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Figurella USA: Embarking Women Fitness

Founded in 2011, Figurella USA is an organization as well as a method designed to provide women with one–on–one training, detoxification, and nutritional consulting to provide a revitalizing experience in the health and wellness.
With over 250 locations in 20 countries worldwide, it is the largest spa and fitness center solely for women. It has 200 centers in Italy, about 50 in South America, and more in the rest of Europe. In 2012, Figurella introduced its fitness method to the United States. First, it opened in Coral Gables, second in Pinecrest, and right after in Boca Raton. In the last 2 years it opened four new locations in South Beach Aventura, Doral and Weston.
The idea is that Figurella is a 100% female space where its clients can disconnect from the world and dedicate time for themselves with the support of its specialized staff which breathes its corporate culture that permeates and nurtures all levels of management.
Introducing New Experiences
Figurella is creating a benchmark in the fitness industry by proving several types of services for the betterment of women. Following are the services provided by Figurella:

  • Bubble Workout: The thermogenic bubble workout takes place in a controlled temperature space which maximizes the client’s metabolism rate. It is a 30 minute full body workout that is equivalent of 1.5 hours at the gym. It uses resistance bands and very specific low impact movements to tone and shape. Every exercise is designed to target and tone a specific area of the body. With dedication and commitment, its clients see results within two weeks.
  • Oxygen Bath: After the bubble workout, Figurella’s clients step into the spa detox bath and then just sit and relax as increased oxygen levels allow for improved blood circulation, boosts metabolism for 72 hours and leaves the skin with a natural glow. Finally, by purifying the body, client feels energized.

Reforming the Benchmarks of Fitness 
Cristiana Lelli is the President of Figurella. Lelli has been decisively taking initiative for years in her homeland of Italy and now in the U.S. In 2012, she opened the first Figurella outlet in the States, an all-natural fitness and weight loss salon for women. In her youth, she was a competitive swimmer and always followed the Figurella program every day. Cristiana wears her philosophy on her wrist with a tattoo that reads “Carpe diem” a Latin aphorism, usually translated “seize the day”.
Cristiana says “she is pleased to introduce Figurella to American women seeking to improve their overall health and wellness.” In her experience, in Italy, some women come just to stay in shape. Many have had great success with weight loss. She loves to stay fit and healthy and if somebody wants to lose inches in a particular part of the body, Cristina made sure that Figurella was the right place of the job.
Figurella was born to give women a complete and all-natural solution to the weight-gain problem. It has learnt so much in all these years working with women only, that Figurella fully understands what each client wants and needs. It is able to provide clients with an exclusive and personalized experience that no other business provides. It continuously improves its way of dealing with each different situation.
A Global Outreach The brand is present in various countries and grows, both with the presence of points of the parent company and also through the franchising business model. In the US it applied a new strategy that involves various phases. The first was the establishment of the brand in a well-defined area, opening the first centers in companies directly with the franchisee. Once it was familiar with the market and had first-hand experiences, the opportunities and difficulties started to develop its project starting from a real base. It is currently a member of 6 franchises in Miami and 1 in Boca Raton.
The second phase involves the opening of franchise centers, following the classic model, around Miami itself and in the nearby counties. The third phase involves the opening of franchises in the main cities of Florida and then in what it could define as “secondary”. Whiles the fourth phase will be to get out of Florida and propose its business in other states.
Promising Customer Satisfaction 
The trajectory of the brands and methods demonstrate its effectiveness. Its method has a technological and scientific component that actually was created 40 years ago. Since then, progress has been made in the evolution of the same without ever betraying the initial concepts. So it’s clear what it takes to achieve the results it promises to its customers.
When a woman enters in Figurella, the organization knows that if she listens to its suggestions, she will get the results. But what makes Figurella really proud of what it does and what makes it different from competition is to think that when women enter Figurella they cross a path that leads them to change not only measures but above all lifestyle.
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