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The Finland based mobile company captured 15% market shares in just two years

The Finnish company started to make smartphones two-years back with the brand name as ‘Nokia Phones’. The HMD global want to utilize the Nokia name.
Though Nokia was popular in India from 90’s but it was in 2011 when Nokia adopted the Windows platform with the new lineup named as ‘Lumia’ series. In 2013 Nokia launched the last phone named as Lumia 830.
In 2013 Microsoft bought Nokia shares and started manufacturing smartphones with the name of Nokia, as windows platform was not that popular with smartphone users, Microsoft announced to sell Nokia.
In 2016 the new era begun for Nokia; a group of people who previously worked in Nokia revealed s the new company known as HMD Global.
HMD Global signed a contract with Original Nokia for 10 years it means HMD Global will use the brand name Nokia for 10 years, furthermore the contract can get extended.
In the year 2017, HMD Global launched a new lineup of Nokia phones with Android operating system rolled out with the latest updates.
Within two years Nokia captured 15% approx. market shares which, the other smartphone makers did not achieved in two years.
The company acclaimed that since 2017, the Finnish company sold smartphones around 15million units around the world. Tech experts believe that the numbers are good  for HMD Global and it shows that the people still love the Nokia brand.
HMD Global made a smart move with the new strategy to run all Nokia phones with Stock (Pure) Android operating system with up-to-date security updates.
Nokia targets to sell 32 million units by the end of 2020.