You are currently viewing Fenero: Providing Innovative Cloud Based Software for Contact Centers for Years

Fenero: Providing Innovative Cloud Based Software for Contact Centers for Years

Varying Contact Center systems can be a very frustrating affair for those who work in BPOs or in Contact Centers, mainly due to lack of features, functionality, and high cost of software maintenance. So, born Fenero, a cloud based platform for multi-channel contact management and customer engagement. Fenero’s mission is to deliver the most affordable, agile, and secure solution for streamlining customer and business interactions.
The Steadfast Leader 
Marlon Williams is the founder of Fenero, Inc. He has been a visionary and technologist since the young age of 15. He started his career as a software developer, building healthcare applications for an internet based company in Sunrise, Florida, while simultaneously pursuing his degree in Computer Information Systems from Miami Dade College. Marlon also worked as a Software Developer for a large contact center based in Miami, Florida, and was eventually tapped to lead all of the organization’s technology initiatives. He attended Kaplan University’s Bachelor’s in Information Technology program, and built a social network for aspiring entertainers from the ground up.
A Unique Way to Engage and Support Customers
Williams saw a need in the market and had a vision to provide a more innovative and cost-effective way to engage and support customers. The organizations disruptive business model is completely based on usage with no software license cost or annual maintenance fees, and no contract needed. Fenero Contact Center is a comprehensive solution that includes inbound and outbound voice communications, robust dialer, call and screen recording, email support, live agent chat, dynamic scripting, integrated web phone, outbound SMS, real-time activity dashboard, call monitoring, QA and agent coaching, IVR, and robust reporting. The organization has also tailored customer support plans that meet varying budgets and service response time expectations.
When Innovation is the Strength 
Fenero’s recent innovation is PodOne, which is a decentralized contact center network that connects organizations together to share resources, and is built on Blockchain technology. PodOne solves two labor force problems of excess capacity and insufficient staffing for peak periods. Phase 1 ICO ends February15, 2018 and Phase 2 ICO ends March 31, 2018. A Different Organization With Fenero’s disruptive business model, clients are never charged any software license fees or software maintenance fees, and never required to sign a contract. You simply pay for your usage of the platform. Fenero typically saves between 50% to 75% on a clients contact center software costs as compared to other providers. The robust and comprehensive contact center solution was built in the cloud from inception and now many of Fenero’s competitors are scrabbling to deliver a cloud solution thanks to the scalable and redundant design. The platform was built specifically for contact centers in mind and provides Fenero’s client companies the ability to manage their operations with a single solution provider from a single software stack (fully integrated platform from one company; no need to deal with multiple vendors). Adding to all that, Fenero continually looks to enhance and improve its platform. It always looks to its clients and the market for input and recommendations as to how to enhance the platform. Fenero’s goal is to exceed the expectations of each client and provide a solution that meets their business requirements with an awesome solution! The organizations client base is not the only source for platform enhancements Each member of the Fenero team has worked for a Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) company and fully understands the demands of the contact center industry. Employees of Fenero have a combined experience level of over 50 years and have insight as to what the market needs.
An Eventful Journey 
Fenero faced the typical new start-up challenges of obtaining adequate funding and recruiting excellent talent. It has done a great job securing funding and bringing top-talent on to the Fenero team. According the organization, there is always the challenge of long term sustainability, but with the right talent, funding and passion, anything is possible! Sustainability is key and with the right funding and leadership, Fenero will continue to grow and expand.
Entering the Vertical and Future Roadmap 
While working for a large BPO as the head of IT, Marlon observed the varying contact center systems in the market from very close quarters. He soon became frustrated about the lack of feature-functionality, the high cost of software licensing and software maintenance, and the long-term contracts that were required. When it comes to the future, Fenero has a comprehensive and healthy platform roadmap. The roadmap includes PodOne, Workforce Management, Social Media Support, Inbound Messaging Support, and a number of key and critical feature enhancements like bulk DNIS and User Management that supports Fenero’s large enterprise clients.

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