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Father and Son Entrepreneurs Find Success in CBD

Matthew Jadwin is the CEO and Founder of The Green Dragon CBD, one of the leading brands in the CBD and THC industry.

Jadwin had a vision of a family business in 2019 when he started The Green Dragon CBD. His father, David Jadwin, joined his son in the family-owned St. Louis-based business.

What sets this company apart from its competitors is that they:

  • Have a storefront and an online marketplace selling CBD products.
  • Offer free shipping to its customers.
  • Give discount codes for customers to save on their orders.
  • Offer a personal touch to their customer service tactics.
  • Educate their customers about CBD and THC.
  • Offer free phone consultations for all customers.
  • Are transparent and honest with their customers by providing lab results for all products.

Leaders in the CBD Industry Are Born!

The Jadwin duo opened their first Green Dragon CBD store in Chesterfield, Missouri. Eventually, they built their website to offer their CBD oil tinctures and gummies as well as THC pot rocks and hemp cigs.

While there are two locations in Chesterfield and St. Peters, Missouri, The Green Dragon CBD is available to Americans nationwide.

There are 115 CBD products and 134 Delta 8 products available for sale. They also offer HHC, live resin, Delta 9 THC, Delta 10 THC, and more. With 52 items costing under $20, Green Dragon CBD devotes itself to all customers that have different budgets.

Free Shipping on Orders $99 or More!

Green Dragon CBD honors its loyal customers. Who wants to pay those annoying shipping fees anyway? Not the Green Dragon’s customers!

Those who regularly utilize CBD and THC to calm their stress, anxiety, depression, and other health ailments appreciate the free shipping deal on orders of $99 or more.

Promo Codes to Save on Your Order

Green Dragon CBD knows that life can be stressful and that its products help you to relax. However, some people are on a budget and appreciate some savings on their favorite products once in a while.

If you use CBD recreationally and not for helping a health ailment, you may not need $99 worth of product in one order. Hence, the Green Dragon team offers regular percentage discounts that you can apply to your order using a promo code. Percentage discounts can range from 10% to 20% off your order that can also be stacked with free shipping.

The Best Personal Touch: Handwritten Notes in Customer Shipments 

Hannah is the Customer Service Manager at Green Dragon CBD. She is savvy about customer service satisfaction and takes it to the next level by placing handwritten notes in each customer shipment. Handwritten notes are the next-level personal touch that makes Green Dragon CBD a top leader in the CBD industry.

Even though Green Dragon CBD has a small team of no more than ten employees, according to their LinkedIn business profile, they are always making huge strides in customer service. They seek to continually educate, assist, and reassure that their customers are satisfied with their CBD purchases.

Education is a Top Priority!

Their old-school tactic for next-level customer service isn’t the only way that Green Dragon CBD is succeeding.

The team takes education about cannabis seriously. Not everyone knows about the effects of CBD and THC on their bodies.

The Green Dragon team runs a blog where they release weekly information about cannabis and how it affects your body. The blog writers highlight frequently asked questions about their products. Writers mention how the company extracts CBD and THC before product manufacturing. Discover CBD edibles recipes on the blog as well.

When you visit one of the company’s retail stores, you will see their Education Corner filled with brochures about CBD and THC. There is also a moving screen showing basic information about both subjects. Hence, you can be informed about how both affect your body.

If you are not near one of the retail stores in Missouri, you can check out their blog, where there are plentiful educational resources about CBD and THC.

Free Phone Consultations

The Green Dragon CBD team offers free phone consultations for all of their products. Even if a person reads all the information about a product independently, some people feel better receiving information verbally to solidify the truth behind products. The company understands this and regularly welcomes free phone consultations for any customers that feel they need them.

If you have questions about one of Green Dragon CBD’s products, simply fill out the contact form on the company website, and a representative will be in touch with you. The team representative that calls you will not push a product on you in hopes of a sales commission like other companies. He or she will help you through your decision by giving you the necessary information about the product, including:

  • Scientific health benefits.
  • Lab results.
  • The CBD or THC dosages in each serving of the product.
  • Product disclaimers and safety precautions to take when using the product.

An Honest and Transparent Company: Certified Lab Results Available For All Products

All Green Dragon CBD product descriptions each include lab results for you to reference before making a final purchase decision. The company seeks to be transparent and honest about its products. Hence, you can find lab results to the left of any product description.

Follow these steps to find the lab results:

  • Pick a product to view.
  • Scroll down to the main product description.
  • Look to the left to locate labeled columns: “Description”, “Lab Results”, and “Reviews”.
  • Choose “Lab Results”.
  • Click on the link that pops up to receive a PDF of the lab results about your chosen product.

Every Green Dragon CBD product is tested for safety and potency. If you want to read the lab results before purchase, you have all the information you need right at your fingertips!

Experience the Industry’s Finest CBD Products

Whether you want to try CBD gummies or Delta 8 THC prerolls, there is something for everyone at The Green Dragon CBD. No matter if you utilize CBD to mitigate ailments or recreationally when you need an escape from the world, experience the industry’s finest CBD products when you order from The Green Dragon today!