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FerRobotics: The Pioneer of Perfection

The strong team of FerRobotics has an intellectual vision towards Robotic automation and wants to optimize every single aspect of automated physical contact between machine, product, and human; forming itself as an essential component of both industrial and social life. The company strives hard to achieve this vision, which will help in attaining better results in terms of both quality and productivity.

Keeping the above vision in mind, FerRobotics emerged as a world leader in the development and sale of flexible, intuitive robotic equipment. Being a leader in this technology space, its clients and business partners trust its top-quality expertise and well-founded experience in sensitive automation. Its patented ‘Active Contact Technology’ is a solid pillar for industry-4.0 automation, as it offers versatile solutions, makes robots develop a sense of perfection and applies to every task conceivable in contact-sensitive handling and surface treatment in the automobile, general industry, and aerospace sectors. Worldwide users rely on its experience and advanced expertise, who strive for perfection in order to achieve the highest standards of quality, economic efficiency, and process reliability.

The Pillars of Perfection
Ronald Naderer was born in 1975. He is the Co-founder & CEO of FerRobotics. Since the inception of FerRobotics, he has managed the technology, R&D, product development, marketing organization, sales, and finance departments of FerRobotics. His core technological competencies are contact-sensitive robotic solutions, competences, which he uses to give rise to the industry of the future. Naderer has always been convinced that it is possible to equip robots with tactile sense and use those new abilities to establish them as intuitive and reliable working partners for humans. Naderer is still driven by this passion and vision today.

Ronald Naderer holds both a Bachelors’ and Masters’ degree in Mechatronics and has also received a distinction in Ph.D. from the Johannes Kepler University in Linz. Naderer has also completed a Masters’ in Business Administration (MBA) with distinction at the Donau University Krems and the TU in Vienna.

Being the Vice President of FerRobotics INC, Michael Haas leads the North American operations of the company. He has a sophisticated technical background in mechanical engineering, completed with profound international sales skills. With his extraordinary expertise, he fully supports the ambitious FerRobotics customer network in the automotive, aerospace, and general industry on the challenges of flexible automation. Born in Austria, Michael is the FerRobotics US expert in sensitive automation. Prior to that, he worked as the leading sales expert and was in charge of the contract management and distributor development activities in the European, Middle East and far Eastern market.

A Leader in the Technology Space
Visionary systems have crated important benefits but still leave behind dramatic automation gaps, in the time of Industry 4.0 (IoT). Whenever it comes to physical contact or irregular process flows, human workers still overrule robots by the ability to adapt to the individual process environment. Robots’ key competence is their precision but at the same time, this is also their strongest disadvantage; if the actual process situation differs anyhow, it might cause danger and damage.

FerRobotics goes beyond traditional automation limits, by giving robots a special ingredient –tactile-sense. With its patented ‘Active Compliant Technology’ (ACT), quality-relevant automation gaps are closed and system-relevant innovations are created. Accurate and economical like a machine, intelligent and sensitive like a human being, all of these are provided by the ACT to FerRobotics. With Active Compliant Technology, robots adapt themselves to complex surfaces, with automatic force dosing. So, with the inclusion of ACT, it acclaims that automated robot processes become more flexible, safer and more economical than ever before.

ACT establishes every common robot setup with a special ingredient–tactile sense. This contact-intelligence is the pin-pointed solution for sanding, grinding and polishing processes. It replaces 3D jobs (dirty, dusty, and dangerous) with high-quality production, optimized functionality, and efficiency, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Its top quality production, high process safety, and flexibility keep production competitive. Both, ACT standard compliance tools and ACT function package are optimized for specialist requirements, process complex work-pieces of any size with flexible precession, and security. Conveniently FerRobotics solution stick out for smart out-of-the-box integration without sophisticated adjustment or intervention in the program routine, leading to easy usage, and easy process modification.

In the year 2010, the company introduced ACT at Automatica in Munich and received two prestigious awards which are “Strategic Manufacturing Award in Innovation” and “Manufacture of the Year.”
Another important technology developed by FerRobotics is ‘Active Contact Flange.’  ACF fits every robot like a velvet glove. Those robots equipped with ACF become able to reliably control the force they apply, meaning they can meet the requirements of complex component parts of their own accord. ACF combines all the fortes of Active Compliant Technology to form a universally applicable Add-on for automated robots. This technology is able to automate both operations sensitive to contact, and applications with various tolerance levels, in a simple, reliable, and economical manner, thus, in turn, increasing the ability of its clients to be competitive in the market.

For two successive years, FerRobotics received “The State Prize” in 2012 for ACF and secured the third position for “euRobotics Technology Transfer” in 2013.

Client Assistance with Outstanding Precision
In the competitive market-place where businesses are competing for customers, FerRobotics customers are highly satisfied with its innovations in the robot automation sector. The cut-throat environment landscape has made customer satisfaction as a key element of business strategy. It is developing technology that others do not have. True to this motto, FerRobotics acts as a wind of change in the automation industry. Being with the flow, FerRobotics provides end-users the ability to mastermind and modify the required automation processes with the least possible effort. FerRobotics is wrapping all products and solution packages into straight-forward user concepts to support its clients distributed globally from the first application analysis to tailored solutions and service packages individually.

The patented ACT has become the basis for numerous process-optimizations in products which are presented and distributed internationally to clients by FerRobotics. In doing so, product and package solutions are designed to respond as best as possible to client requirements. The FerRobotics applications, reduces expenses and time consumption in test phases required during automation implementation and improve performance as well as measure qualities directly. Clients have the choice between a standard tool and an optimized functional package for specific requirements to start in a secure and efficient future with FerRobotics.

As a technology leader, FerRobotics has already earned an excellent reputation with clever solutions, unconditional dependability, and process reliability. Transferring human competencies for sensitive application possibilities to robots creates unimaginable opportunities for companies and processes. Thus, the road to expansion, quality, and technology leadership is paved and is pursued with great passion by the FerRobotics team.

Making Industry Better with its State-of-the-art Technology
Naderer exclaims that “Automation usually tends to come along with costly investments and programming efforts.” To minimize the above-stated issues, FerRobotics’ has invented products which stick out as the worry-free package with short payback time. The Austrian robotics trendsetter is wrapping automation in no time into intuitive standard devices with easy usage and easy process modification.

FerRobotics has developed a family of product for the betterment of automation industry. With its products like Active Contact Flange-ACF, Active Sensitive Kit-ASK, and Active Belt Grinder-ABG are revolutionizing sensitive automation across all industries, materials, and tasks. Continuing the list, its latest inventions, which are Active Orbital Kit-AOK and Active Angular Kit AAK combines the Active Compliant Technology with enormous durable grinders for industrial use. Thus, with the help of products, it has established itself with the latest state-of-the-art automation technology for complex sanding and grinding jobs.

With these clever automation solutions, manufacturing is fit again to put up with the changing challenges, to earn money in order to keep production in the area and creating high synergies such as increase in productivity, quality, and flexibility, optimized functionality, and efficiency. So, precisely with its state-of-the-art technology, it’s helping its clients in producing better quality in less time & less-cost and improving working conditions.

Technology for Tomorrow
Thinking about the future is fundamentally important in dealing with the challenges of future. In order to confront these problems successfully, FerRobotics product development pipeline is full of technical ideas.

FerRobotics makes robots feel to the finest level. Robots will be equipped with best tactile competence which brings sensitive handcraft onto a highest quality automation standard. These innovative and matured robotics devices will help in deriving pinpointed solutions for specific future goals of world industries: top quality production, cost efficiency, and process safety.

The company has been evolving since its inception and feels no fear from future. It’s developing automated robots with its outstanding technology to help clients in near future and to differentiate FerRobotics from other players in the market.

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