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First Line Software: Where Collaboration and Expertise Inspire Innovative, Top Quality Software Solutions

Since the company’s inception, First Line Software founders had a vision for introducing a partnership model they believed would increase the success rate of IT projects undertaken by their clients. Fast forward to today, and you’ll find this global company thriving, in part, because of its collaborative relationships with both direct customers and industry-specific partners.
First Line Software was founded as a full-service, software engineering solution provider. A global company, First Line has fostered a culture that inspires their highly-qualified and high-performing technology professionals to do what it takes to meet and exceed customer expectations – consistently. Tech professionals who together, possess an extensive repository of expertise across multiple industries, knowledge of leading industry and function-specific technology, and engineering skills that span platforms, systems, and software.
Since 2009, First Line has continuously attracted new clients; but has also enjoyed significant repeat business with existing clients. Over 80% of its customers have engaged with First Line on two or more projects.
One-Stop Shop with Comprehensive Capabilities
As a result of its incredible depth of knowledge and expertise, First Line now claims one-stop shop as a key descriptor. Beginning at the idea stage, moving on to application development, testing, and extending beyond implementation to ongoing support and maintenance of the software, First Line has it covered. Clients choose the level and extent of the engagement; but clearly, the one-stop-shop concept is something that attracts companies to work with First Line. There’s no need to search for and select multiple vendors.
First Line offers technology enablement services, custom software development, intellectual integration, and digitalization, plus the three primary Big Data categories: Big Data Engineering, Business Analysis and Data Insights. The range of industries and markets we cover include: Healthcare IT, Internet of Things (IoT), Industrial IOT (IIoT), Wearables, Enterprise Mobility, Digital Media and Marketing, Web Content Management, e-Commerce, e-Government, Travel and Transportation, Warehouse Logistics, and Gas and Oil.
In today’s intensely competitive environment, companies must continuously be on the edge – the leading edge – of providing amazing customer experiences, being accessible from all devices, and anticipating market trends. Otherwise they risk falling behind their competitors and new and disruptive entrants to their industries. Selecting a partner with proven abilities in Agile approach to business challenges and delivery of high quality software are both key considerations. Executives and staff at First Line were some of the earliest adopters of the Agile methodology. Since First Line is a mid-sized company, remaining flexible to changing requirements is one of our sweet-spots. We have built up a solid reputation for consistently producing software that meets the highest standards.
“We’ve heard from customers that we’ve raised the bar when it comes to delivering high quality software on-time and meeting budget requirements,” stated CEO Nick Puntikov. “They are positive about their experience of working with First Line Software – that it was time and money well-spent.”
The First Line Software Team of Tech Professionals
It’s no secret there’s a high demand for the best tech professionals today. First Line has a people strategy that applies a precise hiring process designed to attract and retain top talent. Our reputation for working with interesting clients, taking on complex and challenging projects, providing continuous training, and facilitating knowledge-sharing, also sets us apart from competition in the application outsourcing market space.
Looking Ahead
Going forward, First Line will continue applying its strategy of collaborating with industry-specific IT companies on projects where our combined capabilities offer added value to their clients. For example, as an Implementation Partner with Episerver, First Line works directly with other Episerver Partners to provide specialized implementation services that include back-end development and customization such as .NET platform extensions.
First Line will further execute on its growth strategy of acquiring market and industry leaders to build up its depth in specific industry expertise. A recent example is the acquisition of healthcare IT market leader, Solaris Development.
Big Data is another high growth area since it is directly linked to Digital Transformation. This quote in a Forbes article by Principal Analyst of Futurum Research, Daniel Newman, says it all. “A digital transformation isn’t complete unless a business adopts big data.” When companies execute on Digital Transformation initiatives, they start to accumulate large volumes of data that, when properly catalogued, analyzed and scoured for insights serve to expand the value of those initiatives. First Line has accumulated expertise in Big Data as a result of their work on a number of customer projects across various industries and collaboration with industry-specific organizations on transformational Big Data initiatives.
With the proliferation of business initiatives that require the skills and expertise possessed by the First Line Software team of technology professionals, the company is looking forward to many more opportunities for collaboration and delivery of top quality IT software solutions.

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