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Field Squared: Digitally Transforming and Automating Field Service Management Process

Field Squared,Inc. is a cloud-based SaaS solution provider that stands as the industry’s first unified Field Service Management Process Automation Platform.
 Disrupting the field service management space, Field Squared is flexible, scalable, and purpose-built to optimize the efficiency of the mobile workforce in the field. Focusing on business process automation, Field Squared enables enterprises to digitally transform, completely automate, and streamline their field service operations, from the frontline to back-office systems.
Cutting Edge Solutions and Services 
As one of the last markets to adopt technology that enables digital transformation, most field service organizations today continue using manual, paper-based processes that are wrought with error and inefficiency. At a time when technology is enabling businesses to move faster, field service organizations can achieve operational efficiency by focusing on the process automation of field service management.
Field Squared solves key field workforce efficiency challenges through predictive scheduling and route optimization, asset management and visibility, digital Smart Form automation as well as other capabilities that power the needs of field service organizations.
For instance, team locations are tracked continuously using the built-in GPS of the devices used by the field workforce, even in remote areas. While field service is notorious for inadequate or unavailable cellular and WiFi connectivity, Field Squared’s Mobile, Offline, Sync, and Merge Engine automatically synchronizes and restores all data and location information, ensuring no loss of data.
In the Age of the Customer, it’s all about improving the customer experience. This is especially true for field service organizations whose business model relies on customer satisfaction and quick resolution of work orders. Field Squared addressed this challenge from day one with their Notifications Engine, enabling the field workforce to send real-time status updates via text, email, or phone call directly to the customer. Ultimately, real-time notifications provide a better customer experience and improved communications, as well as complete documentation related to the customer and their work orders.
About the Trailblazer 
Mr. Christopher James Camut, Director, President, and CEO of Field Squared, has a track-record of building successful technology companies and exceeding revenue goals. Prior to Field Squared, Christopher was the President of Integra Telecom, Inc., which was acquired by Zayo during his tenure.
Christopher’s experience and expertise in Software-as-a- Service (SaaS) and managed services align with Field Squared’s business model and growth goals. With Christopher at the helm, the company achieved record year-over-year triple-digit revenue growth and greatly expanded and improved the Field Squared platform in 2017.
“Field service is at an inflection point as it moves from paper-based processes to reaping the efficiency gains of the digital era,” stated Christopher. “There is no better time to be a part of Field Squared and help field service organizations make that shift.”
Out of the Box Interoperability 
Field Squared recognizes that one of the greatest challenges field service organizations face, regardless of industry, is the lack of communication between disparate back-office systems, the corporate office and the field workforce. Adopting a business process automation solution that is interoperable across back-office systems through integrations with such solutions as CRM, ERP, AI/analytics, HR/payroll, GIS and more, is the first step.
Field Squared provides out of the box interoperability across back office systems via API, web services, SFTP, and more. Everything from scheduling, routing, and work order management is connected and available in the platform. Further extending the functionality is the Workflow Builder. Unique and proprietary to Field Squared, the intuitive Workflow Builder enables event-driven field service business process automation and orchestration in an easy to use drag-and-drop interface.
A Unified Platform 
Field service is one of the last sectors to make the shift to digital software. That shift is happening now and its accelerating. The beauty of SaaS is that, even at the enterprise level, it is easy to adopt and see the immediate impact across the entire business.
Field Squared is unlike any other field service management solution provider currently available in the market. Most other providers offer a few components for field service management, as opposed to providing a full platform. Field Squared goes well beyond that by focusing on business process automation, providing a truly unified platform for full end-to-end field service management process automation
“Without a unified platform, you lack the full picture. Field Squared is leading this paradigm shift of digital transformation in the field service management space,” says Christopher.
Because Field Squared focuses on business process automation, customers have seen unprecedented leaps in productivity and savings virtually immediately after implementing the platform.
The Success Factor 
As with any company, Field Squared went through a discovery process to find the ideal balance between customer needs with the cost and expense associated with the development of a full-fledged platform. The company focuses on the depth and breadth of its solution in order to build a field service management platform that works across any industry.
Christopher adds, “To this day, the configurability of the Field Squared software, without the need for custom development, is one of the reasons many of our customers have chosen us over other solutions or building something themselves.” 
The Best is Yet to Come 
With thousands of people using Field Squared to power their field service organizations, the company saw triple-digit revenue growth in 2017 and expects to continue on that trajectory.
The demand for a unified field service management platform for true business process automation is accelerating, much like the demand for a CRM platform was ten years ago. Field Squared also sees the convergence of Augmented Reality (AR) and field service process automation, where it is already an industry leader.
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