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FD 4×4 Centre: Specialist in Light Vehicle Conversions

Mining industry has decided to go 100% electric in underground mining and is the first major industry branch leaving fossil fuels behind and embracing alternative energy sources. FD 4×4 Centre is very proud to be part of this transition. FD 4×4 Centre specializes in light vehicle conversions for the mining industry. It offers a range of conversions for most common light mining vehicles as turn-key solutions.
The best-known product of FD 4×4 Centre is the Tembo 4×4 e-LV, the electric light vehicle based on the Toyota Land Cruiser. It has already been sold to mining companies worldwide. Its conversions range from simple vehicle safety improvements to drivetrain and bodywork replacements. Examples of the custom build conversions are mobile offices, enhanced flatbed platforms, and primarily the electric conversion.
FD 4×4 Centre’s own engineering department designs heavy-duty products, which are manufactured in-house. It offers modifications such as rollover protection structures (ROPS), bumpers and protection to drivetrain upgrades, as well as services such as fleet management and on-site maintenance and training.
Addressing Needs of Customers
When FD 4×4 Centre receives a new enquiry it always go into a conversation with the customer and visit the mine site where the vehicle will be used. This way it can get to the bottom of the problem of the customer, and take every aspect into account to get to the best solution and convert the vehicles for these particular customer needs.
The example of Boliden Tara is quite evident of FD 4×4’s commitment. During a meeting with Boliden Tara mine it became clear that FD 4×4 Centre had to search for a solution for the emissions underground as the diesels didn’t meet the regulations anymore. And this was the start of the 100% electric conversion project.
Wealth of Experience
FD 4×4 Centre has almost 50 years of experience in the production of special parts and vehicles. With the roots of the company firmly grounded in the local agricultural sector, it slowly switched its focus to off-road 4×4’s and mining industry. It offers a complete range of services, 4×4 accessories and 4×4 spares for private owners and professional customers, government and aid & relief organizations. With experienced mechanics, a competent metal workshop and state of art CAD designers it can help clients with all their needs. It offers good quality parts with great value for money.
100% Electrical Conversion
The mining industry has a bad reputation regarding health and environment conditions and has to comply with legislation which is becoming stricter every year. As a result the biggest challenge is to bring down the exhaust emissions underground, therefor FD 4×4 Centre developed a 100% electrical conversion of the Toyota Hilux and Land Cruiser, the Tembo 4×4 e-LV.
Reducing Carbon Emission
FD 4×4 Centre’s CEO Frank Daams has a very clear vision of how the light vehicles in the mining industry should be implemented and converted to 100% electric to reduce the mining industries carbon footprint. Reducing carbon emissions results into major benefits like clean and safe working environment and effective cost reducing by lower maintenance and operational costs and less downtime. Since 2014 Frank Daams is in charge of FD 4×4 Centre, putting emphasis on in-house production and special projects for clients all over the world.
Frank owns FD 4×4 Centre together with his wife Tineke. He says, “We try to look ahead 5 to 10 years and prepare for the changes we see in society. It gives us a lead in many fields, for instance in the mining sector and with the Tembo 4×4 e-LV. All our projects are teamwork. I want everyone here to enjoy their work and be proud of what we produce. We get a lot of trust from our clients, they allow us to make fantastic projects.”
Electrification of Light Mining Vehicles
FD 4×4 Centre will be seen as the industry’s leading company in electrification of light mining vehicles. It is currently working hard to expand its global network of local partners and have set up strategic partnerships in the big mining countries. The future goal of FD 4×4 Centre is to completely develop and build a dedicated 100% electric mining vehicles in house, under its own Tembo 4×4 e-LV label.
Broad Vision for Future
FD 4×4 Centre is ambitious and has a skilled workforce, that looks ahead constantly. It delivers quality products and innovative solutions for the 4×4 and off-road market of tomorrow. Its aim is to become one of the top producers of off-road products and accessories. For its clients it offers a complete package from design to production and maintenance, all under one roof. If a part or product is not yet on the market, FD 4×4 Centre can make it for clients based on their requirement. FD 4×4 Centre wants to distinguish themselves by the high level of knowledge in products and the market and also envisions finding innovative solutions.