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Fidello: Helping Elevate Human Performance

The prime objective of every organization is to plan, develop, and organize its employees in such a way that they become capable and efficient resources to succeed both today and tomorrow. In human capital management (HCM), organizations regard its employees as essential resources who play a contributory role in the productivity of the organization.
The term ‘Human Capital’ was first introduced in ‘Economic Development with Unlimited Supplies of Labor.’ It was written by A. W. Lewis in the year 1954. Since then, the industry has come a long way in developing and shaping organizations to maximize productivity and results. One company, providing human capital management solutions for a long period of time and has mastered the craft, is Fidello Inc.
Fidello is a consulting and products firm specializing in improving human performance. It helps its clients to identify and utilize strategic competencies which ultimately drive strategic results.
Leading from the Front
Christopher Bjorling is the charismatic CEO of Fidello. He has provided direction for the past 30 years in creating an integrated set of modular Human Capital Management capabilities that are able to be mixed and matched to create specific client solutions. He has watched the industry and its providers go from silo based solutions to acquiring many other solutions to provide their own assembled integrated package compared to Fidello’s more seamless solutions.
A Variety of Products and Services
Fidello offers a wide range of products and services to its clients. These unique products help organizations in bringing a focused integration and development for its people. Products and services provided by Fidello include:

  • HR WEB Solution: HR Web is a comprehensive Intranet-based software solution for many human capital management needs. Fidello’s modules are designed to act independently or where appropriate, combine with other modules providing a single user interface performing numerous activities seamlessly.
  • Competency Models: Competencies are the knowledge and skills required to achieve desired performance outcomes. The ready to use competency model has been developed by Fidello consultants over the last 18 years. It stands alone as a model of general business competencies or as a resource which an organization can use to build a customized competency model fitted to their business model and culture.
  • Leading Indicators: Leading Indicators is a solution for leadership development. It is a research-based, on-line multi-rater tool designed for leaders and organizations to assess both present and future leadership capacity.
  • Consulting services include: competency identification and development, performance management, succession planning, learning management, training and development, job profiling, workforce planning, and much more.

Broadening the Horizons
Since Fidello creates unique client solutions, it starts by understanding the client’s strategic vision of what they need their solution to enable and move forward in their human capital management plans. Fidello firmly believes in ‘Begin with the end in mind.
Fidello then works to understand the processes, tools, and data that the client needs to have to satisfy that end and work with them to achieve that vision. Through this process Fidello creates a diversified solution that is unique for each client. There may be similar components, but the details within those components or how they are configured together benefits each customer differently and appropriate to their needs.
Counting on the Experiences
Over the years, the company has witnessed challenges to design creative solutions for its client’s individual needs. These opportunities have helped Fidello to become an agile provider of unique solutions to satisfy client needs. Because of their experience, the company is not surprised by any type of client request and has often done something similar along the way. All of this has enabled Fidello’s tools and modules to be adaptable to such requests and its programming team to be adept in working those components into a seamless solution for the clients.
Contributions towards the Industry
Fidello provides an alternative to the potential clients, giving them the chance to enable their vision into their solutions. The capability and niche which Fidello offers allows the clients to feel heard and supported in their creative ideas to manage their Human Capital Management processes in the most creative and cost effective way.
Crisp Take on Competitors
To stand out from its competitors, Fidello offers quality and custom solutions that fit the needs and culture of their clients. This alone allows the clients to be creative and Fidello’s capabilities help them to enable their dreams.
Peeping into the Future
Fidello firmly believes to continue to work in its niche area of unique solutions. The company is looking forward to enable an ‘off-the-shelf’ version. This version is very customizable by the client. It will give clients numerous benefits of what unique tailored systems to offer, but for a fraction of the start-up cost.
A Loch of Satisfied Customers
Fidello has a pool of satisfied customers who swear by the company and the solutions it provides:
“Fidello has provided unique solutions enabling us to react quickly and efficiently to organization redesign requests and manpower evaluations helping us to achieve our goals.”
“Over the years Fidello has provided us with a performance management and learning management solution that has been able to be modified and configured to meet the needs of not only of our company, but also the needs of our holding company as well.”
“If I have a unique need or thought in working with systems related to my human capital I always call on Fidello. Over the years I have found that they have done pretty much everything before and I can count on them to deliver. I have worked with them through my experience at three different companies.”
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