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Fidèle Sourcing: Creating the Means of Sustainable Growth in the Fashion Industry

By its very nature, the fashion industry is incredibly dynamic and trend-driven In recent years, sourcing and supplier management in the fashion industry have been scrutinized more than almost any other industry, and the functions have become increasingly vital to corporate success.

Millions of apparel and accessories are produced in factories throughout the world for top global brands, which are packaged, shipped, and sold in every country on the planet. But it requires a proper network of supply chains with the guarantee of quality standards, delivery time, and appropriate cost.

To provide these needs, Fidèle Sourcing started its endeavor in the fashion industry with its distinct services. Fidèle Sourcing is a well-known company that is carving out a niche space as one of the few leading companies that are striving for excellence in the fashion industry.

A Prominent Sourcing Agent

Fidèle Sourcing is a sustainable sourcing agent in Australia. It is one of the few reputable companies that devote themselves to helping the fashion industry source apparel manufacturers, leather goods, and wholesale dealers who believe in and practice sustainable fashion processes and outcomes.

The fashion industry has evolved a lot in the last decade and competition is growing continuously, especially given the growth of social media, Amazon merch, social influencers, and e-commerce sites. So, to meet the demand, the sourcing agents and manufacturers are growing rapidly.

Team Fidèle Sourcing, therefore, works continuously with the factories to make sure that they get the best prices and look out for strong suppliers who can work with big quantities. The company is not only limited to strong supply but also delivers goods in a timely manner. Fidèle Sourcing stands strong with the client’s values i.e., commitment, great quality, and price.

Providing Prompt Services

Fidèle Sourcing offers distinct services such as product design, development, costing, manufacturing, quality control, inspection, and domestic and international delivery. The company works closely with customs agents and makes sure that goods are delivered on time.

Fidèle Sourcing’s core values lie not only to listen to its customers but also to implement industry rules and work safety procedures in the factories. The company is sourcing sustainable products for a better future for the industry by working directly with the factories.

Fidèle Sourcing stands strongly with new industry rules for sourcing and manufacturing garments to lighten carbon footprint. The global fashion industry is a large contributor to the climate crisis and reducing its impact is a necessity like any other.

A Passionate Leader

Sami Khandaker is the Owner of Fidèle Sourcing. Sami’s journey into the fashion industry started nearly five years ago. And since then, his company in Bangladesh was growing slowly. Later, Fidèle Sourcing was registered in Australia as a new company and Sydney became the headquarter.

As most of the employees are based in Bangladesh, Sami spends quite a lot of time there to make sure their operations run smoothly. His hard work, dedication, and passion for his work inspire the whole team to bring the best to their clients.

Technology Transforming the Industry

Modern technologies have a huge impact on how consumers source. A decade ago, people had to travel across the world mostly to Asian countries to order and make garments. The language barrier is still a hurdle in many cases. But thanks to recent techs and websites like Alibaba, Fibre2Fashion, and FOURSOURCE where consumers can find ideal suppliers.

The language barrier has also been looked after through the apps where words can be translated with just one click (Alibaba). Most companies have a Facebook page showcasing their services for free and the google search engine makes it very easy to find suppliers in a specific place.

Due to the recent pandemic, the world is swiftly adapting to digitization. It is becoming more of a trend and saving time and money. This trend has an enormous potential to grow in the coming future, where sourcing will be more personalized and the growth of digital sampling, web-based tracking, and online communication tools making it easier for consumers.

Overcoming Adversities

COVID-19 pandemic has affected everyone, and businesses are still thriving. Fidèle Sourcing also faced many challenges during the pandemic. Canceled orders were one of the biggest issues among them. Also, new orders were stopped completely.

On the other hand, running costs for the office and keeping employees were a huge struggle. As a result, the company had to let go of its main office in Uttara, Bangladesh to cope with the challenges. Thankfully, it didn’t last long, and soon the company got back on its feet with returning customers.

Invaluable Guidance

As an established leader, Sami suggests the aspirants get into the fashion industry to know the niche market and focus on that. He said, “I think it’s always a safe option to work in an industry which is continuously growing. Sourcing is not an easy task at all. But dedication will eventually take you there. Industry rules are also changing year after year. Be ready to travel and work on odd hours because you might be in a different time zone than the country you are sourcing from.”

He further added, “You should have sound knowledge of different fabrics and trims and their prices, basic merchandising skills, and understanding of the other cultures, which takes some time especially if you have no liaison office and never traveled to that country.”

Sami believes that a sourcing agent is the middleman between the buyer and supplier and great negotiation skill is a must. Knowing how manufacturing is done in a factory is also very important for new people to know the nuances of the process.

According to Sami, attending a trade show is a great place to see how buyers and suppliers interact. Today’s trade shows trace their roots back to the 12th century in late medieval Europe. Yet, it is one of the best practices to physically examine the products you are buying/sourcing.

Turning the Page

Fidèle Sourcing started as a sourcing agent and now, it has a huge base of happy customers. Now, the company is working to establish its own brand in men’s and women’s clothing, home textile, and kidswear. It is a big dream, and the company is taking steps to do something great in 2022.

Sami believes that their strategy and experience of working with many clients around the world is the strong pillar of their ambitions. Fidèle Sourcing aspires to continue in the sourcing market and achieve more and help other brands succeed.