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Fingent Corp.: Delivering Sophisticated Solutions to Shape a Brighter Future

In recent years, with the emergence of advancing and disruptive technologies; the manner in which we work and where we work has changed forever. Our private files live securely in the cloud, our pockets are occupied with revolutionary devices, our transportation vehicles are no longer meant for only conveyance purposes, and our doubts concerning any information have an instant witness in the form of the internet. We are unchained from the monotonous work life in front of our desks, but are we more productive? The short answer would be, no!
Most companies, irrespective of their size and industry, are yet to leverage the power of mobile technology. It is only recently, wherein companies are starting to realize its potential, and are building enterprise mobility solutions that can connect people to corporate data and to the customers. One company that stands out among the crowd as an exception is Fingent Corp., which has been developing web and mobile solutions since 2003. The company develops custom software to enable businesses to operate more effectively, more efficiently and with incredible resilience. Its expertise across the technology and the industry enables it to deliver sophisticated solutions rapidly and on-budget. For Fingent, it is not only about delivering software, but also about partnering and playing a part in business efforts to shape a brighter and smarter future.
Standing out among its Competitors
Fingent’s vision is to be acknowledged by its clients, people, and its shareholders as the leading strategic technology partner in its market. Fingent strives to achieve this vision by providing high-quality software & product development, IT infrastructure, project management & IT consulting services enabled by its people, technology and assets and supported by its committed vendors and partners.
Headquartered in New York, Whiteplains, Fingent boasts of a team of skilled, experienced engineers, project managers and onshore and offshore resources to ensure safe and reliable delivery of complex software development projects. Add to that, Fingent has a deep expertise in the development, commercialization, and application of technologies that reduces cost and improves productivity of its clients. It understands the need for a truly consultative approach, which helps in meeting the client’s IT needs. By sharing its deep knowledge and technical expertise, Fingent has the ability to confidently steer the search in filling a customer’s technology gaps. Along with its global presence across USA, Middle East, and India, Fingent collaborates with leading industry partners like SAP, Microsoft, and others to deliver top-notch software & IT solutions. The company consistently trains its technical staff with the latest technology trends and processes, and prides itself in its commitment to continually re-invent itself.
The Brain behind Fingent
Varghese Samuel, aka SAM, is the Managing Director and CEO of Fingent Corp, who spearheaded the company from its inception and shouldered it towards success. What defines Sam’s charisma is his down to earth approach in managing day to day activities, which includes the company’s strategy. Rarely seen in a business suite, Sam makes it a habit to know about every employee personally, and encourages everyone to share or contribute ideas to facilitate innovation. He mentions, Innovation is the core of Fingent.”
Sam strongly believes that everything that Fingent does revolves around the four islands of success, wherein each island represents a critical part of the company. The first among which is ensuring the optimal success of its client base. The second island represents Fingent’s role in the society; everything it does helps improve the society, the way it works and the way it lives. The third focus centers-around our peers’; improving our peer’s knowledge, the way they work and improve efficiency and productivity all around. And lastly, focus must also be on oneself and family, to continually improve in every aspect of life and career, improving the people in their lives and ensuring ample time is spent with them. Sam ingrains these beliefs throughout the organization, including its processes and strategy.
As the founder of Fingent, Sam is widely recognized for developing successful business strategies for enterprises around the globe. He brings-in over 20 years of experience in building complex software solutions that are aligned with strategic business objectives. Sam has been instrumental in driving Fingent’s strategic initiatives along with high customer and people satisfaction. The IIT Mumbai post graduate alumnus envisions building a smarter world by harnessing the power of technology.
Delivering the most Flexible and Robust Solutions
Fingent aims to improve its customer’s performance, across functions, using the latest in technology. “We aim to deliver the most flexible and robust solutions, that are customized to meet our customers’ strategic requirements.” The company is focused on driving results that enable better experience for its clients as well as their customers.
Fingent’s expertise spans across numerous industries and technologies; enabling it to empower organizations with innovative and enterprise capabilities. Its professionally delivered services are organized as strategic business units to help its team work together. By using the most innovative technologies and tools, Fingent delivers comprehensive solutions that provide exceptional business value. The company focuses on creating business applications that generate revenues and cost-savings through the suitable use of technology, coupled with the best operational practices.
Touching Lives through Technology and Making a Difference
Fingent firmly believes that what it builds touches lives around us, and with technology it strives to create a better environment. The company nurtures thought leaders and encourages them to be the seeds of change. “Our commitment to quality and integrity helps us to use technology and create a better and smarter future,” Sam asserts. Fingent aims to make a difference; not just by thought but through action.
Leveraging the Potential of Enterprise Tech
Apps and the connected cloud-based ecosystems have dramatically transformed the personal-tech space. However, the Enterprise Tech world has barely scratched the surface in exploiting apps for innovation and business value creation. Unlike others, Fingent helps CTOs and CIOs managing Enterprise IT teams leverage the app (and cloud) revolution to deliver significant value by:

  • Helping them place mobility and mobile devices at the heart of their digital workplace strategies.
  • Supporting them to deploy management policies while educating users, and bringing transparency to compliance.
  • Being a core part of their IT initiatives for creating, deploying, and managing enterprise mobile solutions – both bespoke solutions and platform based ones, using robust tech.
  • Enabling them to provide the best portfolio balance for the apps deployed across various employee segments
  • Helping them evaluate bleeding edge tech to assess risks vs. rewards.

Sam claims, “This is a complex area, and we provide a practical hands-on approach to helping enterprises realize good business value through their investments in mobility.”
Rising Above the Challenges to Increase User Experience and Employee Productivity
As with any other company, Fingent faced various challenges since its inception. Amongst which, building credibility in a crowded market was one of the biggest challenges faced by the company. This included showing Fingent’s capability and resource strength. But over the year, Fingent has been recognized for its competence, adding many accolades towards its growth. This included recognitions by organizations such as SAP, Clutch GoodFirms etc. And most recently, it was named the #1 custom software development firm in NY by GoodFirms.
While Enterprise users demand mass market like apps and their cloud counterparts, security, and cultural challenges remain key obstacles. The challenge is to find a delicate balance between being in control of the enterprise mobile ecosystem, and yet freeing employees to use them efficiently. To this end, Fingent approaches UX/UI from the perspective of — Understandability, Learnability and Operability under real user conditions.
On mobile, Fingent tries to imbibe business features with the natural advantages provided by the mobile ecosystem — GPS and location tracking, Voice recognition, Cameras for Scanning, Gyro and Accelerometers, native connectivity option like Wifi and Bluetooth — in a secure manner. From a UI techniques perspective Fingent looks at circular design patterns, interactive content layers, intelligent manipulation of content, cognitive interfaces, and a few other areas to provide good learnability and operability.
Shaping the Future
Taking the motto, changes call for innovation and innovation leads to progress, Fingent is actively working towards enabling better engagement and experience using mobile technologies. This includes activities around Artificial Intelligence, Augmented Reality, and Virtual Reality. Fingent is working closely with research groups to build a better future in customer engagement and automation.
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