You are currently viewing First Line Software: Empowering Companies by Accelerating & Achieving Competitive Digitalization

First Line Software: Empowering Companies by Accelerating & Achieving Competitive Digitalization

Achiever of two MS Gold Competencies – one in Application Development and the other in Digital Marketing, First Line Software uses their knowledge and expertise, in applying Agile methodologies to optimize and accelerate client Digitalization initiatives.

First Line has established strategic partnerships with industry-specific IT companies where they can add tremendous value – by utilizing a combination of the depth of their technology stack and breadth of industry-specific expertise and exceptional engineering skills to conceptualize and build solutions that solve complex business challenges. Which First Line calls “Intellectual Integration”.

With 20+ years of Agile/Scrum experience of the core team of First Line enables them to apply the Agile methodology to projects with any level of complexity and provide their customers with the opportunity to enjoy all the benefits afforded to them by this methodology.

First Line is active in the industry organizations such as the Object Management Group and the Industrial Internet Consortium, which clears that they are not only constantly in-the-know about emerging trends; but also participating in defining and actualizing those trends.

Highly-specialized Custom Software Solutions
First Line Software is the first and foremost IT services company that develops highly-specialized custom software solutions for businesses with a focus on Web Content Management, Digital Marketing, Digitalization, Cloud Computing, Data Management, Online Media and Internet of Things.

Development Software Engineering Centers (DSEC) provide clients with a skilled and stable team of software developers, project managers, architects, technical leads and test engineers to augment their development team.

First Line Software is an Episerver Premium Partner with 24 Episerver-certified developers in a team of more than 75 offshore engineers representing 350 person years of experience in implementing Episerver solutions worldwide. First Line Software works exclusively with other Episerver partners – primarily on implementations – focusing on back-end development and any customizations required by clients, including .NET platform extensions.

Nick Puntikov, Co-founder & CEO of First Line Software is an entrepreneur and executive with proven success in building global technology organizations. In 1991, Nick founded his first private software engineering firm – StarSoft. Headquartered in Cambridge, MA, the company developed into a premier software service provider to clients in North America and Europe and employed 700 engineers.
After its merger with Exigen Services in 2007, Nick continued on as the CEO, running a 1,500 person operation in six countries across Europe, the Baltics and China. Today, Nick is running First Line Software with 400+ technology professionals in multiple countries.

With a long list of clients like, Bonnier, Dell, InnerWorkings, RW3, Tupperware, GeoTraq, Zeb, ClickSquared, Web2Print, Change Anything, Timera, Liebherr, Hyundai, First Line is moving forward to its future.

Nick says,“Our customers get the benefit of aligning themselves with an experienced technology partner that has working knowledge of a number of industries and is exceptional at using Agile methodologies.”
Instead of operating in isolation within a specific industry or technology, the First Line team taps into, and incorporates, their knowledge and expertise across industries and technologies to create innovative solutions for their clients.

First Line always had a vision for building an IT services company that utilizes a vast amount of cross-industry experience, depth of knowledge, and experience with a significant number of technologies. Which resulted in their belief in the vision and tenacity in educating and influencing potential clients to adopt this approach was instrumental in overcoming any roadblocks and challenges.