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FieldLogix: Helping Others to Accomplish Their Goals

Founded in 2002, FieldLogix is one of the most enduring and efficient GPS tracking companies in the industry. The organization always streamlines its processes with automation to make its customers’ experience pleasant and non-disruptive, also while giving them the ability to easily speak with a live support person. These processes, along with a user-friendly and reliable product, have helped FieldLogix grow rapidly to become a leading fleet management solution provider.
The technology from FieldLogix helps organizations plans their field employees’ workday, dispatch jobs, monitor the employees as the work is completed and communicate with waiting clients. With the mission of “To help others use the least amount of energy to accomplish their goals.” The organization works with industry leaders such as Trane and Coca-Cola. FieldLogix is an innovation leader in the emerging IoT (Internet of Things) industry. The organizations’ vision is to become the dominant platform that organizations use to manage their remote personnel and assets.
Tackling the Biggest Challenges and Competitions
According to Yukon, one of the biggest challenges in the industry is its dependence on the wireless technology provided by cellular carriers. A majority of telematics devices require a cellular connection to communicate from the field back to the providers’ server. In addition, the devices are designed to last for 10-15 years. The challenge is that every few years, the cellular carriers decide to shut down a wireless network that the devices rely on for communication. It forces everyone in the industry to replace the equipment at an enormous expense for both the provider and the customers. FieldLogix always tries to stay ahead of this by embracing the newest wireless technology as soon as it is available and by diversifying its service offerings. FieldLogix is focused on disrupting its competitors by providing an innovative technology that others can not provide, mostly due to the fear of cannibalizing their existing products. Additionally, the organization backs it up with the best level of customer support possible.
Surviving in a Crowded Market
FieldLogix entered this vertical mainly because it was familiar with the technology, it knew what the buyers wanted to accomplish, and lastly the organization saw an enormous growth potential. FieldLogix also believed that it can provide a product that is far superior than others available in the market      .
According to Yukon, the industry is becoming over crowded with a number of “me too” providers as well as a number of large companies who are very risk adverse. The “me too” providers are tainting the market and the industry with price degradation and sub-standard products. On the other hand, large companies are slow to innovate, mainly due to the lack of a proven scalable market for new technologies. Large companies also taint the market by positioning themselves as the “leaders” and others as small niche providers. These issues often cause confusion in the marketplace until an indisputable IoT leader emerges.
Since the foundation of FieldLogix in 2002, the organization has encountered numerous struggles. However, the struggles typically revolve around the organizations’ dependence on 3rd parties, who FieldLogix rely on to provide a critical component of its solution. Once it was telematics hardware that had a 30% failure rate. In another case, it was a wireless carrier that shut down its network that FieldLogix’s devices relied on for communication. In both cases, the organization modified its strategy in order to have more diversity in its product and service offerings.
Future Plans
When it comes to the future planning, FieldLogix will be scaled dramatically, and the organization hopes to be recognized as an industry leader and innovator. Lastly, FieldLogix will provide organizations around the world with an incredible platform that gives them a high-level of intelligence and control over their field assets.
A Farsighted Leader
Yukon Palmer is the founder and CEO/Chief Service Promoter for FieldLogix. He began his career at one of the first telematics companies, where he was one of the top performing sales people in the company. While completing his MBA program at San Diego University, Yukon decided to start a business in the same industry mainly due to huge growth potential. From the very beginning of the business, he has been working to ensure that all FieldLogix customers have the best possible experience with the company’s technology and customer support.
He has also been honored to have been selected as one of San Diego’s top 20 Young Influentials, 40 under 40, and Metro Movers. In addition, he has been profiled several times in the San Diego Business Journal. Yukon served as a speaker and panelist for industry events such as MobileCon, M2M Evolution, and the Association of Equipment Management Professionals (AEMP). He volunteers as a mentor for the Leonard Lavin Entrepreneur program at San Diego State University as well as a Co-Chair for the CommNexus Mobile Development SIG. Yukon has served as the Chairman for the Founder’s Roundtable at CONNECT and serves as a judge for the SDSU Lean Startup Competition and the CONNECT MIP Awards. Yukon has a B.S. in Business Administration and a MBA from San Diego State University.

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