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Five Occasions in Your Career When You May Need a Lawyer

Building a career is no easy feat and won’t happen overnight. Time, money, effort, and more are needed to be successful in your chosen profession. There will also be times when you want to pack it in altogether. This is entirely natural and a part of being human. Your future self will be grateful you persevered, however.
When contemplating the defining moments of your career, there are also times which you would rather forget. Tough times come in all shapes and sizes, with some requiring the services of a lawyer.
Some of the times in your career when you may need a lawyer, include the following:

  • Bankruptcy –  If you see yourself drowned in debt and would need to sell your property like your Newark real-estate, then it can be time that you consider bankruptcy. You need a lawyer to help you out so you can start fresh financially by wiping off oppressive debts or entering a repayment plan.
  • Relationship Changes: Professionals around the world experience changes in their relationships at many points in their career timelines. Divorces and relationship breakdowns happen frequently but are not the only pivotal points in your career when you require a lawyer. Suppose you meet someone when working abroad and develop a relationship with them, resulting in marriage outside of the United States. Your spouse will need a K-3 visa to get entry and residency to the country. This process is made easier using Farmer Law and associated immigration law firms.
  • An Existing or Previous Employee is Suing You: While this does not happen to most professionals during their career, it does happen to some. Your company could be sued for several reasons. The most common reasons an existing or previous employee could sue you include not giving a reason for the termination of employment, poor timing, and delayed internal investigations, to name but a few. When faced with a lawsuit like this, you will need to ensure you have a lawyer to hand for consultations and assistance in handling them.
  • Local, State, or Federal Investigations: If it is found that your company has violated policies or legislation, you will be under investigation by the relevant governing bodies. Government investigations are costly, no matter the severity of the violation. Enlisting the services of a corporate lawyer will make the overall process easier to manage but will save you money in the long-term also.
  • Breaches of Environmental Law: Tedious to some, environmental laws are in place to promote a sustainable future for all. You will face penalties and other consequences if you do not abide by them. Even if you did not directly break or violate any laws, you would still face action from appropriate authorities. You need to ensure you are prepared for these types of situations, and that is where using a corporate lawyer makes your life easier.

While these are but some of the times when you would need a lawyer during your career, we hope it has been insightful and given you a better idea of what you should be prepared for.

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