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Fiafia Play Area & Cafe

Fiafia Play Area & Cafe: Where Fun and Relaxation Unite

A Mother’s Vision Turns Into a Joyful Oasis!

Parenthood is an odyssey replete with peaks and valleys, delight, and suffering. It is a domain in which parents must be superheroes, constantly maneuvering multiple obligations. Whether it entails overseeing work, household errands, or managing their children, there never seems to be enough time in the day. One of the most formidable challenges confronting parents is locating a secure and pleasant environment for their offspring to flourish and mature. In a world where safety and protection are paramount, parents aspire to nothing less than the best for their children. Yet, with a plethora of alternatives from which to choose, ascertaining the most suitable place can be a daunting task.

That’s where Alia Khalifa Al Nabooda, the Visionary Founder of Fiafia Play Area & Cafe, stepped in. Frustrated by the lack of exceptional play areas that catered to both kids’ and parents’ needs, Alia took matters into her own hands and created a haven for families to enjoy quality time together.

Fiafia was conceived from Alia’s yearning to create an extraordinary recreational abode where her offspring could unleash their creativity, forge new acquaintances, and participate in activities that fostered their holistic growth. However, Alia’s vision transcended mere amusement for children. She aspired to design a space that allowed parents to unwind, catch up on work, or socialize with their peers, all the while exercising a vigilant eye on their little tykes. From the invigorating sensory play area for toddlers to the strenuous climbing walls and obstacle courses for older kids, Fiafia offers a plethora of activities for children spanning all age groups. Trained and attentive personnel ensure that each child not only revels in the amusement but also remains secure throughout their stay.

While the children are engrossed in play, parents can unwind in the comfortable seating areas strategically placed around the facility. Fiafia’s café is a sanctuary where adults can savor a selection of gourmet coffees, indulge in delicious treats, or savor a light meal made from locally sourced ingredients. With complimentary Wi-Fi and ample charging stations, it’s an ideal spot for parents to catch up on work or connect with friends, all while keeping an eye on their little ones.

Alia Khalifa Al Nabooda’s journey from a frustrated mother to the creator of a beloved play area and café is an inspiration to parents and entrepreneurs alike. With Fiafia, she has not only built a thriving business but also transformed the concept of play spaces, placing equal importance on both children’s enjoyment and parents’ well-being.

Let us delve deeper into the marvelous insights of Fiafia!

The Visionary

Having completed her Masters’s degree in International Business and hailing from a family with a business background, she has always been drawn to the corporate world, constantly brainstorming to create a solution for unmet needs. She entered the business arena as an active member of the board of her family’s company, Khalifa Juma Al Nabooda Group of Companies. With a wealth of experience in the corporate world under her belt, she decided to venture out and establish her own business. As a mother, her topmost priority has always been her children, whom she considers her pride and joy. She has a strong affinity for children and their well-being, firmly believing that they should be entitled to enjoy their childhood.

She has an insatiable thirst for knowledge, always immersing herself in the literature pertaining to children’s mental health, parenting, and education to better support her offspring. Continuously scouring for the finest child-friendly commodities, toys, and vacation spots, she leaves no stone unturned in her pursuit of excellence. As expected, her acquaintances and loved ones have persistently encouraged her to create a venture related to children, owing to her passion for working with them and the happiness it brings her. After accompanying her children to a plethora of impressive play areas, she finally took the bold leap and established her ideal play zone.

The construction of this play area has been an awe-inspiring odyssey thus far. She has gained a plethora of knowledge regarding children’s preferences and how to craft a pleasurable, secure, and captivating domain that will remain ingrained in their memories. Witnessing the elation on their countenances as they frolic and discover is unequivocally invaluable. In essence, her ardor for adolescents impelled her to produce something exceptionally exceptional. And she is euphoric with the outcome!

Raised in a milieu of commerce, where she was privy to high-level business dialogues and partook in corporate soirees and gatherings alongside her father, Alia Khalifa Al Nabooda has since fostered an unswerving ambition to make her mark on the world of business. Fresh out of university in 2006, she embarked on her maiden entrepreneurial venture. However, in 2009, she opted to lend her expertise to the family enterprise, actively filling key decision-making roles on the boards of corporations that fell under the aegis of the Khalifa Juma Al Nabooda Group, a diversified business group with family ownership in the United Arab Emirates (UAE). In 2015, she took on a partnership role at Acumen Advertising DMCC, where she set about fashioning Voucherskout. Finally, in 2018, Alia triumphantly divested her interests in VoucherSkout & Acumen Advertising, and in 2019, she established and launched her very own enterprise, Fiafia Play Area & Café.

Conceived in 1984, Alia was educated at Al Mawakeb High School, culminating in her graduation in 2001. Following this, she received a Bachelor’s degree in Business Sciences, majoring in Marketing, from Zayed University in 2005. Thereafter, she proceeded to acquire her Master’s in International Business from the University of Wollongong in 2006. Today, an impassioned advocate of female empowerment and a staunch advocate of the significance of magnifying the number of women on the boards of companies across diverse sectors and in decision-making roles, Alia is a devoted, full-time working mother of four, proud of her achievements.

Dream Turned Reality

Fiafia originated from the longing of a disheartened mother who yearned for a remarkable recreational area where her offspring could revel in amusement while she could keep a vigilant watch over them, unwind, attend to her chores, or rendezvous with acquaintances. She hankered for a secure, hygienic environment where her progeny could interact, partake in activities, frolic, and relish their moments. She was also exasperated by their incessant complaints of ennui. Since she could not locate an idyllic setting, she resolved to fabricate one.

The term “Fiafia” finds its usage in the Pacific archipelago region, particularly in Samoa and Tonga. It encompasses a plethora of connotations such as “celebration,” “Get-together,” or “Happy.”

Haven for Youth Empowerment

She harbors an unwavering ardor for children, convinced that their early experiences and exposure shape their future. Aiming to create a haven that could foster a favorable influence on young minds, she envisioned a place that could instill joy, inspiration, and recreation. This is what drives her and her team to remain motivated and innovative. Their goal is to transform not only the lives of individuals but also the wider community by fostering a secure and enjoyable environment that beckons customers all year round. She is a strong proponent of a sound mind and mental health, believing that both children and parents can seek solace and indulge in a serene yet entertaining atmosphere at Fiafia. It provides a much-needed respite from the daily stressors that everyone endures.

Imagination Transforms Play Area

She regards herself as a purveyor of ideas and a visionary. The inception of a play area, spurred by her offspring, ignited a conceptualization process in which she continuously envisioned and imagined an optimal play area that both her progeny and herself could relish. She aimed to fabricate a customer experience rather than merely deliver customer service. With the assistance of her exceptional and creative team, they forged a preeminent brand that caters to the necessities of children and their accompanying adults. The team endeavors to devise novel and inventive ideas to circumvent monotony and maintain their clients’ interest, even altering the thematic decor of the premises and introducing new activities, services, and events. They firmly believe that no idea is unattainable, and they remain devoted to research and innovation.

Fiafia’s Inimitable Succes

As per Alia, the Fiafia team is not only limited to providing a mere play area structure for rent. The team’s commitment and enthusiasm for crafting a captivating experience for children are what set them apart. These fun experts tirelessly brainstorm novel ways to engage with the young ones, introducing fresh activities and expanding their array of products and services. Fiafia owes its success to this team, without whom it would not have garnered its current status.

Utilizing Collaborative Innovation

Her team and she are perpetually engaged in research and innovation, ceaselessly brainstorming novel strategies and concepts. Their communication platform fosters participation from each member, recognizing that the collective intelligence of 30 individuals surpasses that of just two. They meticulously scrutinize every idea, implementing only those that are feasible. Rather than imitating others, they take pride in their distinctiveness and pioneering role.

Play Area and Cafe Embrace Technology

The Fiafia Play Area and Cafe have effectively utilized technological advancements in several facets of their business operations. They are currently integrating technology into their website and social media platforms to facilitate the booking and payment processes, providing their esteemed customers with the convenience of making online reservations effortlessly. By employing an automated booking platform, they aim to enhance their responsiveness to customer needs, which is already commendable. However, they strive to further simplify the process for their valued patrons.

In pursuit of efficiency and efficacy, they have implemented an advanced electronic point of sale (POS) system that empowers their workforce to process orders with utmost precision and minimal errors. This system guarantees the provision of first-rate services to their esteemed clientele while concurrently elevating staff productivity. Concerning customer satisfaction and child welfare, their POS system is complemented by an RDF wristband that interconnects family members. This unique feature ensures that children cannot check out unless accompanied by their assigned adult, as identified by the RDF bands. Moreover, their application of RDF bands streamlines their customers’ billing process by allowing them to settle all their bills upon departure rather than at distinct points of sale.

The utilization of cutting-edge technology has played a crucial role in enhancing the operational efficacy of Fiafia Play Area and Café, thereby enabling them to consistently provide top-notch services to their esteemed clientele. They are steadfast in their dedication to advancing their technological prowess in order to better cater to their customers’ needs.

Pioneering a Customer-centric Approach

Fiafia has triumphantly launched two branches in quick succession. They exhibit a high level of customer engagement by attentively listening to their patrons. Each review, comment, and criticism is meticulously scrutinized and remedied. In the contemporary world, companies must be swift and prepared lest their customers take their commerce elsewhere. Therefore, every single customer is held in high regard and considered a top priority. The owner herself is approachable to customers who desire to contact her personally. Additionally, they adopt a proactive approach to ensure the satisfaction and happiness of their customers. Every product, service, and employee undergoes a personal assessment by the proprietor. Moreover, they even involve their children and staff’s offspring to test and critique items before they are implemented in Fiafia. If a product or service does not meet its high standards, it is deemed inadequate for its customers.

Pursuit of Ecological and Ethical Sustainability

The offspring of this Alia serve as her guiding light in the realm of sustainability. They incessantly enlighten her on the most recent environmentally conscious fashions and merchandise and make every effort to procure materials from ethical and eco-friendly suppliers. This entity endeavors to contribute to the cause of ecological preservation and sustainability and thus strives to operate as an organization that embodies these principles.

Expert Advice for Aspiring Business Leader

Her counsel is to fully embrace the potential of ambition and allow it to propel you toward greatness. Despite any detractors, remain devoted to your authentic self and aim for lofty goals. Have faith in your intuition and take daring risks, as they may lead you to unforeseeable triumphs. In the face of hardship, rely on your determination and maintain a sense of optimism. Keep in mind that patience is a valuable virtue, and persistence is essential. Failure should be viewed as a stepping stone toward gaining knowledge and experience. Therefore, firmly hold onto the conviction that, through unwavering commitment, diligence, and a constructive mindset, anything is within reach.

In order to venture into this particular industry, it is imperative to conduct a thorough analysis of the market and your target audience. The realm of products and ideas is vast, yet regrettably, one cannot incorporate them all. Though there is ample room for novel entities to enter the market, the crux lies in distinguishing oneself with unparalleled and cutting-edge methods. Additionally, she expounded, “I would assert that the sole predicament is keeping up with the swiftness of the solicitation for innovation and novelty. It compels us to remain alert, but we relish the challenge and endeavor to surmount it.”

Aim for the Future

By 2025, Fiafia endeavors to establish itself as an eminent children’s entertainment enterprise in the United Arab Emirates across various business domains. They aim to accomplish this by dispensing a comprehensive array of merchandise, amenities, and resolutions at the local and regional levels. Fiafia pledges to supplement its offerings with unparalleled value, imaginative ingenuity, and proactive solicitude for its patrons’ experiences. Their ultimate aspiration is to emerge as the preferred collaborator for all consumers and corporate associates by furnishing customer-centric aptitude, cutting-edge technologies, prompt order fulfillment, and pioneering amenities.

The organization shall engage in the acquisition and advancement of highly proficient and up-to-date personnel, which will manifest as a vibrant collective and pioneer in their respective industry, devoted to achieving commercial goals by means of a discerning patron encounter, conduct, and unceasing refinement.

Innovation and Strategic Expansion Plans

Fiafia persistently conducts trials with novel commodities, occasions, and undertakings while guaranteeing that they construct a brand that gains acclaim for its customer involvement and original ideation. Presently, they aspire to broaden their services across the UAE, the GCC, and beyond, thereby bringing Fiafia into proximity with diverse communities. Moreover, they are contemplating divergent notions to replicate the original concept but customize it for adolescents and young adults. They are even contemplating amalgamating the two concepts on an extensive scale to create the ultimate destination for the entire family, not just for younger families.

Reviews and Accolades

  1. Best Children’s Indoor Play Area: Dubai by MEA Markets 2022 UAE Business Awards
  2. Best Children’s Indoor Play Area: UAE by Global Brands Magazine Awards 2023
  3. Children’s Indoor Play Area of the Year 2023 by MEA Markets UAE Business Awards


Rawan Wazzan: This place is amazing! The organization, attention to detail, food, and decoration are all perfect. I was so impressed with the work they did for my son’s birthday. The guests enjoyed it, and we were so satisfied! Mohamad’s birthday was beyond perfect and a memorable one for sure! Thanks to the FiaFia team; keep up the good work.

FiaFia DIFC is the perfect soft play area to host an incredible birthday party! We celebrated our son’s 3rd birthday and went with this venue because:

  1. The soft play, party room, and cafe are all on one level, and there are plenty of open spaces to sit.
  2. Planning and communication were a seamless process thanks to Ms. Jonalie, who was super efficient and responsive
  3. The staff on the day were very organized and animated when doing the activities and games with the kids; they loved it!
  4. The party room setup is what they are known for, truly immaculate work. Thank you to all the staff for helping our vision come to fruition!
  5. Kid’s meals and adult food platters were of a high standard compared to other soft plays in Dubai.