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FCTI: Providing ATM Solutions Efficiently

Committed in providing advanced turnkey ATM technologies and services, FCTI provides effective solutions for financial institutions and site owners. In an interview with Insights Success, the CEO and CTO of FCTI, Robel Gugsa briefly mentions some of the challenges the company has faced and strategies it has incorporated to ensure its standing in the market. Let’s look at what the pioneering leader has to say about FCTI.
Firstly, give us a brief insight of the services/solutions/products offered by FCTI?
Robel: FCTI offers turnkey ATM placement and operations for a variety of off-premise locations. Some of our current locations provide the opportunity for traditional ATM branding – including customized ATM screens, receipts, and ATM wraps.
What is that one thing that has made FCTI stand out from the crowd?
Robel: FCTI offers patented MBA® technology – providing banks, credit unions, and partner locations to present their brand and messages to their cardholders and audience.
Our capabilities have provided us with the opportunity to serve a variety of locations, the most recent including 7-Eleven convenience stores throughout the United States.
Our technology, partnerships, and nationwide scope are our biggest differentiators from the competition.
How has FCTI approached some of its biggest challenges? How has the journey been like?
Robel: Since 1993, FCTI has operated as an independent ATM operations company. However, as ATMs have evolved, FCTI has made efforts to be at the forefront of innovation to facilitate greater security, improved user experience, and added marketing and sales clout for our partners.
What can be expected from FCTI in the upcoming years? 
Robel: FCTI looks to continue expanding capabilities at our ATMs to provide additional services as well as advanced marketing opportunities to help grow distribution and foot traffic for our partners.
About the Leader
Robel Gugsa is the CEO & CTO of FCTI. As the CEO of the organization, he has the overall responsibility for planning, leading and implementing FCTI’s long and short term strategic direction. He also oversees all the company operations, as well as stresses an added emphasis on encouraging customer relationships and technological developments.
Robel boasts an extensive experience in transaction payment processing, ATM manufacturing, and building partnerships with major financial institutions. Prior to FCTI, he Co-founded and served as the CTO of Select-A-Branch Network (SAB). He was instrumental in developing SAB’s intellectual property and patent. Later, SAB was acquired by FCTI. Robel holds a MIS degree from the Steven Institute of Technology and a BS from the NYU Tandon School of Engineering.
About the Company
FCTI, Inc. is a nationwide ATM solution provider, specializing in advanced ATM placements and operations for financial institutions and site owners. Its patented MBA technology, network partnerships, and leading software developments offer banks, credit unions, and businesses real marketing, distribution, and revenue-generating opportunities through the ATM channel.
Founded in 1993, FCTI strives to provide enhanced support, operational redundancy, and parts/supply access with multiple operational centers throughout the United States. FCTI is a subsidiary of Seven Bank, LTD. (TYO:8410) with over $8B in assets. Together, Seven Bank and FCTI manage over 30,000 ATMs worldwide.
FCTI provides custom turnkey ATM programs to best-fit business goals by utilizing the right combination of hardware, software, and services. Its solutions are specially designed to provide financial institutions and site owners with the tools they need to increase distribution, align marketing efforts, and increase brand and product awareness while growing foot traffic and in-store sales.