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Finding 5 Best Online Divorce Support Groups in 2022

Divorce is a serious physical and emotional burden. And when you have no support from your dear friends or relatives, it is easy to slip into depression and ruin your life completely after divorce instead of rebuilding it. Fortunately, there is a great way out of similar situations. Divorce support groups are there to back you in times of hurdles when your marriage comes to an end and there is no one by your side or no one who can help you in the way you need. Explore the benefits of support groups during divorce and choose any of the top proposals to assist you when necessary.

Why Need a Support Group

Online divorce support groups consist of different in-field specialists and divorcees who seek or grant advice on any divorce-related issue. A trustworthy group is worth using for the following reasons:

  • Source of information – the group has someone who knows something you ask about for sure. You will get advice, link to necessary sources, and ready documents sent to you if you ask for them.
  • Contacts to professionals – even if you don’t meet the necessary specialist in your support group, people will give you recommendations and contacts of the professionals that may help with your issue with the best-expected outcomes.
  • Emotional and physical support – support groups are good for the support you can find there. It is obvious. Whether you have financial hurdles, don’t know how to deal with your divorce situation, or find it difficult to overcome the family issues on your own, the group members will back you with the tip or any other help you are looking for.
  • Communication – those who lack support in divorce issues and life, in general, may lack communication, too. As a result, a divorcee may get too self-isolated and fail to perform well during and after the divorce. While in the support group, divorcees may meet like-minded people, make friends, and even create new relationships.
  • No charge – the biggest benefit of support groups is that you can find out how long does the divorce process take or any other divorce questions, meet the best divorce attorney near you or therapist, and make friends, with no charge for the services.

A support group may help you out with any divorce-related issue or show you the right direction completely for free. Although you should check the information you get online twice, the encouragement and support there are priceless.

Top Divorce Support Groups

Depending on your marriage termination and related family situations, you may need to try out different support groups for divorce to get any assistance you are looking for. You may choose any of the following reliable platforms:

1.    Women Rising Strong

Led by an experienced social worker Dene Caroll, the group offers support for women who suffer from emotional issues at any stage of divorce. Individual and group sessions online are held by well-trained experts and help women overcome marriage termination with less stress and any complications.

2.    Talk About Marriage

Talk About Marriage is one of the top popular divorce forums where all possible related questions are discussed. Both in-field experts and other divorcees are there to share valuable ideas and build on your confidence so that you can go through the marriage termination process without any hurdles.

3.    Divorce Source

This is the perfect support group online to help you cover the legal aspects of your marriage dissolution. You will get divorce doc templates and forms, useful links, and articles with instructions on legal procedures there. Whether you want to do a DIY divorce or just need a quick overview of the upcoming official process, you can use the platform for your benefit.

4.    Grieving

Grieving is another stage of overcoming divorce that is difficult to deal with if you have no divorce support. This is when you can reach the Grieving online support group, learn more about emotional complications at any stage of divorce and discover your way to cope with your issues and move forward eventually.

5.    Mensgroup

The group unites men who are currently or already through a divorce. It offers a safe and closed space where you can share your concerns and ideas and get help in any field you need. Whether you search for financial advice, seek career growth, or just lack communication, there are thousands of like-minded men to help you out and make you feel better in the end.


A divorce support group can become an ideal tool for you to overcome the divorce. With professional advice, some kind words, and a complete recovery program, you can find anything you need completely for free and deal with your divorce easier and faster.