual performance, developing team dynamics, and creating an environment of growth and satisfaction. With their comprehensive approach to employee development, you can rest assured that your team is in the best position possible to reach its highest potential.

Expert Guidance and Essential Services

Human Resources have become a highly intricate business function due to the increased number of governmental regulations, environmental health considerations, and workplace safety matters that companies must address in their hiring and employment policies. Many businesses lack the capacity and resources to effectively handle these issues on their own, yet Flex HR provides essential services that are catered to the individual needs of each company. Whether you require an updated employee handbook, payroll services, HR consulting, recruiting, or an HR audit, Flex HR can help take the burden off of you and your HR department, leaving you free to focus on the more pressing aspects of your business.

For hundreds of startups, expert guidance, and essential services have been provided to help accelerate growth and optimize organizational efficiency. As the value of human capital increases, boards of directors are assisted in developing executive total compensation plans, affordable Care Act strategies, stock option plans, and deferred cash accumulation plans.

A Versatile and an Empowering Leader – Jennifer Morehead

Jennifer Morehead has a background in sales, marketing, and management. She has managed teams of people for nearly twenty years, and was excited to take charge as CEO of flex HR in 2020. Ms. Morehead graduated from Northwestern University and received her degree from Northwestern’s Kellogg School of Management. She has spoken at Chicago’s Technori and has led a panel on sales strategy for start-ups for TechWeek.

Ms. Morehead says that her team is passionate about helping other companies with the complex functions of HR and payroll. She launched a web sales initiative that quickly grew from $50,000 to approximately $1 million. Jenny has led a team pursuing customer excellence in HR/payroll outsourcing and consulting. She also launched multiple channel partnerships and strategic partners for Flex HR and has grown its employee base by 53 percent and its strategic HR consultant group by 316 percent. She has also enabled a client retention rate of 95 percent.

Ms. Morehead’s versatility can be further noticed with her diverse specializations in Human Resources, Business Process Design, Recruitment, New Ventures, Digital Strategy, Technology, Web, Operations, Online Marketing, and Management.

Adding to her dynamic personality, she is also an independent board member, private investor, and heads up various fundraisers.